Date: 26th February 2014 at 5:30pm
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Following last night’s crucial 1-0 win at Exeter, here are some views from the manager of the hosts and their supporters.

Long serving Exeter manager Paul Tisdale bemoaned his team conceding the opening goal and their inability to recover from it.

‘The one thing you don’t want to do against Wycombe is concede a goal because they set out to defend. They go a goal up and their focus is clarified and we found ourselves in that situation, which was the last thing we needed” he said.

”We couldn`t piece it together and we looked incredibly nervous, anxious, a hell of a lot of effort but when you`re disconnected the effort just disappears”.

”The players were exhausted at the end but it was misdirected energy. We did some good stuff but we failed to show the appropriate levels of composure around the box when we got near there. It was a very, very disappointing night.’

Exeter are on a dreadful run at St James Park without a win since October 5th and Tisdale reflected ”We’ve just got to find a way of getting back on track. I thought we started looking lively but we’re very anxious in these home games”.

”I wanted to get the two strikers on. They knew what I was asking them to do, but when you’re chasing a game you’ve got to be stronger with your decision making” Tisdale continued.

”We tried extremely hard but we just got it wrong”.

The Exeter fans were either fuming or in a state of shocked depression!

The following extracts are taken from the Exeweb Forum.

Ecfc2000 said: ”40 yards out and he had a pop at goal. Typical that they scored. Our Arizonian cousin will be pleased…”

Crocks said: ”Just 2 points from 3rd from bottom of the league. That’s far too close for comfort”.

Irishbrian said: ”3 wins in 20. None at home since October. 19 points from 20 odd games. Jesus Christ”.

Manc grecian said: ”Where to start? Surpassed ourselves tonight, worse than anything this season”.

CC said: ”Utterly depressing. In the end I didn’t even bother to get wound up by their time wasting as it was painfully obvious we weren’t ever going to score… Their goal was a quality strike, chip from 25 yards that beat Pym because he was in no man`s land. He was lucky to get away with that after about 10 minutes when a 35 yard chip dropped just wide with him miles out of goal”.

”This is what makes it worse – they were not a good side, they weren’t even average. They had a bit of pace around the park, were stronger than us and didn’t make stupid mistakes. So they won”.

denzil said: ”At the moment both the Trust and the Board are fiddling while Rome burns – for God’s sake ACT NOW !!!!!!!”

everaxe said: ”One word to sum up last night’s performance : Shambolic. Tisdale out immediately”.

Person_From_Exeter said: ”Another very poor performance and it looks like we will be looking over our shoulders for the rest of the season. The first 15 minutes we actually looked pretty good and threatening but after that we sank. In the second half we were appalling, very little effort at times and it seemed that we had given up all hope”.

Wemissmoxey said: ”So we were 1-0 down at home against a fairly poor side and we end the game with the likes of Gill, Oakley and Sercombe on the pitch with Wheeler coming off much earlier, I would say it is baffling however I am so used to it now”.

Grecian O`Grecian said: ”I am well and truly fed up. Another gutless, lazy, un-passionate performance. Can’t express in words at how I’m feeling. What is so frustrating is that we look incapable of competing with one of the worst, least technical, least talented teams in this division. And this division is full of ****”.

Rachmaninov said: ”Just back. So utterly depressed. Good first 20 minutes but then we concede and you can predict exactly what will happen – heads drop, Tisdale tries every shuffle of the pack, including the obvious ones that are never going to work and hey ho, another poor League 2 team walk away with the points. Truly had enough – please Tis, do the decent thing and walk”.

Richard_portland said: ”Someone said 1 point in 9 is poor, try 4 from 33. With four goals in that time”.

AndyR said: ”Yet another dire performance. How long the City management expect us to put up with this sh*te heaven only knows. The brutal truth is that we are a p*ss poor team with a Manager who has run out of ideas and is past his sell by date”.

OldsMobile-88 said: ”A poor performance again at SJP. Most fans there seemed resigned to defeat once we had conceded..Wycombe should have had the game wrapped up well before the end & this was a team 3rd from bottom before tonight…”

CREDYGRECIAN said: ”Just got home , useless would be the word to describe that – typical City , sit back , opposition score , we’re fooked – great strike by the lad mind”.

Grecian55 said: ”Wycombe off home with 3 points ,a new owner waiting in the wings ,fans rubbing their hands together and laughing whilst we are crying in our collective beers .F.M.L.”

Antony Moxed said: ”Properly fed up with this now, our home form is beyond ridiculous. The daft thing is that we started the brightest – well, least dullest – with any football being played coming from us… By the time half time came I was feeling slightly robbed, and not just because Coles wasn’t playing, but because I thought we actually deserved better. However the second half was a different story”.

Next Game: Southend United vs Wycombe Wanderers, Saturday 1st March 3pm