Date: 17th April 2013 at 10:46am
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Following yesterday’s 0-0 draw with Northampton Town, here are some views on the game from the Cobblers’ manager Aidy Boothroyd and a few of their fans.

‘I thought it was a very good performance,” said Boothroyd in his post-match interview.

‘I wanted us to keep the ball a bit better, to get our foot on the ball in midfield a bit more and get on the rebounds a little bit more and sustain attacks.’

‘Defensively we were fine but we just couldn`t find that goal. Quite a few of the away performances this season have had me scratching my head, but with this game we could have won 3-0 on another night.’

‘It’s very rare that you come away from home and have a team on the back foot as much as we did tonight.’

‘Our priority now is to finish in the play-offs and that would still be a fantastic achievement for us.’

The Cobblers’ fans have given up on automatic promotion and don’t sound too confident about their prospects in the play-offs either. They also seem to have mixed feelings about Adebayo Akinfenwa, the focal point of their side’s relentless aerial bombardment.

The following extracts are taken from The Hotel End, The Football Forum and Football Forums.

JayNTFC wrote:
‘Well the autos dream was fun while it lasted, concerned about our lack of goals but at least we’re safe in the playoffs barring something absurd happening.’

CobblersTillIDie wrote:
‘After 3 losses on the bounce I had already given up hope on the autos. Not a bad game tonight just looked a little toothless upfront, no idea what’s going on with Bayo but he’s playing like he doesn’t care anymore, 99% sure he’s off.’

tcobb wrote:
‘We huffed and puffed all game, never looked like losing, but don’t kid yourselves, we never looked liked winning either. Could have done with a couple of decent subs, Bayo is finished as a Cobblers’ player as far as I’m concerned.’

unicobbler wrote:
‘We never really looked like scoring, A couple of maybes, but with the pressure Bayo and anyone else who went forward got they couldn’t get any power on their headers to beat the keeper. Seemed we didn’t have a plan B when we got near the box, Would like to have seen a few more shots from outside the box. Bayo did ok in the first half, not sure anyone on the bench would have offered much more. I would say Wycombe never looked like scoring but I still got nervous every time they had a corner or freekick!’

JollyCobbler wrote:
‘I thought Bayo did a half decent job tonight considering he ploughed such a lonely furrow. Made some decent lay-offs but you could see his frustration as the game went on.’

Another Pedji wrote:
‘I thought Bayo was much better tonight. Much mote effective as a lone striker, held and layed the ball off quite well.’

BackOfTheNet wrote:
‘We struggled to make clear cut chances, just a few half chances from headers. We were pretty solid at the back, although Wycombe still managed a few half chances of their own. The way the game had gone I was waiting for a sting in the tail in stoppage time when they got a couple of corners but thankfully that didn’t come. I think we were the better side but didn’t do enough to win it. A loss would have been an injustice so on balance you have to say a draw is a fair reflection of the game.’

DrillingCobbler wrote:
‘Tonight was another example of our lack of squad depth. With a couple of key players out there was nothing attack wise for Aidy to mix things up with.’

dp_nyfc wrote:
‘Much improved, and that was down to us having a performing midfield today. Despite not winning, I feel slightly more upbeat about the prospect of the play offs. I actually thought Bayo was ok for most of the game, and I thought that Guttridge, Hornby and Harding all did well. Hackett though, is in desperate need of a rest. His reluctance to run at his opponent was really noticeable tonight. It was a really enjoyable atmosphere from our fans today, and I really thought we would spur the lads on victory. But alas not to be.’

Exe wrote:
‘I’m seriously worried that we’ll miss out on the playoffs now. Tonight was a must win in many senses, but now we face going into the last day scrapping for a result against a Barnet side fighting for survival. I can’t imagine for a moment us getting anything at Vale Park on Saturday. The goals have well and truly dried up which is a genuine cause for concern.’

GrangeParkCobbler wrote:
‘Yep, over 6 hours without a goal is not the kind of form you want to be taking into a probable playoff battle.’

DustCobb wrote:
‘Best performance was from our fans tonight. We deserved more. The game was there for the taking, Wycombe are poor but we couldn’t create enough to win the game. We are relatively poor also. Bayo looks a shadow of his former self these days, even more immobile than usual but he did a few nice lay offs. If Platt had played we’d have won.’

Cobblerjay wrote:
‘Wycombe were there for the taking. So disappointing not to win. I’d say if either side were to get a winner it would have been us. 723 cobblers fans, unbelievable for a Tuesday night game really!’

Dr Feelgood wrote:
‘We’re doomed…Can’t see us beating either Vale or Barnet. We’ll probably get lucky as Exeter are pap right now. Not expecting much from the Playoffs but I probably would take Burton over Bradford or Chelts. What a time for the wheels to falls off.’

fwalden wrote:
‘The permutations of who we may or may not play in the play offs is irrelevant. We have to play 2 of the 3 anyway and the way we’re playing doesn’t exactly suggest any game against any opposition in the top 7 – home or away – will be easy!’

sbedscobb wrote:
‘Engineer it so we play Burton in the P/O semis. As for the Wembley final we’ll have the advantage of the Arch to hold up any overhit ‘passes”

Next Game: Barnet v Wycombe – Sat 20th April – 3.00pm