Date: 17th September 2017 at 12:25am
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In the wake of yesterday’s home defeat to Luton, here are some views on the game from the Hatters’ manager Nathan Jones and a selection of their fans.

“We’ve got to be better than that if we want to do well,” said Jones speaking to ClubCall

“We got the equaliser and were brave enough to keep going for the win, but that’s the only positive really, the result.”

“I can enjoy the win but it won’t mask the fact that we weren’t great. However, this is a difficult place to come and I’d rather win like that than lose gallantly.”

“In the first half we were nowhere near in terms of competing. We couldn’t really handle Akinfenwa and we didn’t do the ugly side.”

“We changed shape twice to try and get impetus,” he revealed.

“We got down the side of them and put some really good balls in, and big Scotty (Cuthbert) went up top and nicked us one.’

“To nick one really late is the best way to do it,” said a relieved Jones.

The Luton fans couldn’t believe their luck.

The following extracts are taken from Luton Outlaws and Twitter.

Ja wrote:
“Wow! Now that’s how to win a game.”

Herve Baquet wrote:
“Second half we were by far the better team.”

Gothenberg Hatter wrote:
“Completely different attitude from the team second half. More urgency, more movement and more pace. Wycombe helped enormously by settling for the 1-0 win and trying their delaying tactics.”

@Russltfc wrote:
“I bet the ref can’t believe how he lost that one today.”

@jason_Jones01 wrote:
“I’ve just called the police to report a robbery.”

Inspector wrote:
“The result doesn’t hide the fact that for the majority of the game we were second best, especially in the first half when the team got booed off.”

The Watcher wrote:
“Woeful for 70 mins but cracking effort from the team to keep plugging away until the end. Absolute karma for 90 minutes of diving, cheating and time wasting from Wycombe. ‘Game management’ they call it, but it’s bloody awful to watch.”

@hightownhatter wrote:
“Their lot looked knackered after an hour.”

Italian_hatter wrote:
“What a bizarre winning goal. Seemed to come off Collins’ shoulder.”

Noel wrote:
“Will go down as an OG if it goes to the dubious goals panel. Looks to me like the ball was travelling along the goal-line until the defender toe-pokes it in. but who cares!”

The Outsider wrote:
“Bean knocked it into his own net.”

Arry Verderchi wrote:
“Two goals from crosses into the box!!!”

West Country Hatter wrote:
“I do hope Nathan sees that if we use wide men we score goals.”

Abbott wrote:
“I genuinely believe today’s result could be a defining moment for the rest of the season. Decent result, great comeback and terrific character shown. Well done NJ & the players!”

OldBlack&White wrote:
“Turning point..? We were utter shit for 60 minutes. F*** me, we accuse Wycombe of hoofball and we did the same for an hour…only difference is we won f*** all.”

@Russltfc wrote:
“Wycombe fans asking that their club never sign Danny Hylton is like me suggesting I never pull Angelina Jolie #aintgonnahappenlads”

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