Date: 23rd October 2016 at 9:41pm
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In the wake of yesterday’s dismal 2-0 home defeat to Barnet, here are the views of the Bees manager Martin Allen and some of the travelling supporters.

Allen said: ‘We made some changes and I think you have to say everyone in our squad put in a performance and did a job for the team and I was proud of my team today’.

‘Over the years you would say that is how Martin Allen`s teams play; they have to give everything for me’.

‘Today I think Wycombe had one shot. We were playing on the counter-attack in the second half and looking for the gaps to get John in the space behind. We knew the chances would come’.

‘It was a thoroughly deserved victory; a victory full of character, determination, organisation and discipline’.

Unsurprisingly the Barnet fans didn’t have many compliments for the Chairboys’ performance.

Barnetrob said: ‘That’s a lot more like it. Terrific three points away from home, well done to all. Same again at Newport please’.

Ninestein said: ‘The manure on my lawn played better than we did last week! Today feels like what it should feel like with Allen in charge. We won’t run rings round teams but we will at least fight and stay in a game’.

Mikel Bee said: ‘Most of that game was difficult to watch. Sloppy long balls and endless throw ins to the keeper’s hands. Unsurprisingly, when we got the ball down on the ground players like Mauro were able to do something with it. Can we try this a bit more please Mr Allen? It works! Bar a few nervy moments the defence were solid. We are still a long way from having properly resolved our tactical problems but a win is a win. At least we’ve stopped the rot’.

Nlites123 said: ‘The difference today from last week was the pure physicality of the midfield. Sesay and Champion fought for everything and did well. When Wycombe had a set play, they literally doubled up with Centre Backs so there were four on 2 or 3’.

BeesKnees said: ‘My Wycombe supporting mate is livid that the ref didn’t allow their goal to stand in the first half’.

Ape1968 said: ‘The ref had blown for a foul, the ball spun away and Hoyte headed it into our goal. But the ref had already blown so he had to call it back’.

Becbee said: ‘The ref had blown his whistle quite loudly well before the Wycombe player played the ball to Hoyte to put into the net. Whether he should have played advantage is another point, once he had done so then the situation was completely clear. Your mate is only livid because his team lost’.

OB1 said: ‘Wycombe forum not very complementary about their own team and even more so about us. According to one of their fans we are the worst side they have ever lost to’.

Letsbeehavinyou said: ‘As has been stated above the first 45 was pure dross from both sides, we looked solid enough but as usual resorted to the long throw with zero impact. They have every right to feel aggrieved about the disallowed own goal the ref blew too early and he knew it, he was gutted when he saw it went in oh well’.

‘Second 45 started a bit brighter, Akinde should have scored early on but then a neat pass down the left opened up Wycombe and Mauro had bombed on and scored with a clever finish. Wycombe started to put pressure on us but Vickers, the defence and some poor finishing meant we held firm and in injury time a break away one on one from big John. The ref was awful some poor bookings given out. A precious clean sheet and an away win, let’s take that onto Tuesday’.

Itaibee said: ‘Big 3 points in a very poor game of football. 1st half was zero entertainment, zero chances, apart from Wycombe’s disallowed goal. I personally thought they had a good case to be a bit peed off. Even though the ref blew his whistle a split second before the cross came in to our box, which led to Hoyte heading into his own net, he could of played the advantage.

From the rules point of view the ref got it right but from a supporters point of view I can understand why they are a bit gutted. The ref looked distraught. 2nd half Barnet showed a bit more fight. Today was all about the 3 points but against a better side we would of struggled. Wycombe are the worst team I’ve seen this season. Playing a very similar style to us (hoofball)’.

Barnetjohn said: ‘I can get why Wycombe fans were frustrated but the ‘goal’ in question was only gifted to them by an atrocious freak of a defensive error. I think luck wise they are square with the house’.

RichardM said: ‘A scrappy first half with little good football played by either side. We were much better than Wycombe in the second half and deserved the win. The result made it a very enjoyable afternoon which started well before the match in the Wycombe bar as I had a choice of 4 real ales to choose from, straight from the barrel as well as about 15 bottled beers. It would be nice to just have a choice of bottled beers at The Hive’.

Bee_Forever said: ‘Have to say that first half was as awful as any I have seen from a footballing perspective in League 2. I ‘missed’ Leyton Orient at home, but by all accounts that half was in the same ilk.

A good workmanlike display against a shocking Wycombe Team. They should stop worrying about dodgy own goals, and start revising their tactical approach. Great day out, great result, but the game will not linger long in the memory’.

Next Match: Doncaster Rovers v Wycombe Wanderers, Sat 29th Nov 3pm