Date: 19th November 2017 at 12:39am
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Following yesterday’s thumping 4-0 win at home to Crawley Town, here are some views on the game from the Reds’ manager Harry Kewell and a selection of their fans.

Following a forthright exchange with his own fans at the end of the game, Kewell told the Crawley Observer “We’ve all got to stick together and fight.”

“My players, myself, the staff and the fans all have to be together as one,” he said.

The defeat saw the Reds drop to 21st in the table, and Kewell said: “Everyone understands that this is going to be tough. It’s not going to be a stroll in the park.”

“I can understand that the supporters are upset at what they have seen. But I’m not afraid, I’ll stand up, I’m hurt by this as well. We are a team and teams must stick together.’

It’s a shock to the system,” he told the BBC.

“We’ve fallen asleep in one or two passages of play, especially early in the second half, and they took their chances.”

“I didn’t feel like they created too many problems in the first half. They looked dangerous on set-pieces, which they would when they’ve got big Akinfenwa out there and great delivery from Jacobson, but other than that, I felt we dealt with it.”

“We created one or two good chances, but on one of the best pitches I’ve seen for a very, very long time, you expect your team to play, and we didn’t, we fell into the old league two mindset of knocking it up.”

The Crawley fans were seething and plonked the blame firmly at the feet of their manager.

The following extracts are taken from ctfc fans forum and Twitter.

Red, Red & Red wrote:
“Ugly scenes at Full Time. HK approached Reds’ fans ending with Police escorting HK away.”

townmeadshed wrote:
“Good to hear. it means people care and get passionate about their club. It’s good that this happens in today’s sanitised game.”

Johnthegas wrote:
“That was the most passion shown by Kewell in the entire game!!”

@crawleyfan wrote:
“Enough of this rubbish. Wasted my precious money and weekend watching a disorganised shambles of a team. Get rid of Kewell NOW or we are down.”

redarmy wrote:
“Much the same display today as I’ve seen every game this campaign – even the ones we win. We set out with very few ideas, just a hope that we can keep the opposition out, or get lucky and score. Today we got found out by a pretty average Wycombe side.”

rupton wrote:
“First half we did ok, then the wheels came off. Not a shot on target all game, absolutely awful. The management team need to man up. At least Kewell showed some passion when he marched down to our end and had to be pulled away by the stewards and players at the end when it started to get nasty. Can you blame him when he inherited a squad who were just as bad last year.”

hickmottsenior wrote:
“We must make a management change now; it may get worse but to do nothing is simply foolhardy. It is like sticking our head in the sand and pretending this crap isn’t happening. And how I wish it wasn`t.”

Red Nose wrote:
“Win draw or lose Tuesday, HK is finished. No one is bigger than the club and the fans will be there long after any individual.”

Superreddevils wrote:
“The fact is that we’re as fickle as hell. I recall us singing ‘Harry Kewell`s barmy army’ in the first half. So 12 minutes of madness and we completely destroy any hope of getting anything from today, and people sing he should be sacked. Fair play to him for having the balls to come over at the end.”

fatbear wrote:
“First half was just about OK but we were a bit lucky to go in at half-time level. Once Wycombe’s first goal went in (which was a well made goal) it was abysmal after that. Mackail-Smith scored a hat-trick after being anonymous in the first half, and I think I could have scored all three.”

Redarmy wrote:
“I am often in support of giving managers and players a chance, but even I think Kewell has to go. We need an experienced but ambitious League 2 manager with a 3 year contract that we actually see through regardless of what happens in the first 6 months. Get him in now and let the re-Build begin (again).”

royboy wrote:
“Once they scored there was only one winner. Then Eviana gets taken off and leaves us with no left back, and guess what? Mackail-Smith gets a hat trick. Brainless!! Scenes at the end were ugly and embarrassing. Time for changes before it’s too late or maybe it already is.”

@LowerThanRy wrote:
“Plays wingers as strikers, doesn`t play the best players and likes to fight fans. Please, take him off our hands!”

Simon wrote:
“2 goals scored in the last 8 league games. Shocking. Get in a manager who knows what he`s doing.”

@redzbarchat wrote:
“Really feel for the travelling fans today. Firstly the line-up was a shambles. Then we get completely trashed. Followed by our manager reacting like a spoilt brat after some criticism. It’s not on. Make changes.”

fnb wrote:
“If HK goes, personally I would like a Bulman/Torres management pair. Both are Crawley legends and have the club at heart. A huge gamble yes, but we need people who care rather than the precious pair currently in charge of the team.”

Next Game: Accrington v Wycombe – Tuesday 21st November – 7.45pm