Date: 1st October 2017 at 9:09pm
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Following yesterday’s excellent 3-1 home victory over Barnet, here are some views from the Bees’ supporters.

The Barnet fans bemoaned both their injury crisis and their defending as they slumped to another defeat.

The following extracts are taken from the Only Barnet forum.

To bee or not to bee said: “Akinfenwa is like a magnetic force field. The ball always finds him and no Barnet player seems able to get within a yard of him’.

barnet34 said: ‘Four headed goal attempts for Akinfenwa and one goal, and it’s only half – time. Any chance of somebody marking him?’

talldarkslim said: ‘This season is basically over for us as a result of the injury crisis. The best we can hope for is to avoid relegation. At least all the bottom 3 are losing’.

dawat said: ‘All too true I’m afraid. But injuries apart, we just do not have the players who can at least strangle a game and grind out a draw if necessary. If we were able to do this then we could be slowly pulling ourselves out of any potential danger of a relegation battle. As it is a couple of good results for clubs beneath us and our failure to recruit a couple of players plus our injury list could prove very expensive for the club in hindsight’.

‘Thought that their third goal was the cream of the crop. I think that Tarpey with his crocked leg could have reached the ball quicker than our defender!’

tomrose72 said: ‘Akinde, Tarpey, Johnson, Brindley, Stephens and probably Weston as well would all feature in what I would consider to be our strongest XI. So when you’re missing over half of your starting XI, chances are, you’re going to face an uphill struggle.

Calls for Rossi out are ridiculous. One bad run doesn’t warrant a sacking. Exeter for example started last season poorly. They then turned their season around and made it to the play-off finals, and they’re currently joint top having stuck by Paul Tisdale this whole time. We’ve still got time to turn this around as well’.

#Beebot said: ‘Unfortunately we’re in a very difficult position and there’s very little we can do about it. Think we just need to look at the free transfer market, give some opportunity to some of the players who haven’t had a look in this year and try and get the ball rolling on January transfers.

Sadly any hopes of promotion are pretty much dead due to the injury crisis and poor decisions made by the medical team’.

jerroll said: “defending is atrocious, first goal was a shocker – i was screaming mark the fat bloke! Mauro was covering at left back as Tutonda was out of position and they walked through the vacant midfield’.

Ital-bee said: “We looked totally disjointed in that 2nd half. Nelson gave that big lump far too much respect.Stupid, simple goal to give away. At a time when we were doing ok”.

Golf Delta said: “If you can bear to watch, the defending for all three goals is frankly, Sunday League stuff, really awful?’

BusheyBee43 said: ‘Pathetic, what an absolute shambles that performance was. As soon as I saw that team I knew we were going to lose. Despite doing well so far this season Michael Nelson was crap today. There were a lot of balls over him and Mackail Smith played well against him because Nelson couldn’t deal with the long balls. We should have stuck with three at the back but we changed the formation and it all went wrong’.

becbee said: “I thought we were fine until Wycombe scored against the run of play. After that, our heads noticeably dropped and we were chasing shadows until Wycombe declared at 3-0.

Wycombe’s front 3 were no better than our front 3 could be – difference being their 3 are fit, our front 3, 2 are out injured and maybe our third is now also. Also they can take off 2 of their front 3 and the replacements score. It just feels like a different world at the moment’.

beesknees99 said: ‘Abject, disgusting, poor, gutless performance.

I really hate to be so negative after such a decent run a few weeks ago but today was the most depressing performance I’ve ever seen. At no point did it look like we would get something from the game; my mate pointed out Akinfenwa’s obvious threat at the back post and nobody was marking him. Nobody.

It was Sunday league defending and the lads I took today said it was absolutely terrible football. They’re right and I’m ashamed they’ve had to see it. There is no plan B, basic mistakes are made… we were just SO bad. It pains me to say it but if nothing changes, we are on our way to the conference’.

NorfolkBee said: ‘The mark of a good manager is how they handle a crisis. We have an injury crisis and another crisis looming on the pitch. So, Mr Eames, it’s time to prove yourself’.

to bee or not to bee said: ‘Oh and I wish we had Akinfenwa. But we don’t – we can’t afford him. He’s not fat. Underrate him at your peril. We did today and paid the price. He’s a big unit and nimble for his size. I’ve seen him play 6 times against Barnet and Argyle and each time he’s shone. Could easily have had a hat trick today. Strength, positional sense and an eye for goal.Oh and he puts a shift in’.

itai-bee said: ‘A very disappointing 260 Barnet fans today. Despite it being relatively close, pay at the gate, and cheaper than us. Maybe the bottom line is people are spoilt for choice with television football’.

LoringBee said: ‘Put it this way, how many League 2 teams would line up at Wycombe away with a midfield three consisting of two wingers and a youth team player? Madness’.

Mr Smart said: ‘I don’t believe the midfield was the issue yesterday. For the first half we were all over Wycombe. The midfield was functioning very well.

The key was their goal, completely against the run of play. Our players mentally lost the plot. One minute they were doing everything right then all of a sudden they started playing stupid passes, hacking wildly at the ball etc. We have a team of players who largely haven’t played a lot of first team football, lack the mental toughness that you get with experience and aren’t leaders except for Nelson and Clough. Two players can’t carry a team mentally’.

Next Match: Cambridge United v Wycombe Wanderers, Saturday 7th Oct 3pm