Date: 18th April 2017 at 12:37am
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Following yesterday’s 2-0 win at Barnet, here are some views on the game from the Bees’ caretaker manager Rossi Eames and a selection of their fans.

“It’s disappointing,” said Eames, speaking to his club’s official website

“We had lots of the ball, created a lot of chances and worked really hard, but at the end of the day it’s not enough… you’ve got to be ruthless”

“Second half we put everything into it, but you’ve got to do the hardest thing in football, and stick the ball in the net.”

“It’s so quiet in the dressing room after that, but we’ll speak, we’ll work throughout the week and we’ll pick ourselves up.”

“But we’ve got to give credit to the way Wycombe dug deep and worked extremely hard on the ball,” he said.

The Barnet fans felt they deserved something from the game.

The following extracts are taken from Only Barnet.

Mikel Bee wrote:
“Same story as the last month or so under Nugent. Played well overall, momentary lapse at the back led to us conceding and we spent the rest of the game pressing well but unable to convert our chances. One of the areas to strengthen over the summer needs to be another striker.”

Barnetchris wrote:
“Another good performance. A couple of mistakes and some bad luck contributed to our defeat. The team is trying to play football and I thought we were the better side.”

let_it_bee wrote:
“The game essentially came down to the refereeing and one moment of quality from Wycombe for the first goal – a cracking strike, which I don’t think you can really blame anyone for. Plus of course that brilliant double save by their keeper shortly after the first goal. Oh, and the post. And the crossbar.”

Barnetrob wrote:
“Playing two strikers, especially at home, might be an idea too. Wycombe had far more to think about after Sam Akinde came on. Once again, not a bad overall performance with nothing to show for it although the game was spoiled to an extent by the ineptitude of the ref and his fondness for using his yellow card.”

Beebot wrote:
“Another ref taken in by their fouling, cheating and time wasting.”

Mcleod23 wrote:
“Wycombe were strong, structured and nasty. Liked it. Game management from them was superb. We need to learn a few things off them.”

rudebwoyben wrote:
“Wycombe took a while to unleash their dark arts but we got their full range in the end.”

tomrose72 wrote:
“I try to stay level-headed when it comes to referees’ performances and I was willing to allow him some margin for error, but when he gave that penalty, that was it for me. But refereeing aside we also hit the woodwork twice and their first goal was a great effort although I don’t think in 100 attempts, he would’ve struck it as well as he did then. We probably were quite unlucky today and the scoreline doesn’t reflect the balance of the game.”

Hiveoccupier wrote:
“We bossed them for most of the game but our final ball was poor. Saunders was the best player on the park by some distance in the first half but didn’t look anything special in the second. Our midfield wasn`t out gunned, it was fairly even scrap.”

Becbee wrote:
“I thought it was a vastly better performance and an entertaining match which we didn’t deserve to lose. Wycombe scored with a wonder strike and a lucky penalty. We hit the crossbar, had Akinde pulled back when he was clear through, and were denied a penalty for a blatant handball.”

mcleod23 wrote:
“First goal Stephens has to save. Doesn’t move his feet quick enough, got to do better. The two keepers were the difference today, Blackman made two class saves especially second half tipping Bover shot onto the post. Oh, and he can bloody kick the ball the length of the pitch!!!”

Barnetrob wrote:
“Bit harsh. Their first goal was very well struck and I doubt their player will do that again for a while. The penalty is what it is. I would agree that Blackman looked good though.”

Mickbee wrote:
“It the defensive f*** ups in front of him that are killing us (assisted by our inability to hit a cow’s backside with a shovel at the other end).”

Next Game: Wycombe v Doncaster – Saturday 22nd April – 3.00pm