Date: 9th January 2011 at 9:25pm
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Yes, we knew it was a tough one. Well done for giving it a stab. So how well did you do?

Here are the answers…Round one – The connecting round.
(What is the connection between these four clues? – 2 points for each correct answer)

Question one
A: Walford
B: Whitby
C: Ryan
D: Hutchinson
Answer: They are the first four signings by Martin O`Neill as Wycombe manager

Question two
A: Delaney
B: Scott
C: Betsy
D: Perrin
Answer: They all returned to the club for second spells

Question three
A: Shillingford
B: Wells
C: Bunting
D: Trini
Answer: They were all understudies to goalkeeper John Maskell

Question four
A: Boreham
B: Bates
C: Horseman
D: West
Answer: They were all born in High Wycombe

Question five
A: 1468
B: 2086
C: 2404
D: 1207
Answer: They are the lowest finishing positions in the respective leagues followed by the year of that finish

Question six
A: McGleish
B: West
C: Evans
D: Greene
Answer: They all scored four goals in a single game

Round two – the sequence round
(What is the last clue in the sequence? 1 point for each correct answer and 1 point for the connection)

Question one
A: McDonald
B: Adams
C: Darvill
D: _______
Answer: Welsh – They are surnames of Wycombe coaches during the 1960`s

Question two
A: Cousins 93
B: Crossley 94
C: Parkin 96
D: _______
Answer: McCarthy 97 – They were all sent off for handball, followed by the year of the offence

Question three
A: Colchester United
B: Lincoln City
C: Wigan Athletic
D: _______
Answer: Chesterfield – They are the first four sides to beat Wycombe at Adams Park in the Football League

Question four
A: Ilford
B: Slough Town
C: Runcorn
D: _______
Answer: Goole Town – They are the first four sides to knock Wycombe out of the F.A. Trophy

Question five
A: 1814
B: 1708
C: 16279
D: _______
Answer: 16201 – They are the age in years and days of our youngest ever players to appear in the Football League, in reverse order

Question six
A: Walthamstow Avenue
B: Boston United
C: Leek Town
D: _______
Answer: Gravesend and Northfleet – They are the last four clubs we played in second cup replays

Round three – The Connecting Wall.
(Sort the sixteen clues into four groups of four – 1 point for each correct group and 1 point for each correct connection, 2 bonus points for getting it all right)

Ashford – Enfield – Bressington – Histon
Brown – Everton – Carroll – Cheltenham
Dawber – Southport – Perrin – Brentford
Langford – Tamworth – Cousins – Reading

Answer: Group 1 is Cheltenham – Enfield – Brentford – Reading
They are clubs we have beaten by five goals to three

Group 2 is Ashford – Bressington – Cousins – Brown
They are outfield players who have played in goal

Group 3 is Everton – Histon – Southport – Tamworth
They are clubs we have never played in any competition

Group 4 is Perrin – Dawber – Langford – Carroll
They are players who scored our last ever goal in the respective non-league competitions

Round four – Double connections
(What are the the two things that connect these four clues? – 1 point for each connection and a bonus point for getting both)

Question one
A: Ball
B: Cook
C: Ray
D: Webb
Answer: They are the surnames of four players who all played in the clubs first ever match in 1887 and are also the surnames of four famous comedians

Question two
A: Lee
B: Powell
C: Smith
D: Sanchez
Answer: They are the surnames of four ex-Wycombe managers and the surnames of four members of famous rock bands

Question three
A: Brentford
B: Fulham
C: Southend United
D: Watford
Answer: They are clubs we have played in the Southern League and then again in the Football League

Question four
A: Ashford
B: Creaser
C: Devine
D: Evans
Answer: They are all players we have signed from, or sold to, Barnet and paid or received record transfer fees

The winners of the quiz are the Woodlands Club Table who scored 11 out of 46. Well, we did say it was tough!

Congratulations Gentleman, we will be in touch shortly to arrange your very special prize! Thank you to everyone who entered.