Date: 7th November 2012 at 10:52am
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Following last night`s goal-less draw between the ten-man Shots and the shot-shy Blues, here are some views on the game from both benches and a handful of Aldershot supporters.

Aldershot Town manager Dean Holdsworth told the clubs` official website and the BBC: “Being bottom of the table is not nice but it means nothing at this stage.”

‘It’s about the bigger picture. Tonight, we’ve gone four games unbeaten and another clean sheet so I’m going to congratulate my players for their work rate and their effort.’

‘I thought it was a straight red but Anthony Tonkin has said that it was two yellows. That’s only a one game ban so it’s not too bad. There is a little bit of frustration as I have seen the second tackle and I don`t feel it was a sending off at all.

“We were much the better side up until that sending off, created numerous chances, very unlucky to have one blocked by our player on the line and up until that point I thought we were fantastic. After that I thought we were magnificent. “

“We had to change it obviously, we kept our discipline but I thought we still looked a threat from set-pieces. They`ve earned a real big pat on the back this evening, because their character really came through.”

Blues caretaker boss Gareth Ainsworth told the BFP afterwards: ‘When you’ve got the injuries we’ve got as well, any point’s a good point. Overall I’m pleased with the point, a little bit disappointed about the attacking play. We didn’t really show too much, but defending-wise we were outstanding.”

‘Sometimes playing against ten men is tough. Dean [Holdsworth] was saying ‘Camp in deep as you can, two banks of four’ – it’s not easy to break down. We took 20 minutes in the second half to work out they had ten men and started using our extra man.”

‘When we put it into our centre forwards’ feet, they have to hold it up and they weren’t doing that. I was one of them. If they don’t hold it up you can’t get runners off them.”

‘If you asked me before the game, a 0-0 away from home after the 4-1 and 3-1 before that, it stops the rot and it’s another clean sheet. When you look at the details of the game, with them having ten men, you do feel a bit disappointed.’

‘I’ve got a central midfielder at right back, a left winger at left-back and a left-back at left centre-half, and it’s tough. Dave Winfield was immense again. He’s come in and made a real case for the shirt – if you play well, you’ll keep your place. I thought he was terrific.”

“Charles [Dunne] playing out of position did well, Sam Wood’s learning new things and Stuart Lewis at right back has done an awesome job. The back five has got us a point.’

Aldershot Town fans were understandably disappointed that their side had slipped to the bottom of League Two as a result of the goal-less draw. Some had their glasses half-full, others half-empty.

The following comments are taken from ShotsTalk forum

luke_shots wrote
“Down to ten men and he then takes off our most lively and quality player [in Kieron Cadogan)! I`m sorry we needed a bit of pace when you go down to ten men, that was just awful! 24th in the table – I`m afraid Dean Holdsworth you`re under serious pressure!”

shotsfan1993 wrote
“Yes, I don`t agree with Cadogan coming off, however, we HAD to get a result and a draw is better than losing to your closest rivals.”

Mytshot wrote
“Embarrassing. How bad does this have to get before the board take some action?”

aldershot_ali wrote
“On the face of it, a point with ten men for an hour isn’t a disaster but we really needed to win tonight. What frustrates me is that Wycombe were impotent. They had nothing with a man advantage. We gave a good account of ourselves with ten men.”

CH wrote
“I thought we played well, we were in control early on and Wycombe looked poor. I was annoyed at Cadogan’s substitution but as the match wore on the reasoning became clear. Every time Wycombe brought the ball forward we harried, hassled and badgered the Wycombe players who lost possession easily. [Danny] Hylton did what he does best tonight and caused trouble by not giving the Wycombe back-line an easy game.”

JohnH wrote
“No wonder the home gates are below 1800 excluding away supporters. Funnily enough tonight`s 0-0 draw was one of the better ones, watching us look the better team with only ten men. Wycombe were bloody awful.”

Anon E Mouse wrote
“It is worrying to be bottom but I actually thought we played really well tonight and I stayed to clap the players off at the end for a change for all the effort with only ten men for an hour. We are sadly lacking quality in front of goal that would have seen us win the game. Wycombe should be more worried tonight.”

Mrs Brown wrote
“Wycombe have nearly a full team not playing through injury, what’s our excuse?”

Heywood Jablomy wrote
“Playing for a draw is the right thing to do only if you have a negative mindset. We were at home against Wycombe’s second team, effectively. We won’t get out of this by being so timid.”

Musestar wrote
“It was a negative move by Dean. We were only ever marking one Wycombe striker, so I could see nothing wrong with going with three at the back. This was a big chance to get three points against a team near us in the league and in my opinion, the poorest Wycombe team I have seen in a long time. Cadogan was our only real pace outlet and think that if he was kept on, he would have caused the makeshift Wycombe defence no end of problems.”

William Munny wrote
“I am fed up with hearing that Holdsworth’s decision to take off a forward and bring on a defender after Tonkin was sent off proved correct. Who were we playing? Barcelona? Wycombe were the worst team I have seen this season and, probably, for a good many years. They did not threaten our goal all evening even with the advantage of an extra man. If we had kept Cadogan on and gone three at the back we would have retained the early momentum and beaten an utterly rubbish Wycombe; got three points; and would be out of the relegation zone. How anyone can take any positives out of the exact opposite happening is beyond me!”

Alex wrote
“We drew 0-0 with an awful team that offered nothing going forward and were there for the taking.”

shotshammo wrote
“Most teams in our position would have key players wanting to leave, I see no evidence of that. Unlike Wycombe who have at least two players in that position. There are a few clubs in this league that are seriously wondering whether they can survive at this level financially much longer, we have got to convince ourselves that we are not one of them, that is always the key as to which teams go down at the end of the season.”

Next game – Wycombe Wanderers V Rochdale – League Two

Saturday 10th November 2012 – Kick-off 3pm