Date: 27th September 2017 at 1:12am
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Following yesterday’s thrilling 3-2 victory over Crewe, here are some views on the game from the Railwaymen’s manager David Artell and a selection of their fans.

“I felt it was undeserved. The better side lost,” said Artell, speaking to his club’s official website

“That can happen in football. We are on the wrong end of a defeat but I thought it was unjust.”

“They have scored two screamers in the last five minutes and we are left picking the bones out of it.”

“With the exception of the result, I thought we were terrific.”

“Give Wycombe credit because they are real good team but I felt overall the better side lost.”

“We have got to learn to see the game out. It was cruel on us,” he said.

The Crewe fans were equally disappointed but slightly less blinkered.

The following extracts are taken from Crewe Mad, Facebook & Twitter.

somersetcrewe wrote:
“Played quite well tonight but I’ve seen it all before. No matter who the personnel are, if they are wearing red they have a soft under-belly. And why do we concede so many shots from distance, as good a couple of finishes as they were? As soon as they equalised, you just knew! Their 27 (Eze) was a cut above too. Too good for Lg2.”

Matthew Joseph Dodd wrote:
“How many of these ‘wonder’ goals could be stopped by better closing down of the attacker? It’s been the same problem for years. Also holding a lead seems to be a problem, and if this is not rapidly sorted out, the conference and worse will follow.”

Alex Eden wrote:
“Wouldn’t be Crewe if we didn’t let teams score worldies against us.”

Will Stant wrote:
“Didn’t deserve this. Played decent to be fair.”

Mark Bradshaw wrote:
“2-1 up with 5 minutes left should mean it’s all about game management, and we simply can’t do it.”

Malcolm Smith wrote:
“We didn’t deserve to be 2-1 ahead, didn’t know how to manage it, and didn’t make any changes until it was too late. Tough game.”

@StevieD1984 wrote:
“The fact we pissed away a lead in the last few minutes and nobody is even remotely shocked says it all. #shambles.”

@StevenDale96 wrote:
“Football gives you exactly what you deserve in the end. We just can’t defend, simple as.”

@InTheShires wrote:
“Gutted and frustrated! Some good performances – Lowery and Bakayogo were stand outs. Time for a change between the sticks though.”

Connor Harding wrote:
“3 wonder strikes in 2 games? Or do we just have a keeper who is useless at saving shots from outside the box?”

Malcolm Smith wrote:
“Wycombe’s second was sweetly hit, but he was beaten on his near post for the winner. It might be time to let someone else have a go and remind Ben he can get dropped.”

@crewealexfc wrote:
“Unjust result with Harriman & Tyson striking late.”

@P_J_McGrath wrote:
“‘Unjust” is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever tweeted. No backbone, no grit, no ability to grid out a win. No surprise.”

@SmokeyTimRobbo wrote:
“Winning football matches has been less of a priority than ‘producing’ players for so long at Crewe, it’s no wonder losing is ingrained.”

Next Game: Wycombe v Barnet – Saturday 30th September – 3.00pm