Date: 18th March 2018 at 12:32am
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Following yesterday’s 2-0 win at Barnet, here are some views on the game from the Bees’ manager Graham Westley and a selection of their fans.

“It’s a difficult one to take,” said Westley, as reported in ClubCall

“I thought in the first half we were a good match for the top end of the league, but in the second half we disintegrated.”

“Defensively we opened up to concede the penalty, and the second goal again was totally avoidable in terms of giving away the free-kick and the way we defended it.”

“Off the back of that second half, I’m actually scared to be going to Luton next week,” he said.

“I’m scared that we could be embarrassed. If you go to a place like Kenilworth Road and perform the way we did in the second half then it could get messy.”

It was a familiar story for the poor old Barnet fans.

The following extracts are taken from Only Barnet.

ninestein wrote:
“Got to start putting some chances away. Not just today, it’s been a theme all season.”

Barnetchris wrote:
“Same old story – miss a great chance in the first half and then go 1-0 down – end of game. How many times has that been?”

rudebwoyben wrote:
“How on earth did Akinde miss that? And why was everyone deployed so deep inside the penalty area to defend the free-kick that led to their second goal?”

let_it_bee wrote:
“There was nothing in it in the first half and we competed very well. Of course the one gilt-edged chance crashed against the crossbar and you start to see the writing on the wall. Then a soft penalty and what looked like an own goal from a set piece from a free kick unnecessarily given away (such a familiar story). Wycombe are such a well-drilled outfit – not an attractive side to watch by any means, but very efficient. Once we’d gone behind there never looked to be a way back.”

Itai-bee wrote:
“The way we always fall apart when we concede. The way we don’t turn up in the second half of games tells you this team lacks mental strength and leadership.”

East Barnet Bee wrote:
“We were relegated months ago. Genuinely.”

Aclassman wrote:
“Isn’t our game against Luton next Saturday live on sky sports so everyone can laugh and see how bad and useless this football club has sadly become?”

nicesirmick1 wrote:
“I believe Sky have moved it to the Comedy Channel.”

pgbee wrote:
“I think the Horror Channel would be a better choice.”

barnetboy1 wrote:
“I fancied staying at home today in the warm. I tried to convince myself, but no, that little voice inside my head brought on the guilty feeling of not supporting my club so off I went in a stinky, steamy bus with enough layers of thermals on that if I fell over I would have bounced. Saw us huff & puff, hit the bar, concede a poor penalty and score an own goal from a daft free kick. Froze my najjers off. I know you don’t give to receive, but when is this team going to reward fans with some sort of feelgood factor?”

Norfolk & Chance wrote:
“Over 1,000 Wycombe fans today. Excellent support.”

pgbee wrote:
“Yeah, as long as we keep attracting more away fans by losing, maybe it will balance out the loss of home support.”

kingpinfid wrote:
“Hopefully we’ll start using our matches to assess the squad for next season in the Conference. Someone please sack Westley first though. He’s just as useless as the other managers we’ve had in the last 12 months. No way that Stev*n*ge loving tw** should have been allowed anywhere near our club. He’s an insult to Barnet supporters.”

BigBee wrote:
“It’s the hope that kills you. And there is no hope.”

hoppy wrote:
“Cheer up folks. I’m writing this from a hospital bed. I ate what I thought was an onion, but it turned out to be a daffodil bulb. The doctors think I’ll be out sometime in the Spring.”

Next Game: Crawley v Wycombe – Wednesday 21st March – 7.45pm