Date: 16th October 2016 at 12:41am
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Following yesterday’s 1-1 draw at Mansfield Town, here are some views on the game from the Stags’ manager Adam Murray and a selection of their fans.

“I think it would have been criminal if we didn’t get anything out the game,” said Murray.

“The game was there for us and if we had wanted it for the first 60 like we did for the last 30, we win the game.”

“For the first 60 minutes it was like we were stuck in sludge. No one spoke, there was no fire, no aggression, no will to run.”

“I blame society. I’ve told them in the dressing room I am going to ban all kinds of social media, mobiles phones, the lot, from being in the club as no one talks any more. I think the world has gone.”

“No one talks, no one communicates, and then we expect to go onto the football pitch and communication and leadership are going to be there, and it doesn’t happen.”

“I thought the ref was poor. He had an ego and attitude, swearing at our players, it’s disappointing.”

“The game didn’t get going. Every time there was hustle and bustle he either blew the whistle or he let five or six fouls go and then gave one that wasn’t a foul just to make up for it.”

“It was a poor game apart from the last 30 minutes when we actually looked like we had a bit of fire and went for it. Players actually ran forward and tried to get in the box.

“The subs made a difference. They came on, put themselves about, beat people up and got us in the game. Once we got a foothold we started to play a bit.”

“But you can’t have an hour like that where it takes me to throw my weight around at half-time to liven people up,” lamented the Stags boss.

The Mansfield fans didn’t enjoy the game.

The following extracts are taken from stagsnet & chad.

Jamie wrote:
“I was angry at how negative we were at times first half, but after coming home and thinking about it, we spanked them today really. We had a number of great chances and didn’t take them. Poor finishing cost us again.”

Wink68 wrote:
“Yet another poor side allowed to breeze through the first 45 without breaking sweat. Obviously Murray spent all week working on how to deal with Akinfenwa, Collins and the awful Gobern dropping into a back six leaving the Wycombe midfield with the run of the park. Let the defence defend and the midfield help the forwards. So negative, worrying about the opposition instead of imposing ourselves on them.”

bigalstag wrote:
“A shapeless, turgid mess of a game, played with 8 men in defence for large periods. This home form will get us nowhere and would have got a fair few managers sacked by now. Is there any wonder we continually fall below the 3,000 attendance mark.”

nick_stags wrote:
“If Murray was sacked with us one point outside of the playoffs it would be criminal. That said, I agree it was a terrible game until the last fifteen minutes when we actually played with some intensity.”

Delboystag wrote:
“How the hell are we still only one point off a play-off spot. This league must be the worst it’s been for years.”

HitchcocksShins wrote:
“God that was absolutely diabolical. Can’t believe we almost won it on the back of a decent 10 minutes.”

StagSam wrote:
“Oh my goodness! It was like a pre-season friendly! Looked as if we came out over-confident after last Saturday and didn’t need to put too much effort in against not the best Wycombe side ever. Fortunately that was just the first half. Much improved second.”

bobbystagsfan wrote:
“We should have won the game. We took it to them in the second half and would’ve won it but for a fine save from their keeper in the last minute. Wycombe are a joke though, constant fouling/pushing players over and their bench running on to the pitch every time a decision went against them. Ainsworth is a raspberry.”

TBS wrote:
“Ainsworth was a complete joke! How was he not sent to the stands? He was in the fourth official`s ear from the first whistle. If Wycombe had concentrated on playing football instead of trying to rough us up & constantly niggle, they might have won the game.”

MTFCMusings wrote:
“Wycombe are terrible but do the same job on us every year. We started ok for the first ten minutes, and played well for the last 15 minutes, but apart from that it was more of the same boring stuff. Their keeper Blackman (on loan from Chelsea) didn’t have much to do, but caught every cross and made a fantastic save in the last minute.”

geoffhill wrote:
“Shearer ought to look at the replay and try to emulate their Keeper who was excellent. He caught nearly every cross and made a fantastic save towards the end.”

onefinmansfield wrote:
“Murray needs to give a copy of today’s match DVD to Shearer and tell him to look at the Wycombe keeper`s performance. Blackman claimed almost every ball that was crossed into the penalty box because he was prepared to leave his goal line. if Wycombe had put as many crosses into our box they would have had a lot more joy because Shearer would have remained rooted to his goal line.”

EdwinstoweStag wrote:
“When Henderson came on, the Wycombe defence started to wobble and we could have snatched it. But had we won, it wouldn’t have been merited in my opinion. A point was just about right.”

Wink68 wrote:
“I thought the ref was a massive homer. If we’re honest we got loads of decision off him today. Certainly caused Wycombe more problems.”

ParisStag wrote:
“With the set-pieces the ref kept giving us, we really should have troubled them more, but every time, we just floated them in and the keeper gobbled them up. Wycombe did what they always do – no surprises there.”

Old ram stag wrote:
“Is there any wonder the locals are not attending when we spent 80 minutes bored out of our skins.”

Next Game: Wycombe v Barnet – Sat 22nd October – 3.00pm