Date: 1st January 2018 at 10:19pm
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Following yesterday’s 2-1 win at Forest Green, here are some views on the game from the Rovers’ assistant manager Scott Lindsey and a selection of their fans.

“We’re bottom of the league so the players are edgy at times,” said Lindsey, speaking to his club’s official website

“We’re trying to instil confidence in them because we’ve had a lot of games where we’ve lost points but have actually played well.”

“We’re a good footballing team,” he claimed.

“We try to give them the confidence to go and play and not worry about where we are because we can only get out of it by playing the way we play and being dominant.”

“When you’re bottom of the league it’s difficult to have that confidence and we’re kind of cagey in the early encounters of the game. We’ve got to be braver and be men out there.”

“We were pleased with the effort in the second half today, but it’s not enough to win a game and we’ve got to perform for 90 minutes.”

“We’ve got to have the want, will and determination to beat your man and get something from it.”

“There are going to be a number of players coming in,” added Lindsey.

“Hopefully, we will look a lot stronger than we do at the moment and start picking up points and getting up the table to where we should be.”

The Rovers’ fans appear to have run out of patience with their manager.

The following extracts are taken from FGR Forum.

tommyd wrote:
“Short of driving a diesel car full of sausages into the Chairman’s office whilst milking a cow, I have no idea what Cooper has to do to get sacked.”

dursleydog wrote:
“I’ve defended both in the past, but what a violent, nasty, angry and ultimately useless pair the Coopers are proving themselves to be. Today is not the first incident MC has been the centre of and it won’t be the last. He is bringing the club into disrepute both on and off the pitch. Surely his time is up.”

Norton Boy wrote:
“Charlie Cooper sent off and our own fans booing him. Sorry but that is out of order.”

Fgr2016 wrote:
“No, his behaviour was a disgrace to the game. Fully deserved his red card – he acted with intent, I was right in front of him and saw the mark he left on their player. I was booing and I normally stand up for him MC also deserved to be sent off. Totally lost his cool.”

Silver Surfer wrote:
“He had the ball, lost it and left his mark on the Wycombe player, No doubts – straight red. MC is pretty stupid to try and argue with the officials about it and fully deserved his sending off as well.”

Richmond wrote:
“I wonder what was different in the second half??!!??”

montyc wrote:
“The players sent us a message today. Without u know who on the pitch and u know who sat on the bench they produced one of their best 45 minutes of the season. Says it all really.”

gooseman wrote:
“Could be the turning point of the season in what can only be described as a toxic environment… a totally inept 45 minute display… a total and utter shambles. Yet with 10 men we saw a different display. Players shackles were removed. There was spirit, players looked more relaxed and we set about Wycombe with a purpose.”

20yrs and counting wrote:
“Shackles were off second-half. Players were allowed to express themselves and they played better, and looked happier and had more belief in each other, not being forced to pass side/backwards. Was that a player mutiny we saw. This is what we can do when neither Coops are about?

Stewjacksam wrote:
“Wycombe nearly chucked it away. Two-nil up at half time they took their foot off the gas and gave us a sniff. They could and should have been out of sight. 4-0 would not have flattered them.”

Green Jimmy wrote:
“Another day, another defeat. Another game where we go ‘oh we played well for x amount of time` etc. Same problems. Cooper won’t be missed and the actions of the manager were embarrassing.

Donegal Rover wrote:
“Did you see the super moon during the game? It`s called a Wolf moon and could be seen from the ground as it came up over Minchinhampton just before the end.”

Tomiswalking wrote:
“Maybe that’s why the Coopers were especially badly behaved.”

Earl wrote:
“Without the Coopers, we put in a spirited second half display. The team started playing direct fast football with no fear of Cooper yelling at them from the sidelines. It was a revelation for them and us and was nearly an enjoyable game to watch. The divide between the manager, his son and the fans is, I suspect, unbridgeable. The pair show a complete lack of humility and such hubris always leads to an eventual downfall.”

Next Game: FA Cup – Wycombe v Preston – Saturday 6th January – 3.00pm