Date: 1st December 2013 at 1:31am
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In the wake of yesterday’s 2-0 defeat at Dagenham, here are some views on the game from the Daggers’ manager Wayne Burnett, first-team coach Darren Currie, and a selection of their fans.

“Going into half time we were the better team but not by a long way. I thought it was two teams that weren’t playing particularly well, but us slightly edging it and looking more of a threat on the attack,” said Currie.

“Their game plan to come and sort of spoil and press us high, disrupted us slightly, and the flow in our game didn’t get going.”

“You get the rub of the green and we scored the penalty and went 2-0 up and it put us in a commanding position, but I`ve got to be honest, we haven`t performed today and we will not get the opportunity to play like that again and win a football match.”

Daggers’ boss Burnett described his side’s performance as pathetic in a post-match interview with BBC London Sport, but later calmed down and had this to say…

“All the players put in a good shift, but I knew they’d have to. This division is getting harder and harder so we just have to keep getting better and better.”

“It’s been a good day and one where we did look dangerous. On our day we can be a threat to any side in League Two. The quality is there in the squad, and I think the players know that.”

“As long as they keep showing that belief and really getting at teams, then the results will keep coming.”

The Dagenham fans weren’t sure whether to be delighted at the win or annoyed that they didn’t score more.

The following extracts are taken from Views from the Sieve, Football Forums, The Football Forum, and Twitter.

Auntie Merge wrote:
‘Won but sloppy second half.’

shoreyda2nd wrote:
‘Not a particularly good performance today Our first goal was well worked, then Wycombe had one disallowed for what looked like a forearm/elbow to our centre back’s head. certainly looked unintentional btw, no malice in it. Wycombe played well with 10 men which showed some character, didn’t look a penalty from my viewpoint, looked like the defender got plenty of both the man and the ball. One of those that five years ago would never be given.’

daggersjeff wrote:
‘Excellent result today….very tight at the top now.’

ARNU wrote:
‘As we’re leaving the ground WB has a right old shout at the players and storms off. I get in my car and listen to the aftermatch interview and WB says we were pathetic today. Absolutely done his bollocks saying Wycombe were better than us with 10 men. A very passionate rant (I like a bit of passion me) but I’m not really sure what his problem was. I was happy with what I saw. I don’t subscribe to the notion that because a team goes down to 10 men we should murder them. Wycombe today, they stepped up a gear with the 10 men. I didn’t see any of our players slacking. I think Wayne was a bit harsh.’

shor(ey) for men wrote:
‘Good for half an hour then limped into half time 1-0 up. Tough second half.’

dagger4eva wrote:
‘I wouldnt say we were pathetic but it really wasnt a great performance by any stretch of the imagination. Couldnt keep any hold / control over the ball, barely threatened their goal, and with 10 men (rather harshly??) Wycombe out-passed and out-played us – which considering they are really no great shakes was disappointing. Sign of a good team is one that plays badly and wins, and l think that sums today up perfectly.’

leewilson wrote:
‘I thought once we went 2-0 up we coasted for the rest of the 2nd half and didn’t look to kill the game off. I completely agree with Wayne for bollocking the players and was hoping he would. We have some very good players here but it’s almost as if they thought the game was dead at 2-0, switched off and went into 70% mode. Wycombe were unlucky not to get one back, and if they had done, we would have probably got nervous.’

speedy wrote:
‘I thought we were woeful during the last 15 mins of the first half, we just kept inviting them on, just hoofing it out of defence, the ball was like a hot potato for us. When we did try to hit them on the counter attack, we kept making the wrong decisions with the final ball.’

FullMetalDagger wrote:
‘At any other ground, the home team goes 2-0 and a man up early in the 2nd half and the crowd lap it up and cheer the home team on. Not us though, moan f***ing moan… get it forward, quicker, sort it out wayne bla bla blah.’

@NickGodwinsport wrote:
‘Wayne Burnett was livid with his team’s performance. Possibly the angriest interview I’ve ever done with a manager. They won 2-0!’

Mikins wrote:
‘Ha! What a difference a few months makes. Who’d have thought we’d be disappointed in victory after the last couple of seasons?’

matt_drfc wrote:
‘It really is pleasing when we play badly and win 2-0. I’d take that any day for sure, but it just goes to show the standards set and the ambition of Burnett and Co. Nice 2 week break for the players now with a testing Christmas period coming up! Will be delighted if we’re still in the top half at 5pm on New Year’s Day.’

Leewilson wrote:
‘2-0 flattered us. We were quite poor today. Fortunately, we played one very good bit of football first half which led to us scoring and then the ref killed the game 2nd half by giving a penalty and sending off their defender. I didn’t think it was a penalty to be honest so Wycombe can feel hard done by. Just a clean tackle that the ref deemed a foul. Still, onward and upwards, we’re becoming tough to play at home.’

lcbdagger wrote:
‘Fantastic being able to have a season when I’m looking for us to get a second when 1-0 up rather than stressing about a 90th minute equaliser.’

Harry Tattersallsmith wrote:
‘Harsher red card than Wes Brown’s for Wycombe. World class last ditch tackle.’

Cheese & Biscuits wrote:
‘It was a very flat game. No atmosphere and the football wasn’t much better. We deserved to win but 2-0 was a little flattering. I also didn’t think it was a penalty but as soon as he blew up for a foul, the red was inevitable. Our first goal was excellent though. Wycombe did well considering the red card and probably played better when down to ten. Ainsworth and the bench love a moan though don’t they?’

Cheese & Biscuits later wrote:
‘PS: After seeing the penalty on The Football League Show, I think it was the correct decision after all. It doesn’t look as though he gets any of the ball.’

Next Game: Portsmouth v Wycombe – Wed 4th Dec – 7.45pm