Date: 22nd March 2018 at 12:57am
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Following yesterday’s 3-2 win at Crawley Town, here are some views on the game from the Red Devils’ manager Harry Kewell and a selection of their fans.

“Every time they fell down they got a free kick,” said Kewell, speaking to the Crawley Observer.

“It was actually embarrassing.”

“If that’s the way Wycombe want to play that’s fair enough, congratulations to them.”

“Long ball and hope. It wasn’t as if they scored from open play. They made the referee make decisions and Jacobson has a wonderful delivery and with that came three goals.”

“But re-watch the goals. There was interference with pulling shirts on my players.’

“I was not disappointed with the way my players played. We played the right way,” said the defeated Crawley boss.

Brace yourself…. the Crawley fans didn’t like us.

The following extracts are taken from ctfc fans forum and Twitter.

wodin wrote:
“Connolly was sent off for nothing!! WW were falling everywhere.”

hicksmottsenior wrte:
“WW are a horrid team to watch, really negative in every footballing sense. We gave away three weak goals and they did the job they had to do, but I don’t think they come away from the match with the credit that their league position would supposedly bestow upon them.”

r15srn wrote:
“Wycombe did a great job on us….marked us really tightly all over the pitch and made it hard for us to get much momentum going forward. But we never gave up trying to pass the ball, which is a credit to the coaching staff for giving the players the confidence to keep trying.”

fnb wrote:
“Ref was woeful. WW are not a pretty team to watch, very physical but efficient. They closed us down quickly and made us play a lot of panic balls.They most likely will go up but I couldn’t watch their type of football every week.”

Red Red Red wrote:
“Ref was one of worst ever seen, never took control from first to final minute. WW were dirty cheats. Kewell`s tactics were hopeless.”

Warren wrote:
“Wycombe reminded me of Stevenage under Graham Westley. Physical time wasters, cheating and falling at every touch. Wouldn’t want to watch them every week yet somehow they’re third, which perhaps sums this division up.

It was pretty much route one for them all game, playing to the strengths of Akinfenwa, who IMO could play in the Championship, mainly because whenever a ball is put up to him, it sticks. He’s never been a goalscorer any higher than League Two really, but he’ll chip in and offer something different – players simply bounce off him.”

Alex BH wrote:
“Very disappointing evening. We gave away three poor goals from set pieces due to lack of marking and not being switched on. I’d say fair play to Wycombe for executing their game plan well and playing simple yet effective football, but it was very dull and wasn’t pretty to watch with plenty of… well gamesmanship shall we say from them! A horrible team typical of this league to go along with the likes of Lincoln, Newport and Stevenage.”

@Sheznabang wrote:
“Dirty Wycombe, three set pieces from diving and the ref buys all their sh1t. Season over.”

Rikev wrote:
“Atrocious referee but good fight from the Reds. Should have been at least a point.”

@stevedarney wrote:
“The ref was bad for both teams.”

Next Game: Wycombe v Port Vale – Saturday 24th March – 3.00pm