Date: 4th February 2018 at 12:35am
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Following yesterday’s incredible 4-3 victory over Carlisle United, here are some thoughts on the game from the Cumbrians’ manager Keith Curle and a selection of their fans.

“We started the game very well,” said Curle, speaking to his club’s official website

“We exposed weaknesses that we thought they had at the back.”

“But they got the run of the ball and the bounces in and around the box, and it’s 2-0 down when arguably it should have been 1-0 at worst.”

“Great response from the players, we changed the shape at half-time… and a good start to the second half, getting the penalty and getting back in the game.”

“And then you’re sat there at 3-2 thinking, close the game out, or go and get another one and put the game to bed.”

“Their third goal was poor defending at the back stick, letting somebody inside you can’t happen, and the fourth goal comes from giving away a cheap free kick.”

“The way that they play, they are very one dimensional, so they have a good understanding and they know where the ball’s going and they get people in and around to land on second phase.”

“Overall, second half, I don’t think they really offered a threat until probably the last five minutes,” said Curle.

The Carlisle fans were a tad shell-shocked.

The following extracts are taken from the

Bumble wrote:
“Absolutely gutted, the sort of downer that will last a while. First half we weren’t great, didn’t create enough and they deserved the lead, but the way we came back at them after half time, well it restored a bit of pride and belief for everyone., Then to have it taken away. . . football can be cruel, Wycombe were celebrating like they’d won the cup final. It’s going to be a long journey back home tonight.”

Mullen103 wrote:
“We did well to lead in this game at any point after being 2-0 down at half time. But to lose it like we did, deary me. Win that and the season could have been so, so different.”

Lazarus wrote:
“How do you throw a game 4-3, winning 3-2 well into extra time? Absolutely f*kin useless.”

munchymagic wrote:
“Hard to take, but today was one of those great Curle comeback games that just happened to turn sour.”

Markredfox73 wrote:
“Defeat from the jaws of victory… you couldn’t make it up.”

Jumpforfun wrote:
“I’ve had enough of having my weekends ruined. I’m going to support Man City.”

Stamfordblue wrote:
“Had enough of Curle. He’s happy to take credit when we win, but we were up against 10 men and winning 3-2. Does he scare the players that much with his negative sh*te that we drop deeper and deeper? He can **** right off and take the rest of them with him.”

carlisleunited wrote:
“All the idiots blaming Curle need to have a massive look at themselves. It wasn’t him on the pitch during injury time doing the sh*t defending.”

lummy wrote:
“Absolute choker, had to be brave and not retreat into the box, something the whole bench were telling them to do. Finger can be pointed at Curle for many things but today we attacked. Great second half performance, last 3 minutes were down to the players.”

Markovitch wrote:
“Game of three halves wasn’t it. The first 45 minutes Wycombe were better than us, then their player gave us a penalty and got himself sent off and it turned. We controlled the game, stroked the ball about nicely and generally played well. Their penalty miss just strengthened the belief we wouldn’t lose. The final 10 minutes was us defending, we should have been out of sight and we should have been able to run down the game comfortably, we just didn’t do it well enough. I’m a Curle critic but I didn’t blame him for the last 10 minutes, experienced players who should know how to hold 10 men in their own half didn’t perform.”

Brunton Boathouse wrote:
“All who witnessed that debacle of a game must be truly sickened by the crass capitulation of a team that are supposed to be professional footballers. I personally have never felt so hurt in all my time watching Carlisle. The ineptitude of the team and the management was horrifying and I feel truly stunned by what I witnessed. That result was not acceptable and, believe me guys, if you witnessed it you would not be as unmoved as many appear to be.”

chedderbob247 write:
“Someone just texted Radio Cumbria that the players should all apologise to the fans that made the trip to Wycombe. I am not having that, the players should have been clapped off the pitch after the efforts they put in the second half.”

Lazarus wrote:
“What?! They should be clapped off after flogging 2 goals in injury time against 10 men! Seriously??”

Zebby wrote:
“To let 10 men score 2 goals in injury time is incompetent I’m afraid.”

newcarlislefan wrote:
“Not been to a game like that in years. Can’t imagine many sides ever have scored 2 in injury time with 10 men. Feel very sorry for the lads. Great effort to get in front after being 2-0 down. Bonkers 2nd half after a dull 1st half. Akinfenwa’s performance was as impressive and effective as you’ll ever see at any level of football. Involved in all the goals and was virtually unplayable.”

Markovitch wrote:
“We didn’t get the result we wanted but it was an absolutely cracking game. Credit to Wycombe who never gave up.”

Next Game: Exeter v Wycombe – Saturday 10th February – 3.00pm