Date: 4th March 2017 at 11:56pm
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Following yesterday’s 2-1 win at Grimsby Town, here are some views on the game from the Mariners’ manager Marcus Bignot and a selection of their fans.

The Grimsby boss felt the game should have been stopped for a head injury to one of his players immediately before Wanderers scored the winner.

“When I went out to the ref on the pitch he apologised straight away, which is big of him but obviously it doesn’t help the situation,” said Bignot, speaking to his club’s Official Website

“I can’t fault the players for stopping because obviously he was out cold and there’s massive concern for not only a teammate but a human being, and when it’s a head injury, it’s got to be stopped straight away so let’s just hope he learns and we don’t see that situation again.”

“First half we were a joy to watch. We had some really good goal-scoring opportunities and enough chances to win two games.”

“So I think coming in only 1-0 down gave them a confidence boost that they were still in the game.”

“Second half, Wycombe changed shape and we never really got going.”

“I’m disappointed with their first goal, not with the own-goal but with how deep we were.”

“We’ve spoken about keeping a high line because Wycombe want to force you into the 18-yard-box and get mistakes.”

“They got a touch of luck with the own goal, and we’ve already spoken about the winner,” he lamented.

The Grimsby fans felt they deserved at least a draw and had mixed views on the controversy surrounding the winner.

The following extracts are taken from the new fishy.

ginnywings wrote:
“An entertaining game that we should have put to bed during our purple patch in the first half. Too many good chances went begging and we paid for it. Ainsworth changed it at half time and they were the better side after that.”

Mikoo wrote:
“Can’t fault the lads, brilliant first half, would have had 3 or 4 if not for their keeper. Second half Wycombe were on top, draw would probably have been a fair result overall. However, absolutely disgusting from the referee for their second goal.”

moosey-club wrote:
“Their goals came from cheap free kicks out wide and you could see the panic that Akinfenwa causes in the defence.”

Zorro_is_a_Mariner wrote:
“First half we should have put them to bed. Second half they came into it and scored a flukey og, and their second came from a strike when all our players stopped because Gunning was knocked out on the floor. Bitter to lose that because we deserved at least a draw.”

Mariner Devil wrote:
“it was only Mills who stopped playing to attend to him, so expecting the Wycombe players (especially the scorer) to realise what had happened is a little unrealistic.”

Jaws wrote:
“Maybe the ref didn’t stop the game because he thought Gunning was staying down to win a foul, given that the Wycombe players had been doing that all afternoon. I didn’t realise how serious it was until I saw him vomit. Wycombe offered nothing and I feel like we didn’t get beat but obviously the scoreline says we did.”

Mrs Doyle wrote:
“Our players switched off to be fair. YOU PLAY TO THE WHISTLE. Basic error cost us the game.”

PaddytheBadger wrote:
“Play to the whistle whilst your team mate is potentially choking on his own tongue? Get real, in modern sport and every walk of life you see someone with a head injury, your first priority is to check they re ok… It`s that simple.”

TAGG wrote:
“You play to the whistle. Whether the ref sees it or not is besides the point. He didn’t blow up, we didn’t defend, we lost the game.”

jimgtfc wrote:
“GG was out cold, not for one minute would I blame any human being for stopping what they’re doing to help him. Not that it mattered anyway because their player stuck the ball in the top corner and I’m not sure any ‘playing to the whistle’ would have stopped it.

mariner tommy wrote:
“How they were allowed to play on with Gunning out I’ll never know. To add to the insult, with a few minutes to go one of their players went down just outside their box and they immediately booted it out of play, but oh no, not when one of our players was out cold. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.”

sapper mariner wrote:
“it’s not up to Wycombe to stop when they`re on the attack. The ref and officials need to have a word with themselves.”

mimma wrote:
“The ref was the worst ref we’ve had for a long time, not up with play. He didn’t give the penalty it was the linesman who flagged like mad to make sure he saw him.”

Maringer wrote:
“Awful refereeing but only ourselves to blame for not getting something out of it. We created more than enough chances to score more than one goal even though their keeper had a good game.”

MarinerDevil wrote:
“Well, our awful record against Wycombe continues. The amount of times we’ve been beaten by teams who haven’t won for about two months is remarkable.”

AndyGTFC wrote:
“We didn’t deserve to lose today. First half we looked really threatening. They came into it as the game wore on but never really created much of note, so the two goals they got were slightly annoying to say the least.

Civvy at last wrote:
“The Gunning incident has deflected away from the fact that despite a good first half, we had a very poor second half. I’m guessing the two half time talks were totally different. They came out with renewed vigour and we didn’t.”

Next Game: Wycombe v Blackpool – Saturday 11th March – 3.00pm