Date: 9th March 2011 at 11:14am
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Following yesterday’s 1-0 win at Barnet, here are some views on the game from the Bees’ boss Paul Fairclough and a few of their fans.

“I thought our performance in the first-half was outstanding against a team that is probably going to get automatic promotion,” said Fairclough.

“We made one mistake at a corner and it cost us dearly. We got everything right apart from putting the ball in the back of the net, and In the position that we’re in, It’s all about taking your chances.”

“It was a big, big blow for us coming in at half-time a goal down having put in the shift that we did. Now we’ve just got to pick ourselves up and keep going to get out of this position – we have nothing else to fight for other than our league status. All that’s left for us is to win games, there’s still enough of them to get out of trouble and we will keep fighting.”

The Barnet fans fear the worst for their club and were disappointed not to have taken something from the game.

The following extracts are taken from The Beehive, Downhill Second Half and the Barnet FC official messageboard.

Eric Hitchmo wrote:
‘Our season summed up in a nutshell. How many times have we controlled a game of football and let slip a silly goal to put us behind? We were unlucky to see a good header saved and the rebound hit the bar and arguably cross the line, but there’s only so long you can rely on the bad luck line. Wycombe were flicky and fancy, and could clearly play a bit of football, but we were on top of them.’

tynant14 wrote:
‘We played well in the first half but once again were undone at a set piece, what do they do in training????’

costa26 wrote:
‘We are putting up a good fight and you can’t ask for more than that. I personally thought we were the better side in the first half.’

watfordbee wrote:
‘Tonight in my opinion confirms we are down. Yes we were unlucky, but we can’t be unlucky every week, the club was relegated weeks ago.’

gowerfan wrote:
‘Our problem was up-front – there was nothing there. Such a shame. I overheard one supporter leaving the ground say ‘Barnet’s approach play is as good as Barcelona’s’. Bit over the top of course but it was certainly true last night. Best first-half I have seen all season.’

Spanker Ridley wrote:
‘Unlucky? We did play well in the first-half but I couldn’t see where the goals were going to come from. Their goal was a free header from a corner with no-one on the posts. I fear for the future.’

grrgerald wrote:
‘I’m gutted that I didn’t put any money on us getting relegated when I first heard of Stimson’s appointment.’

let_it_bee wrote:
‘Personally, I wouldn’t fault the players for effort. We had 3 or 4 decent chances but didn’t put them away. One awful lapse of marking cost us, with the goal obviously coming at a crucial time. We are at least competitive now, if not quite good enough to win games consistently.’

Doyley wrote:
‘The players gave it a go, McLeod could have had a hat-trick on another day, at least we tried.’

Jon83 wrote:
‘I think a draw would have been a fair result. McLeod had a couple of good opportunities and Byrne had one decent strike on goal but other than that we made one major mistake all evening and it cost us a goal…. you could say its unlucky, but it’s been happening all season.’

neil1972 wrote:
‘That’s the story of the season, we make an error and we get punished, There wasn’t much between the sides, their number-eleven looked pacey and was a problem for us, but apart from that they didn’t really offer much.’

Mikel Bee wrote:
‘Arsenal go on a Thompson Holiday to Spain and suddenly half of North London are incapable of leaving their homes. The attendance tonight was a disgrace. Any Barnet fans who stayed away to watch Arsenal get thumped should take a long hard look at themselves. Who do you think needed your support more tonight? But as long as you can say: ‘I was sitting on my jacksie in my living room when we nearly beat Barcelona,’ it doesn’t matter if Barnet get relegated from the Football League does it? Be ashamed!’

Next Game: Wycombe v Stevenage – Sat 12th March – 3.00pm