Date: 14th April 2013 at 11:08am
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Following yesterday’s thrilling 2-1 win over Aldershot Town, here are some views on the game from Shots’ boss Andy Scott and a few of their fans.

‘We would have won if they (the players) had done what we were asking them to do,’ said Scott in his post-match interview.

‘I’ve never had any problem with their effort and application, but we’re footballers. If you take one of those thousand fans we brought and put them on the pitch, they’d work hard and they’d give everything that they could, but the lads here are footballers for a reason. They’ve got ability and they’re professional, but unfortunately too many people did individual things rather than a collective group organisation.’

‘That’s why we are where we are, consistency… If we had produced the performance quality wise that we did on Tuesday, then we would have won the game.’

‘We’ve had an unbelievably good chance in the first five minutes with Jeff and he’s smashed it over the bar, and we’ve had balls go across the box and no one’s in there to score, and that’s been the story of the season. That’s why we’ve scored the least goals in the league and that’s why we’re bottom.’

‘And when the pressure is put on the back four, we haven’t defended properly. Individuals doing their own thing has cost us a point at least.’

‘First half we didn’t play with the zip and energy that we normally do, but second half when we were chasing it, we got that goal back and they were hanging on and we made it difficult, but then we just made some poor decisions.’

‘We were in control of the game, we were in the ascendancy, and then you want to keep it tight at the back… but we’ve not marked the throw-in properly, the ball goes inside to a player and we just come charging out, they just play the ball through and it’s straight through to our keeper… a rush of blood to the head and it’s cost us a point.’

‘We went 3-4-3 in the end but even when it was 4-3-3 we just didn’t get the ball forward quickly enough to three big lads who were causing all sorts of problems.’

‘It’s game management, and we didn’t manage the game properly today.’

The Shots’ fans showed magnificent support yesterday but are now beginning to fear the worst.

The following extracts are taken from Shots Talk, the Football Forum and Twitter.

Charles Dickens wrote:
‘Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Why did we lose this vital game? Where were the wingers? The two fullbacks tried to do two jobs and frequently got caught in no-man’s land allowing the Wycombe wingmen the freedom of the park.We were reduced to our big men bunched in the middle waiting for service that never happened. Sorry, Mr Scott, no use blaming the players they did their best, but awful, awful tactics.’

Mick Earls Fan Club wrote:
‘The fact remains that Scott has not won a match when the opposition have had 11 men on the pitch.’

86/87 Glory Year wrote:
‘They asked the fans to turn up at Wycombe to make the difference, and once again, as they have all season, the players didn’t turn up and let the club down. We couldn’t have asked for a better fixture against a mid table team with nothing to play for and yet we played the first half at a lacklustre pace. Absolutely criminal. Where was the desire and urgency? Good goal from Stanley to equalise and we finally saw the effort and commitment which was required to win the game for a 5 minute period, then we concede and that was it, no real desire to get a second equaliser. Pathetic really.’

Jim Royle wrote:
‘You can’t slaughter the players for yesterday, we had so little choice thanks to injuries, no real wide players available and no real ‘Jack about the field’ to conjure up something from nothing. All we had was the players trying their best to adapt to a limiting choice of formation. In the end when it became 4-3-3 all we had was the long ball and chase, no real chance to attack the flanks and draw players out and create space. Oh how we’d die for Dean Morgan & Joel Grant as they in truth were the difference on the day’

Rodman33 wrote:
‘What a nightmare. At 1-1 there seemed to be only one winner and it was us. I don’t think I’ve ever heard such passion and determination from Aldershot fans. Then bang, sloppy defending and a ball through for Joel f****** Grant to send us down. Devastated. It’s been coming but I really thought we’d get ourselves out of this mess until this afternoon.’

shotsfan1993 wrote:
‘For the first time all season I think we’re down.’

Abbosbootlaces wrote:
‘Their centre backs played as if they were tied together with a bit of string. First Doherty and Winfield, then Doherty and Johnson. Our centre back pair were at times 50 yards apart with no evidence of communication between them. We were ripped open with ease for both goals and very fortunate not to have shipped five. Simply not good enough at the back, and inconsistent and ineffective up top. That’s why we’re stick on relegation candidates.’

Daniel aldershot wrote:
‘Disappointed with that. Wycombe could (should) have been one or two up by half time but for the post and a clearance off the line. Thought there was a push for their first goal, but two smart finishes. Good goal by Stanley also. Interesting that Rankine stormed down the tunnel and none of the players really came over to the crowd. Anyway, think that’s bye bye League two. ‘

Alan B wrote:
‘We won’t be relegated because we lost yesterday – the damage had already been done. Too many draws from winning positions and a few defeats that should perhaps have been draws. The squad has just not been strong enough to cope with crucial absentees. You can blame the Management for poor tactics but the reality is that tactics are sometimes dictated by lack of resources. Put simply, we do not have the quality in depth to climb out of the bottom two. That was illustrated yesterday when Andy Scott went for broke in the second half, a brave and correct tactic. It never looked as if we were going to create clear cut chances, unlike Wycombe who had 3 classy forwards capable of doing just that. Our defence, which has been our saving grace on numerous occasions, could not cope with that extra bit of quality.

Grayshott wrote:
‘The situation after yesterday hasn’t changed much and the only major mover was York – everything else is much as it was. There are still eight teams in the mix. Dagenham’s defeat was a massive bonus and so was the last minute winner for Burton over Plymouth. This is still going to come down to Rotherham and the last few minutes of the season.’

Phil wrote:
‘Sad to say, but only mathematics are keeping us up now. Failure to win either home game this week and even that will have gone.’

Ed-Shot wrote:
‘I thought Dean Morgan was fantastic yesterday and it’s a great pity it wasn’t in a Shots’ shirt. It was such a shame we missed out on him under Kevin Dillon. He just reminds me of a league 2 Berbatov, roaming around all over the place and pulling the strings with his range of passing. Top quality and too good for this league when he is motivated, and currently, the Wycombe fans told me, Ainsworth has got him playing. Shame he was back from injury though as he was a thorn in our side from start to finish.’

Dom Sterlings Left Leg wrote:
‘How we could do with a player like Morgan in our hour of need. However, I would guess that had we signed him instead of Wade Small, he probably would have been gone by now anyway. Holdsworth would never have had a player like that in the side, far too risky.’

Sonny Bradley wrote:
“Referee tells me after the goal that it was probably a foul on me and he`s made a mistake! TOO LATE NOW!!! These refs need sorting out #joke’

Norwich Nick wrote:
‘Seriously impressive turn out yesterday. It was just about the only thing to be positive about.’

Danny Rose wrote:
“Aldershot fans were incredible today! 1000+ travelled! You all deserve better! Credit to your club!’

Next Game: Wycombe v Northampton – Tues 16th April -7.45pm