Date: 8th October 2017 at 1:46pm
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Following yesterday’s excellent 3-1 win away at Cambridge United, here are some views from the U`s manager Shaun Derry and their supporters.

Derry was refreshingly complimentary about the Wanderers and in particular two goal hero Ebere Eze.

‘It’s not only goals that change games but top quality goals change games as well,’ Derry said.

‘I’m not too sure you’re going to see two better strikes than what you`ve just seen this afternoon. They were incredibly gifted strikes that the young kid has managed to execute and that changes the whole dynamics of the game.

‘The game was very close up until the first goal and once again up until the second as well. It was that little moment of quality, but that was top quality. They were super goals.

Derry also conceded that the visitors were deserved winners on the day.

‘It was a big moment for us [Elito’s first half chance]. Obviously we broke from a corner and managed to get ourselves one on one and you need that to end up in the back of the net. I think if it would have, it would have changed the fortunes this afternoon as I felt if we had got the first goal we could have gone on to win the game’.

‘Let’s not take anything away from the opponents. They are very difficult to play against” he continued.

‘Obviously the focal point is [Adebayo] Akinfenwa up top but he`s got 10 guys alongside him that all know their jobs and do it really well. Credit where credit is due and Gareth will be coming away with a deserved victory.

‘Calling it a deserved victory is the right thing to call it, we accept we were second best on this occasion, but that was due to two fantastic strikes.’

The Cambridge fans were also impressed with the Chairboys, and generally unhappy with their own team.

The following extracts are taken from the cufc messageboard.

adamcufc said: ‘Yet again, never ever looked like scoring. Even after the soft penalty’.

cufcdenmark said: ‘Outplayed by Wycombe, and only Forde kept it respectable. There is no way Derry will take this team anywhere and it’s time for the board to get rid’.

HelterSkelter said: “Wow, that was fantastic. Somebody needs to extend Derry’s contract quickly. Legge, brilliantly done. That was so needed’.

Woefully Undercooked said: ‘A really good, committed performance today. We showed we have it in us to play ugly and anyone slating Legge for doing what needed to be done is a moron. Tactically I think Derry got it spot on. Withdrawing Maris when he did really helped us shore up the defence.

To say we were unlucky doesn’t do our performance justice. We ran them ragged and their three wonderstrikes all came against the run of play.

Wycombe are of course a very good side and unlucky to still be in this division. There’s no shame in losing in this manner to them. I would not be surprised at all if we both got promoted next year’.

Chris Vessey said: “Play a couple of decent sides and we lose without a whimper’.

jamiecox86 said: “Always a couple of wins off the play offs, always beating the poor teams but losing narrowly to the real big boys.

As I’ve said time and time again, our squad is not good enough to challenge for promotion. We’re ok, we’re probably a 10th / 11th placed team but not any more than that’.

richardg said: ‘Well that was a very dull game. I struggled to even stay interested. Mid table boring rubbish’.

Amberley said: ‘Same problems are evident. Look ok going forward in the middle third but nothing in the box. At the back we are exposed time and time again and it is a matter of time before you get punished. Two good strikes today but how much space and time! We can’t defend the second ball. I thought Uche was poor today. Awful decision making and no vision. Compare that to a very good Wycombe front line. We are bang average’.

djs230480 said: “Wycombe are well organised and physical. One or two decent players but nothing more.

We are not well organised, not clever enough and a midfield of Elito, Mongolia and Maris are too easy to play against.

We surely know what Wycombe are all about. Do we not plan for this?’

mill9stream said: ‘Every now and again you have to just put your hands up and say that was a fantastic strike ? bet he can`t do that again. Unfortunately, he could and, whilst you could argue he should have been closed down quicker, you have to give the player credit. Apparently, he`s a loanee – wouldn`t it be handy if Derry’s alleged contacts in the game could have provided us with one like that.

Buoyed by the goals, the pattern that had started to emerge towards the end of the first half became entrenched – the Wycombe defence was solid and largely able to deal our all too predictable approach play, they increasingly won second balls and pressed us further up the pitch’.

mill9stream said: ‘On that evidence, Wycombe probably have improved from last season and, whilst Akinfenwe still seems key to the way they play, they are not as one dimensional as they sometimes have been in the past. Whether they have quite enough to challenge for automatic promotion is open to doubt, but – on today`s performance – it will not be a surprise if they’re in the top seven at the end of the season. It will be a huge surprise if we are’.

davidrv said: ‘A few thoughts…
1) however much I tell myself before a Wycombe game that I hate them, when it happens they are always even more loathsome than I expected. That Saunders bloke gets the prize for the worst of the bunch
2) having said that, Wycombe outplayed us in every respect – the nasty stuff, the 50/50 challenges, the passing, the quality”.

danielcufc said: “Really poor all round today and disappointingly out bullied and battled by Wycombe. Not many can come out of that with credit bar perhaps Forde & Taylor and Elito’.

andrewlang said: ‘Derry claiming Wycombe are good at the nasty stuff and that it’s something we need to get better at irritated me too. Absolutely no fecking credit in being wise after the event you tool. I didn’t think they were that bad by their usual standards actually, certainly no worse than us. We’ve got those crude body checks, dives, shirtpulls, gamesmanship and time wasting pretty much sorted too’.

zinedine said: ‘Retrospectively annoyed by Derry’s post match where he said ‘Wycombe are very good at the horrible side of the game’, as if this was a total surprise to him. Everyone knows what Wycombe are like, why not try and do something about it? It’s a moot point anyway as they were also technically a lot better than us’.

Dylan said: ‘As a happy clapper I feel duty bound to mention the quality of the goals and that Wycombe are actually good (NAILED ON for at least the play offs imho). However, even at 1-2 I had pretty much zero expectation of us saving the day’.

Stevo said: ‘Wycombe played reasonably well, and the goals were superb, but that shouldn’t distract us from what was another tactically one-dimensional display.

For some reason we tried to play Wycombe at their own game, bypassing the midfield and hoping to knock it down. Surprisingly enough this wasn’t effective as we didn’t have Akinfenwa. Even when we were occassionally able to hold it up, we lacked the numbers or cohesion to be able to start looking dangerous’.

cufconuts said: ‘Wycombe must have one of the top 5 wage bills at this level, their front line alone must be commanding some wage!’

haptogob said: ‘Before the match radio Cambridgeshire said they had ‘one of the smallest budgets in the division’. Go fathom. What they have is good players who play as a team with a method.

They made one simple tweak at half time: Akinfenwa moved to patrolling the ‘D’ and his presence there lead to the first two goals’.

imp566 said: ‘They are either going SOB or have found an amazingly generous sponsor. Living down here in Bucks, they struggle to attract more than 3500 at home games unless there is a large away following. They always seem to be appealing for new fans, but unfortunately with MK Dons not far up the road, most floating support has been attracted by cheap season ticket deals and a shiny new stadium!’

lukecufc said: ‘Wycombe clearly had some talent in their side today, but man-to-man, arguably, no more than us – They simply played to their strengths better than we did and were a better set up team’.

bitesthedust said: ‘system for the players. Anyway, I was happy enough with the first half yesterday, felt we gave as good as we got and whilst Forde made two good saves from Saunders we created chances of our own – Maris’ free kick which brought a good save and Elito’s one-on-one.

I would like to know what Derry said to the players at half time; at the start of the second half Wycombe came out all guns blazing and we did not compete in the second half’.

fred said: ‘Say what you like about Wycombe, the one thing that was clear was that everyone was pulling in the same direction’.

Next Match: Wycombe Wanderers v Exeter City, Saturday 14th October 3pm