Date: 1st November 2009 at 1:04pm
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Following yesterday’s thrilling but ultimately disappointing 3-2 defeat at home to Walsall, here are some views on the game from Saddlers’ manager Chris Hutchings and a few of their fans.

Speaking to the Sunday Mercury, Hutchings gave his players credit for a superb fightback but couldn’t hide his disappointment over their first half-performance.

“It certainly wasn’t one of our better performances,” he said. “In the first half I wasn’t happy at all and although we fought back, on another day we might not be so lucky.”

“We were second best. We didn’t pass the ball, didn’t make a tackle and allowed them to play, although you have to give a bit of credit to our lads for coming back like that. But we were fortunate. Although we came back, even then we had to hang on because they were still creating chances,” said the Saddlers manager.

The Walsall fans were naturally delighted at the unexpected turn of events and equally grateful for our inability to finish.

The following extracts are taken from ‘up the saddlers’ and ‘Walsall-mad.’

dinkydotsaddler wrote:
‘It was no surprise when we went two goals down and a better team would have been four-up. I honestly thought it’s not a case of us losing, but by how many. Second half we appeared brighter and scored a goal but then seemed to lose the plot again. I am totally lost as to what happened next – I was praying Wycombe didn’t get the 3rd goal I felt sure was coming. Even at 3-2 up I was still thinking ‘I’ll take the draw’. Such was the transformation that I am still in shock.’

sadlad wrote:
‘I was most impressed by Wycombe. Their new manager Gary Waddock has certainly got them playing and on this evidence will hopefully get them out of trouble. I wish them well.’

fensaddler wrote:
‘That was one hell of a match, probably one of the best for sheer entertainment I’ve ever watched. Great goals, great comeback.’

priestley-saddler wrote:
‘Quite how we won that I don’t know, we should have been dead and buried by half time. Their first was a free kick 35 yards out and I don’t for a moment think it was a fluke. Their 2nd was also a good finish. Then their ginger striker (who clearly isn’t as good as ours) missed a good chance to make it 3 and Hughes also cleared one off the line. However, after the break it was a different game, although they again wasted chances and should have put the game to bed. Their useless ginger striker skied another one from six yards out and once we were in the lead you never felt Wycombe had it in them to come back.’

Magic Man Fan wrote:
‘Most entertaining match for ages. Our second half performance was stumbled upon by Hutchings, who brought on the players most fans would like to see playing from the start.’

Surrey Saddler wrote:
‘First half, Wycombe had all the play, scored twice and also missed umpteen chances. At half time the bloke next to me in the tea bar queue summed it up with the comment ‘what can you say’. In the second half things were different but we lapsed again and the game was heading out of our control until Hughes fired home in the 80th minute. The lads surged forward and it paid off when Nichols slotted home. The fans went wild and all the misery of half time was forgotten.’

Danny_Saddler wrote:
‘Amazing comeback! Steve Jones made the difference. We were still up against it towards the end. Wycombe played well and no way deserve to be in the bottom six.’

Bristol Fan wrote:
‘Fortunately Wycombe are clearly awful at putting the ball in the net – they could and should have had us completely dead and buried by half time. At least in the second half we put them under some pressure with Jones terrific in the hole behind the strikers – understandably Wycombe still had a number of opportunities since we were pushing forward so often, but their finishing again let them down.’

amialrightoverhere wrote:
‘There is simply no substitute for quality. Jones came on and showed a bit of class – he ran at defenders, he shot from distance and he got into the box when wide players were crossing. A truly great result after the first half. It’s not overstating it to say that Wycombe could have had 4 or 5 goals first half and could have scored at least another 3 or 4 second half.’

Wyrley_saddler wrote:
‘First half you would not have believed we were a professional football team. We spent 45 minutes chasing shadows. Second half something changed – It felt like the fans and players united together. That was the best away game in ages. I’m struggling to put it into words. I’m gobsmacked.’

Kiansmom wrote:
‘To be fair we could have been 3 or 4 down in the first half. Wycombe were much the better side and we ran round like headless chickens!’

Next Match

Oh well, with things not looking too good in League One, we’ll just have to win the FA Cup instead, starting with a first round tie against Brighton at Adams Park next Saturday at 3.00pm

Having endured a visit to the Withdean Stadium already this season, let’s just hope it doesn’t go to a replay.