Date: 2nd December 2012 at 1:17am
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It’s three fine wins in a row for Wycombe Wanderers, and following yesterday’s 2-0 victory over Bristol Rovers at Adams Park, here are some views on the game from the Pirates’ manager Mark McGhee and a few of their fans.

“I came here today and I had absolutely no doubt what the result was going to be,” said McGhee in his post match interview.

“I really was very, very optimistic about the team we had out, but it misfired and misfired, and although we had that ten minutes at the start of the second half when we could have scored and should have scored, we didn’t and we got suckered.”

“We let in a disappointing goal when they broke against us and then we battered them for ten minutes to get an equaliser… and they broke on the counter attack and scored a second goal.”

“They did some things better than we did, that was all,” said McGhee.

The Rovers fans were bitterly disappointed in their team’s performance, critical of their manager, and angry at one of their own players for his (alleged) reaction to their jeers at the end of the game.

The following extracts are taken from the Bristol Rovers Fans Forum, Bristol Rovers Alternative Forum and The Football Forum.

Wreckless wrote:
‘That was embarrassing. Wycombe weren’t very good either, but our defence just opened like the Red Sea for their first goal. No tackling, no closing down – the striker just walked through the defence and slotted it home. It was almost in slow motion. You could see it coming 10 seconds before it happened.’

Buckle my shoe wrote:
‘We started the first half brightly then Wycombe go up the other end and score. Second half just the same, all over them for 10 minutes then they break away and get another one. Teams don’t need too many chances to score against us.’

Gashead wrote:
‘We gave up after Wycombe scored their second. First 15 minutes of the second half we were all over them! So, so disappointing.’

LPGas wrote:
‘What we witnessed today was appalling. We couldn’t complete more than two passes, we looked unfit and were second to every ball. Apart from a five minute spell at the beginning of the second half they were all over us. They had pace, we did not. We were so bad we made them look like a Championship side, when in fact they are in the same position as us, except they have won 3 on the bounce.’

Chris34 wrote:
‘We all sat there in the freezing cold to watch a bunch of clueless, overpaid, so called professionals attempt to play football.’

WeAreTheGas wrote:
‘There are no words to describe how bad we were today.’

BathGas wrote:
‘Well that was absolutely awful. Not one outfield player deserves any credit. Pathetic showing by an indisciplined shower.’

liam_the_top_gashead wrote:
‘No passion, no fight, no guts, no clue, and that’s just MM. The players were worse.’

Raj Gas wrote:
‘The defence and goalkeeper were at loggerheads the whole 90 minutes. Kenneth’s backpass (the Ref completely missed it!!) was the only amusing thing all afternoon.’

Buckrippers wrote:
‘Old Jocks retirement home. McGhee has bought in a bunch of worn out has-beens from north of the border. If they were any good we wouldn’t be losing heavily week in, week out to some pretty dire opposition: Accrington, Wycombe and probably Dagenham next week. The Mem has turned into a retirement home for washed out Jocks.’

meadgas57 wrote:
‘It gives me no pleasure to say it, but we look a poorly prepared, disorganised and badly managed team. Time to move McGhee on and give a new man some time to work with the team before the transfer window.’

SteveK wrote:
‘Lack of shape and organisation with opponents left totally unmarked and players watching and backing off instead of tackling. We are truly in a relegation fight as we don’t look like winning a game, even against an absolutely awful Wycombe.’

Sussex Pirate wrote:
‘The crux of the matter is that we aren’t winning games, We ain’t even playing well and being unlucky. We are, simply, cr@p.’

BRFC 1883 wrote:
‘That’s it for me. I have ripped up my season ticket! Quite frankly I have had enough. This is the worst team I have ever seen and the worst manager I have ever had the displeasure of seeing in the dugout. A manager who doesn’t even live in Bristol – I mean how the hell can he man-manage the players if he lives 200+ miles away. The players have no fight, no passion, no belief and certainly no football ability. The whole debacle with Kenneth after today’s game just rubs salt into the wound. For God’s sake, we effectively pay his wages. How dare he treat us fans like that.’

The Bideford Gas wrote:
‘If Kenneth does not appear on Gas player on Monday and apologise for his widely reported foul abuse at Rovers fans after today’s game, the club will be seen to be condoning that sort of behavior. Rovers fans have stuck by the club through thick and mainly thin times over the years but when so called professional experienced players do not have sufficient self control to simply leave the field with a quick clapping gesture to their fans something is clearly not right.’

Rovers 12th Man wrote:
‘If this is true, then it is disgusting behaviour and deserves to be punished. I appreciate the players must be frustrated with the way things are going at the moment but that is no excuse for a player to behave in that way towards the fans who effectively pay his wages and pay money for both travel and to see the team play.’

Newmarket Gas wrote:
‘You can’t scream at players for 90 minutes with insult after insult and expect nothing back.’

Charlie Crews wrote:
‘If I was part of a poor performance, I would be banging my head against the pitch not mouthing back. Players don’t need abuse, but giving it back doesn’t show passion or pride or disappointment. Just sums up the ill discipline on the pitch we keep seeing.’

Smithy wrote:
‘Surprised he had the breath to shout at fans at the final whistle, the fat lump of lard.’

gashead wrote:
‘Does anybody know the actual number of supporters we took today? Because I’m pretty sure it wasn’t 487 as reported. That stand holds 2000 I believe, and we certainly didn’t leave 80% of it empty; in fact the majority of it was full!’

spikelloydy wrote:
‘Wouldn’t surprise me if Wycombe lied about the amount of away fans to make their own attendance better looking.’

devonwhite wrote;
‘Wycombe? Trying to pull a fast one? Never!!’

dougeh wrote:
‘Quick word on the Wycombe fans (yeah, make no mistake about it I am pretty bitter) but the cheats prevail. “Three-One and you ****ed it up” being the first bit of noise they made all afternoon. Dead quiet before they scored. No class. Whatsoever.’

Next Game: JPT – Yeovil v Wycombe – Tues 4th Dec – 7.45pm