Date: 27th November 2013 at 10:26am
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Following last night`s frustrating 1-1 draw with Exeter City, here are some views from their manager Paul Tisdale and the travelling supporters.

Tisdale was content with a point on the night: ”It`s a positive point off the back of a poor run of results. We needed something tonight and we got it.”

”Arguably we put enough into the game that I don`t think we would have been lucky if we had won it. We put a lot of effort into that and had a lot of positive play and did the pushing for most of the game,” the Grecians gaffer continued.

”It was unlucky – it’s not something I talk about very often. It was a shot on goal from 25 yards out – it’s not lucky that they’re there, as we have allowed a shot. But you don’t often get such a big, solid deflection that it leaves the goalkeeper stranded.”

”It was part of our preparation. We’ve got our way and other teams have their way, and that’s how it can be and should be, and I’m comfortable with that. Sometimes it’s not always possible to beat teams your own way. We had to go into the game ready for the battle and be up for it; it was a very combative game and I don’t think our players came out second best at all. In many ways, we competed just as heavily if not more than they did,” said Tisdale.

I didn’t want us to beat them with just football. I wanted us to match them first, and we did – so well done to the lads. They’re proper people and are desperate to do well for the team, themselves and the club. They wanted it so much today,” he concluded.

The Exeter supporters were happy enough to take a point and unsurprisingly were not impressed with Wycombe’s less than subtle time wasting.

The following extracts are taken from the Exeweb forum and Twitter.

@tomjcmorris said: ”Wycombe an absolute embarrassment. We were there to be tonked and they time wasted from 8 minutes in. Ref terrible, Ainsworth gob*****”.

@louis_ecfc said: ”Wycombe are tin pot to the max. Time wasting within the first 20 minutes. Wouldn`t mind if Ainsworth lost his legs either”.

Manc Grecian said: ”Decent point after the last few weeks but still shouldn’t hide the same old problems. Overly cautious in the first half and hardly any shots to speak of. Gow is getting Tis out of the ****e atm”.

FAN-TATIC said: ”Did well to come back from another deflected shot that lands up in the net. Kept going to the end and got the point, which stops the losing run. Had a very shaky spell following their opener, but worked our way back into the game for the 15 minutes before half-time”.

Olivia’s dad said: ”Never seen a game like it, Wycombe have to be crowned the best team at time wasting in English football, even one of our players jumped the fence to get the ball which was beside a steward who wouldn`t pick it up and throw it back…Team came together after changes were made, we were the better team without a doubt, we deserved a win but a point was better than the last 5 matches and a home win would set us back on track”.

The_Governor said: ”Relief at getting a point, could have won or lost it at the end”.

RedPaul said: ”You can see the stuffing and confidence has really been knocked out of us. No-one really wanted the ball, or to try and play, further frustrated by Wycombe being very quick all over the pitch for the first 75 to close us down but we had little quality. Given they had 40 something Gary Doherty at centre half it was crying out for some pace past him, not long balls… All that said, we stuck Bennett up front with Parkin for the last 15 and caused chaos for 10 minutes and after Wycombe’s endless petty time wasting from the 8th minute onwards – even the physio and stewards got in on the act – a point was well fought for and just about deserved”.

Hants_Red said: ”Time-wasting from the 8th minute. What a horrible team Ainsworth has set up”.

Flakey pasty said: ”Wonderful to get a result. Thoroughly deserved after conceding such a jammy early opener. We could have collapsed as we were low on confidence – but we didn’t – we dug in and got what we deserved and needed”.

007 said: ”Good point against a tough tackling no messing Wycombe team, and there was a window in the second half, just after the equaliser, when we could have nicked all 3 points. Big up to Tis for throwing caution to the wind and really going for it with Bennett and Parkin upfront”.

muppetdodger said: ”I have to go back to Burton in the conference under Clough to find a team more willing to waste time. Not only did the players waste time by constantly feigning injury, but so too did the ball boys and stewards who were very slow or even refusing to give the ball back. Even one of the kn*bs in the hospitality boxes in the big stand hung onto the ball for ages and then rather than throwing it back just dropped it at the back of the seating below him. They were very combative, but we withstood it well – in fact we had to as the ref wasn’t interested in getting a grip of either the bad tackles or the time wasting. Very weak display from him”.

”One other thing is that d*ck of a manager of theirs… He strutted around with his minders all night, appealed every decision and was in the ref`s ear both times he came off the pitch. He is an embarrassment to Wycombe, and I’m glad our manager (who has his faults) isn’t like that”.

”Someone said Doherty (Gary) was in his 40’s. He may look like it, but he is actually only 33! He looked a lot better last night than he did last year when I saw him at the park”.

Next Match: Dagenham and Redbridge vs Wycombe Wanderers, Saturday 30th November 2013, 3pm