Date: 19th March 2017 at 3:42pm
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Following yesterday’s 2-0 win at Hartlepool United, here are some views from the Monkey Hangers’ manager Dave Jones and some of the home supporters.

Jones felt Wanderers’ extra experience made the biggest difference on the day.

‘It’s probably smash and grab from them’ said Jones.’In the first half we suffered with one lapse in concentration but overall I felt we had enough chances and enough positions to do better and get an equaliser.’

‘Our final ball let us down; we got in to some great positions but shot over the bar or overhit a cross and they’re the problems we’ll keep working on,’ he continued.

‘When we got our best opportunity they just got in each other’s way but it’s frustrating because it wasn’t a bad performance – they just had more experience on the pitch and I think they used that.’

‘Where we are and the amount of players we’re working with, I can’t fault them. I get frustrated with a lot of things and we’ll change all that but it takes a bit of time.’

‘We’ve been here six weeks and hopefully you can see the difference and what they’re trying to do.’

The Hartlepool fans didn’t have too many complaints about the result.

The following extracts are taken from the Poolie Bunker Forum.

PJPoolie said: ‘Frustrating afternoon. They were like a rugby team but once they got ahead very organised but the referee was utterly appalling. The blatant penalty he didn’t give was gutless stuff, he pulled it back and gave a decision for a foul on the keeper before the most obvious handball ever. The foul straight through the back of Thomas just before half time was like nothing I’ve seen before’.

‘I really think the penalty decision was huge; we are a different team when we score and the way they set up is all about being 1-0 up away from home. It was as blatant as you will ever see. The players all put a shift in, Walker was quality again’.

Yloop said: ‘Well that was f***** atrocious. Could tell from the first minute we weren’t at the races. Only Allessandra coming out of that with any credit for me. Amond may as well have not been playing. Thought we were going to go for a 3-5-2 when I saw the line up, instead we go 4-3-3 and let Saunders run the midfield. Poor ref but no excuse, too many players didn’t turn up’.

Misterb2001 said: ‘Luckily it’s as you were at the bottom. Can’t see Orient or Newport winning more than 3 matches so one more win should do. S*** game like’.

Poolie said: ‘What a bad game – they’ve just done us with experience of fouling and time wasting and the ref just played along with it. However, Pools didn’t look like we would score if we played for 3 hours’.

Brian Honours Left Foot said: ‘If it hadn’t been for some outstanding saves from Fryer that could have been a hammering. They were far better organised – and cynical. Normal service is resumed’.

Kevin pooles gloves said: ‘Dodgy ref but at the end of the day the opposition wanted to win it more than us’.

Soma said: ‘Wycombe’s threats basically came from long punts to Akinfenwa and long range efforts outside the box. They weren’t a particularly impressive side. They just took their chance when it arrived and were cynical for the rest of the game which the referee allowed them to be.

We weren’t really equipped to deal with them in hindsight. A big horrible side like Wycombe was always going to be tough to play against when we have a makeshift team with little steel in it. All in all a poor game. We move on’.

Chrissy Stevo said: ‘Think they were a well organised team, not my cup of tea, too many fouls, dives and petty complaints. Referee was atrocious, lost count of the number of poor decisions he made. Two clear penalties for me, one for handball which he decided to create a foul on their keeper to deny, and a clear foul on Thomas when bursting into the box.

I think we are capable of beating Wycombe, they just took their chances and we didn’t take ours. Not a lot in it at all. Overall disappointed with the result, performance wasn’t great but I’ve seen us play a lot worse’.

The Kit Kat Kid said: ‘Thought we struggled to compete and had no help whatsoever from the referee or his assistants. At times I thought I was watching rugby league, there was that much shirt tugging going on ! Can’t understand why we persisted in hoofing the ball long when it was obvious their two centre halves were going to clean up all day long’.

Pooliecrab said: ‘How pathetic was that scrap? Why do footy players fight like school kids?? Not saying they should go at UFC style, rather they didn’t do it all, but that is embarrassing’.

Safety salamander said: ‘Evening gents, don’t really post and just enjoy the reading to be honest but I think I’ve had my fill of us playing one up top at home. Completely frustrating and counter productive. It can’t only be me that sees every time we bring the ball forward there’s nobody to receive it in the centre of the forward line. Frustrating!!!!’

Next Match: Wycombe Wanderers vs Notts County, Saturday 25th March, 3pm