Date: 18th October 2009 at 11:54am
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Following Wycombe’s 1-1 draw with Colchester United yesterday afternoon, here are some views on the game from U’s manager Aidy Boothroyd and a few of their fans.

Speaking to the Daily Gazette, Boothroyd said his side were very disappointed to concede Jon-Paul Pittman’s late equaliser but he admitted that the Chairboys deserved a draw.

‘You would have thought it unfair as a neutral had we got all three points,’ said the U’s manager. ‘We didn’t play well which is not like us, but we’re still unbeaten and it’s a good point I guess. But we want to win now and we’re very disappointed, as you can imagine’

The majority of Colchester fans also admitted Wycombe’s performance was worthy of a point.

The following extracts are from BBC606, The Official Colchester United Message Board and Football Forums.

colucrazy wrote:
‘Wycombe fans said it was the best they had played in a long time and I can believe it. They had two great chances in the second half before the goal. If we had held on it would have been a lucky win.’

crony wrote:
‘Draw was definitely the right result. We were well on top in the first half, and I couldn’t see a way back for them at half time. However, in the second half we fell apart at the back and always looked like conceding. We should have had a penalty at the end but could have been down to 10 men by that point so we can’t complain. The ref (4th official) was just not up to the job and bottled all the big decisions.’

BlueandWhiteBaz wrote:
‘Very poor, atrocious and diabolical, are all descriptions that sum up our performance. Basically, their centre back pairing of Duberry and Johnson almost completely snuffed out Platt and Odejayi and Aidy’s long ball game to the front two came off the rails. It’s now blatantly apparent that if that doesn’t work we have no plan B. The goal we scored was fortuitous to say the least and if they had been just a tad better in the finishing department we may well have suffered a heavy defeat. In the end we escaped with a draw, which was probably better than we fully deserved on the day. As for Wycombe, good luck to you in your drive to stave off relegation. With a bit more clinical finishing, I think you can do it.’

ColURob wrote:
‘A very poor performance all round. We just seemed to shut up shop after going ahead. Wycombe spent most of the match diving for fouls and conned both referees throughout the game. They were there for the taking.’

lofty wrote:
‘Despite playing not very well, we really should have won today. Second half it seems we thought that however many chances we gave Wycombe they were not going to score. We had enough warnings in that half as they must have had at least 3 one on ones before the break that led to their goal. Wycombe fans may be praising their performance today but they are nailed on for relegation.’

frank1eb0y wrote:
‘Despite being disappointed at the result I thought the balance of chances was about even and on that basis a draw was fair.’

On the atmosphere and the old rivalry, the U’s fans had mixed views:

GC wrote:
‘Two hours of ‘Your support is f****** s***`, ‘We only hate f****** Wycombe`, ‘You`re so **** it`s unbelievable` etc. etc. Lord only knows what impression the people of Wycombe, fans attending football for the first time or those taking their families along to the game gained of the people of Colchester. I’d have been in favour of the stewards taking the chavs initiating those chants (mental age uncertain!) out of the ground so that the rest of us could have enjoyed the match and got behind our own Colchester team – rather than the whole occasion being overshadowed by offensive rubbish that very obviously only serves to motivate our opposition.’

MattCuFc wrote:
‘If people don’t want banter and a bit of bad language, don’t go to a derby match with history. Its like people taking kids to West Ham v Millwall and then complaining when the kids are upset. If you don’t want to see/hear this type of behaviour, and you have any common sense, you don’t go.’

Centurion wrote:
‘People were trying to reignite a rivalry that has long fizzled out due to our superior league position in the 17 years since the Conference. I want us to beat them just like I want us to beat the other 22 clubs in this league, no more, no less.’

Cuckoo wrote:
‘It was a fantastic experience, the atmosphere was far better than anything I’ve felt before.’

Eddy Melito wrote:
‘It’s not a derby match! It may have history, but judging by the Wycombe crowd today, they can’t be bothered with it any more, just like I can’t.’

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