Date: 7th March 2012 at 10:47am
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Following yesterday’s 4-2 win over Orient here are some views on the game from the O’s manager Russell Slade and a few of their fans.

“In the first half our defending was so poor it was horrendous,” said Slade.

“We needed to put that to one side and put a little bit of pride back in the shirt in the second period. Obviously we were a totally different side in the second half, but it was all too late because the damage had been done.

“Things like marking, tracking a man, taking responsibility individually and collectively – it just wasn’t there in the first period.

“It was a really miserable night in terms of the overall performance. The first half is bewildering really.”

The Orient fans were disgusted with their side’s first half performance.

The following extracts are taken from the Leyton Orient Message Board and Football Forums.

Harry Bearn wrote:
“Just had a call from my mate at the game. Getting completely out-fought and out-muscled. People are even talking about having a pitch invasion to get the game abandoned. We have had one shot in 45 mins. And some people went home after the 4th went in. And they’re the good points!’

Jay Tee wrote:
“That first half performance was an absolute disgrace. Its just a shame that the two goals in the second half will appear to some to show fight and resilience when we were clearly out of our depth defending against a team that will be playing League 2 football next season. Unless Slade can pull off another miracle and beat some of the big boys later this month, we will be going down this season.’

itehouw wrote:
“Slade out – Allen in. Get Martin Allen in the building. Had enough of Slade now.’

pijlofc wrote:
“Not a chance that Slade will go. Hearn won’t delve into his abnormally deep pockets to pay off the contract Slade signed earlier this season. It was a huge mistake to give him that contract.’

orient1 wrote:
“The players were all over the place and it looked like they didn’t know what they were doing. Shambles.’

Southgate_O wrote:
“Disgraceful. Bunch of overpaid to**ers who don’t earn their money.’

Maverick wrote:
“We are certainly having endless back luck though. Penalty refused again.’

ChingfordRed wrote:
“Definite penalty. Foster had both arms around Porter and didn’t try to hide it. It would’ve been impossible for both ref and linesman to miss it. Forget about it though, we didn’t deserve any luck.’

Born to run wrote:
“Just seen the worst 45 minutes I have ever witnessed from an Orient side. Also just seen the worst performance ever by someone playing in goal for us. Paul Rachubka tonight went to the top of that list. Once he let the first goal go in straight over his head the writing was on the wall. None of the defence had any confidence in him and they fell apart. He should be put back on the first train to Leeds tomorrow. Second half we were a lot better, but it was too late by then.’

ChingfordRed wrote:
“Over 12 years of watching Orient week in, week out and that was comfortably the worst 45 minutes I’ve ever seen. We won’t get it, but an apology would be scant consolation. It’s the least they could do. I’ve never known the fans to turn on the team like that, genuine anger and hate in the away end tonight, and fully deserved. I couldn’t give a **** we scored two goals, Wycombe inevitably took their foot off the gas. We’re now in a serious relegation battle. The two teams I saw tonight will go down if they keep playing the same way. The fact that Wycombe were 4-0 up and not safe proves how bad they are. If Kevin Lisbie takes that simple chance in the 84th minute, we might’ve got an unbelievable point.’

slacker wrote:
“This may sound perverse but it was so bad in that first half, and the goals we conceded so inept, I just relaxed and got to enjoy watching us implode.’

Lady H wrote:
“Once the third went in, we started debating how high their score would be and whether it would be a legendary loss that we’d talk about for years to come. I was curious whether Wycombe’s scoreboard would cope when we conceded more than nine and it had to show a double figure score. And then it stopped being a disaster of epic proportions and reverted to ordinary pathetic ineptness which was somehow more of a let down.’

Comfort Break wrote:
“I confess to laughing when the 4th went in – I was numb by then. The whole team decided that the ball was going out – McSweeney stopped running, Coco the Clown (keeper) jogged over, appealing for a goal kick. All the other defenders stopped until the Wycombe winger simply whipped it in from the goal line for an easy tap in. Every single one of them should be embarrassed.’

Next Game: Wycombe v Colchester – Sat 10th March – 3.00pm