Date: 15th March 2017 at 9:35am
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Following yesterday’s 1-1 draw with Plymouth Argyle, here are some views on the game from the Pilgrims’ manager Derek Adams and a selection of their fans.

“I’m delighted,” said Adams, speaking the Plymouth Herald

“It’s a difficult venue to come to at the best of times so we were disappointed to go 1-0 down.”

‘I thought Wycombe started the game better than us and they probably shaded the first half.”

“In the second half, we get our goal and have a lot of impetus going forward. We created a lot of chances without being able to get that killer second.”

“The energy we had in the closing stages of the game was unbelievable,” he said.

‘We have had a very tough schedule. Wycombe have had it easier than us and haven’t played the same number of games Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday.”

“So, from that point of view, it just shows you how fit these lads are.”

The Plymouth fans spewed the standard complaints.

The following extracts are taken from pasoti, the Plymouth Herald and Twitter.

Argylesage wrote:
“Why are Argyle always so slow in coming out of the blocks. Once again we were outplayed in the first half, and once again had to chase the game to secure a point.”

Metal_Green_Mickey wrote:
“Much better second half. Great point from being a goal down!”

Army green wrote:
“Will take the point as other results went our way, but we had Wycombe on the ropes in the 2nd half so feel a bit disappointed not to get the winner.”

PL2 3DQ wrote:
“Much better second half against a team who had no interest in playing football. We were battered and bruised during the first half, we lost the midfield battle, and long ball after long ball was launched into our area. The Wycombe fans mocked us by singing ‘three little birds’ and ‘bottlers’ and using their phones as torches. We just couldn’t compete with the physical side of the game. The second half was a lot different, instead of trying to battle Wycombe we played through them by playing football. How do Wycombe fans watch that anti football every week?”

Cult of Personality wrote:
“They were singing we are bottlers. Well we didn`t bottle it tonight. Can`t wait to get out of this league and shove it in the Wycombe fans` faces.”

Welwyn Pilgrim wrote:
“The behaviour of the Wycombe players tonight was beyond belief. The antics they get up to are just shocking. Constant play acting, dropping like flies, and within seconds, once the ref stops play they`re up on their feet. Even their supporters waste time by refusing to give the ball back and then throwing it away from the player trying to recover it. An absolute disgrace of a club and a to55er of a manager. How can anyone want to support a club like that or even enjoy watching it?”

Army green wrote:
“My favourite was when a Wycombe player was feigning a injury and limping but then realised he had to get back to defend a free kick, then the injury was miraculously fine and he sprinted back into position, which brought loud cheers from the green army. Surely the Wycombe fans must be embarrassed watching their players do this.”

Cobi Budge wrote:
“Nope. Wycombe fans seem to love and embrace it, as do the club’s media team etc, which is why Wycombe are one of the few clubs who I can’t stand as a whole, not just the fans or not just the players or not just the manager, the entire club. Thankfully their play off hopes are now looking pretty remote.”

Norwich Green wrote:
“To be fair, a decent Wycombe fan wished us well after the game and said we battered them in the second half so they’re not all bad.”

Pl2 3DQ
“I understand they are a small club trying to do their best with limited resources but Wycombe’s gamesmanship is just horrible. I’m sure they are a fans` trust run club so why do the fans put up with this? They have a poor reputation within football. When fans are throwing balls further away from the opposition players to delay a throw-in the EFL should step in.”

Green_Matt wrote:
“One of the many reasons why we need to be out of this league.”

@Ellissio1 wrote:
“Wonder if Ainsworth actually went for the handshake this time?”

Dreamgreen wrote:
“As usual, the game against Wycombe takes my blood pressure up several notches and the swearing is constant! The ref missed so many blatant fouls, including two which lead to their goal. Anyway we have learnt what to expect from Wycombe’s anti-football style under GA. Akinfenwa had another good game against us and nearly scored two in the first half. He is enjoyable to watch and his control is excellent. I do hope we don’t have to play them again next season. They take years off my life!”

Landons forehead wrote:
“Tinpot club who should return to non-league from whence they came. The sort of irritating mosquito I look forward to leaving in our wake. Akinfenwa I will miss though (his goals against us apart). Always good value when he gets involved with the crowd.”

Next Game: Hartlepool v Wycombe – Saturday 18th March – 3.00pm