Date: 13th September 2009 at 11:12am
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Following yesterday’s draw with Hartlepool United, here are some views on the game from Pools’ caretaker manager Chris Turner and a few of their fans.

Turner praised his side’s character for rescuing a point but confessed his frustration as Pools’ search for a first home win of the season continues.

Speaking to his club’s official website, Turner said: ‘It was the kind of game we may have lost last season or even earlier this season, so I’m happy we showed the character to get a point.’

‘We knew they would get behind the ball and make it very difficult,’ said Turner, adding that Wycombe’s tactics were similar to the way Hartlepool play away from home.

‘What we usually do to the home side, they did to us here this afternoon,’ said the Pools boss.

‘It was a very hot afternoon, which plays a part, especially when the away side get their nose in front and don’t really try for a second. Obviously it was frustrating but I was ever so pleased that we eventually did get the equalising goal,’ he said.

The Hartlepool fans had little to say about Wycombe but some of their comments about their own team and tactics rang a bell.

The following extracts are taken from ‘Vital Hartlepool’, The Poolie Bunker’, and ‘Into The Blue.’

The Lightning Tree wrote:
‘Today was awful and we were lucky to get a point.’

Administrator wrote:
‘If we persist with playing the high ball over a non-existent midfield then I will not be returning this season, I bought a season ticket with a promise of a return to fast attacking play not simple hoof ball tactics and I feel cheated by the way we play. I do not expect us to win every game, but I expect to be entertained and see a team trying rather than take the easy option.’

Tree_With_Hamster wrote:
‘Hoofball at Victoria Park again. Long high balls to the front men, totally missing out our non existent midfield. I stood there bored as hell for 82 minutes. Until we sort out the central midfield then I can’t see much changing. Turner out.’

no6bus wrote:
‘First half it seemed only a matter of time before we took the lead. Second half we looked lost. They scored out of nothing and then looked like extending their lead. We appeared to have given up, but after the equaliser we should have won it.’

3Quid wrote:
‘What a contribution Boyd made today. He turned Duberry and that other big defender inside out every time he got the ball and he scored a very well taken goal.’

shamrock wrote:
‘Boyd turned the game and got us the draw and almost all 3 points. He should have started.’

TS24Hartlepoolunit wrote:
‘We lost two points today against a team that will struggle all season away from home.’

Chrissypools wrote:
‘The first half we were excellent. We had shots all the time and they found it hard to cope with. How we didn’t score was beyond me, but Duberry and Oliver were very good, as was their keeper. Then from 45 to 70 mins we were abysmal. We were far too negative and got punished until we tried other options and got the goal.’

hufc.john wrote:
‘Turner played the wrong tactics today. We were playing the long ball with no chance of winning the headers against Wycombe’s centre-backs.’

daltonshaircut wrote:
‘My worry with Turner is that it’s obvious we are losing the games in the midfield area, yet its always the front two that get changed.’

misterb2001 wrote:
‘Boyd needs to be starting, he looked very good today. We also need to start playing the ball through midfield more.’

MutleyRules wrote:
‘Mr. Turner, Stop playing the long ball! We’ve got players that can play the ball along the deck so why do you insist in telling them to knock it long? Hartlepool United can play football but you are stopping them!’

Salty wrote:
‘We were knocking it about in the 2nd half before Wycombe scored and people round me were saying they’d much rather watch us play like this than hoof it. Then they scored and we knocked it about a bit and the people near me started to get restless and scream at the players to launch it! So then they launch it and their big defenders just head it away and the idiots round me go ‘nooooooooo not like that!’

ADG wrote:
‘We didn’t play great but we deserved that point, especially for the first half performance. Second half was a struggle after they scored, which came out of the blue to be honest. But the fans are not helping. I would hate to be a Pools player at the moment. No wonder we seem to play better away. A player makes one mistake, and that’s it, he’s a target for the rest of the match. I have never heard mass panic like I did yesterday. Call ourselves supporters!’

We’re not alone.