Date: 9th December 2012 at 12:37pm
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Following yesterday`s controversial 2-2 draw with Morecambe at Adams Park, here are some views on the game from the two managers and a few Shrimps fans.

Morecambe boss Jim Bentley said: “I think it was a good result. I’ve got to be honest, up until the sending off it was probably the worst we’ve played all season.”

“I think everything about our play – defending, anticipation, communication, our passing, our willingness, our desire, our clearances – everything was poor about our play.”

“If it was 11 versus 11 I think Wycombe would have stuffed us because we weren’t at the races.”

“But the ten men played into our hands – we had the advantage, we had the possession, but in Dean Morgan they always have a threat.”

“He scored two great goals for them. I’ve played against him, I’ve seen him play and it was probably the best performance I’ve seen from a League Two player this season.”

“While he was on the pitch he was always a threat and he proved that with the two goals.”

Wycombe Wanderers manager Gareth Ainsworth Understandably had a different perspective on things. He said: “There are a couple of things I saw differently to Andy D’Urso in the game but that’s football.”

“I`m gutted for Joel. If you knew Joel as a person you`d know he`s not like that but Andy said he was out of control and endangered the opponent so if that`s his view then Joel has got a red card for that. It`s nothing new and we rally the troops and go again.”

“Dean has been doing everything except score recently. He’s a player with unbelievable ability. If you see him in training every day, sometimes you think ‘why is Dean at this level?'”

“He scored two great goals and he’s causing defences all sorts of problems and that’s why he’s in the team.”

“This is a new group that we’ve got now, we feel we wanted to win that game, but we had ten men for 55 minutes, so I think a point is decent if I’m honest.”

“If people come and see the game, they’ll think ‘2-0 up, Wycombe are playing well’ but it’s always difficult with ten.”

“I`m pleased because we`re still undefeated and the passion and spirit the boys showed was a real positive. I`m a bit gutted but it`s a point and three or four months ago we`d have lost that game.”

Football has a unique ability in that the two sets of fans came away from the same game seeing things in completely opposite ways. It would be fair to say the 50 or so Shrimps supporters weren`t impressed by their hosts.

The following extracts are taken from the Shrimps Voices forum.

Nigel Watson wrote:
“For the first twenty minutes Wycombe were all over us. Two reasons: first, their wide players were good and they utilised the space of the wings afforded by out narrow shape. Second, our shape was odd – a narrow back three, with Will Haining playing just in front of them. It didn’t work, Will is a centre back, not a central midfielder and there is a huge difference. To be honest, I felt sorry when he got taken off.”

“The red card: it was one. However, it was lucky that the incident took place in front of us. It was great that there was shouting / barracking of the ref to get him sent off. Without it, the ref might have bottled it and gave Grant (their best player by a mile) a yellow card, instead of a red. Earlier in the game, their jazz-hat donkey centre half (Dave Winfield) cleaned up Barry Roche – definite yellow card and could have been red. A challenge that was meant to injure, and it did.”

“Their first goal came from a defensive screw up. Centre halves have to be able to head the ball. Andrew Wright missed another header. The ball went over his head and their striker (who was fast) out-paced him and scored.”

“Second half – a break away goal (would Baz have saved it?) which made it 2-0 and gave us a mountain to climb.”

“The game changed when we made a double substitute. Jack Redshaw dropped into the hole and ran at their defence. Richard Brodie went out wide left, and did well. Then he scored from a corner with a good headed goal. We were on top, looking the better side, especially when we tried to keep possession. The equaliser was deserved.”

“In the final minutes of added time we could have won it – Kevin Ellison hit the outside of the post. However, they could have won it too. Another screw up by Chris McCready who let the ball get away from him and had to foul their player to get it back. Thankfully, the linesman gave off-side, because the tackle was a yellow, and a free kick on the edge of the area.”

“Why don’t we play Haining at centre-half. He’s better than McCready, and we always look more solid when Will is playing; he’s good in the air and he does what a centre-half should do.”

Christies Child wrote:
“Excellent result in view of being 0-2 down. Wish we had a photo of Andrew Wright`s split in half shin pad thanks to the illegal tackle from Grant. Maybe would shut up their fans who will no doubt complain about the sending off!”

marky No.1 wrote:
“Wycombe fan on the train was asking about Grant’s tackle. We put him straight. Good job Mr. Durso wasn’t in the carriage, he would have needed body armour!”

Nigel Watson (again) wrote:
“Kevin Ellison looked very disappointed at the end. Yes, I think that it was 2 points lost today. Wycombe don’t belong in the Football League – they’re really a rugby club.”

“I have just seen the assault on Wright again on Sky Sports, and it confirms what I thought straight away whilst watching live: straight red card. How you can argue anything else is beyond me! Just proves that Wycombe fans are a bunch of clueless private school jazz hats – should stick to what they know best – rugby or hockey.”

“Without their loanees, Wycombe would be certain to go down.”

“There was also the nonsense with about 20 of their fans standing right next to out dug out. Nice club, not!”

St Albans Shrimp wrote:
“We didn`t look good playing three at the back and the first twenty minutes were poor. They could have been three or four up. Barry (Roche) was injured in warm up and despite this kept us in the game. A very poor ‘challenge` by their centre half went unpunished but no doubt didn`t make Barry feel any better.”

“Their goal came from a another set-piece from our attacking free kick! Our first half corners and free kicks were disappointing.”

“We went to a back four and then the sending off which to me seemed the correct decision. Much better to play four at the back – we looked all over the place playing three.”

“We started well in the second half and their goal was very good. We fought back well and were all over them.”

“I am still concerned with Brodie up front. He makes too many mistakes for me but took his goal well and they may help his confidence. Our subs did really well – maybe they should have started.”

“Interesting at the end Jimbo and coaching staff stayed behind in the dugout and didn`t seem happy despite a last minute equaliser. Maybe felt it was two points lost!”

Freez wrote:
“Ellison was a wind up merchant today, no question, however Winfield had committed a foul on Roche, taken Ellison from behind once and Brodie once before he was booked for another swing at Ellison. Fair enough.”

“The tackle by Grant was for the ball, however he didn’t get it, went in studs up, so red was about right.”

“Tactically we set up 3-5-2 with Haining as the middle of three centre backs, Wright started as defensive midfielder, it was only when we reverted to a back four after 23 minutes that Wright, McCready, Fenton and Mustoe lined up with Haining becoming a defensive midfielder.”

“Daft opening goal, we weren`t at the races first half, better and worth a point second half.”

Nigel Watson (and again) wrote:
“We all see the game differently, that’s why it’s a great game; we’re all entitled to our opinions.

“One final thing, Ainsworth should face F.A. disciplinary action for charging on to the pitch at the end of the game to confront the ref.”

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