Date: 21st October 2012 at 10:02am
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Following Wycombe Wanderers` disappointing 4-1 defeat to Port Vale in League Two yesterday, here are the views on the match from both dugouts as well as the thoughts of the home fans at Vale Park.

Port Vale manager Micky Adams felt the 4-1 victory flattered his side and said: “I don’t want to put a damper on it, but I was really disappointed with how we played in the first-half. We looked a tired and leggy unit and didn’t do the right things.”

‘Our players were strutting around like peacocks and seemed to think they could just turn up and collect three points. It’s never that easy and I really had to get into them at half-time.”

‘We did do the right things in the second-half, but we shouldn’t forget the big turning point was the sending off. I know it can be difficult against ten men, but thankfully we made the pitch big to stretch Wycombe and then reaped the rewards.”

‘Tom Pope has scored two goals because he was in the penalty area where he should be. He didn’t get in there in the first-half and I had to remind him what his job is.’

Caretaker Blues boss Gareth Ainsworth was diplomatic afterwards, saying: “I felt we would have got something out of the game if we had kept 11 men on the pitch. We stuck to our plan in the first-half and we frustrated Vale.

I don’t think many teams have come here and done as well as we did for 45 minutes. The whole game hinged on the decision of Jo Kuffour getting his red card.”

“It looked a little bit soft to me. I`m an old school guy, I`ve been around a long time and you didn`t used to get sent off for that sort of stuff, but the game has changed. The referee`s got a tough job to do.

I`m not going to be a manager who`s going to criticise referees unless something`s really annoyed me. He saw it as a red and Jo`s going to miss Barnet, which will be a loss for us.”

Port Vale fans were overjoyed with their comeback victory over the Chairboys but they had plenty to say about referee Mr C Boyeson, former hero Gareth Ainsworth and the Blues players. Here`s what they made of it…

The following extracts are taken from the forum of the excellent One Vale Fan website.

Vantaa Vale wrote
“Another excellent result in what could have been a difficult match, as Wycombe have undergone a bit of a revival of late under Ainsworth.”

Jacko51 wrote
“We got rather sloppy after we’d gone ahead, as if beating ten men was just a stroll but Wycombe kept going and we could have let them back in if the Sneyd Green Pontiff [Tom Pope] had not made it safe.”

McPhee 4 Scotland wrote
“First half was scrappy, their tactics of breaking the game up constantly didn’t help and it’s common knowledge that the referee had a mare and didn’t exactly help the situation. I can’t really comment on the penalty situation although it did look like their man went down easily.

I don’t normally get too incensed at games but I was infuriated when we weren’t given a penalty when their man blatantly body checked our man running at speed going into the penalty area and then acted and rolled around pretending to be injured!

The sending off helped us and the second half was much better as [Jennison] Myrie-Williams had more space and time to create problems, helped by the fact he wasn’t being fouled as much as he was in the first half.”

The Old Bycars Tea Bar wrote
“Brilliant second half and a great win. What was the ref on in the first half? He totally lost his marbles.”

Gobbyash wrote
“The Man-of-the-Match award was given to Chris Neal because of the save he made [from Joel Grant] when we were 1-0 down. It was a great shot that was in all the way, and at 2-0 down it would have been a lot harder.”

Mellor wrote
“First half gave them everything, second half gave us everything. The worst ref I’ve ever seen, and I bet Wycombe fans are saying the same.”

Rex wrote
“Worst ref I’ve ever seen and that’s saying something with the rubbish we have to put up with in this league! I don’t think he was any better in the second half, he just gave us all the decisions because he felt the pressure of the crowd! It doesn’t mean the decisions were right!”

Macca PVFC wrote
“The dodgy officials played right into the hands of Wycombe in the first half. It all went downhill for them once the sending off happened. They are a horrible team full of dirty tactics.”

George is here wrote
“Micky [Adams] in his post match interview praised Chris Neal for the save as from 2-0 they would have gained confidence and our heads would have started to drop.

One could (if one was being a bit cynical) say he was also pivotal in getting them reduced to ten men which obviously benefited us. I personally would not agree with this however because I thought they were dreadful, cynical so-and-so`s who in the end got what they deserved.”

Big EE wrote
“Gareth Ainsworth was a great player for us but today he should be ashamed of himself for sending out a team of time-wasting, play-acting cheats. They were ably assisted and encouraged to do so by one of the worst refereeing performances seen at Vale Park. Bow your head in shame for sending that bunch out Gareth. You won’t be getting any more applause from me.”

Another Shropshire Valiant wrote
“A tad harsh I feel. He was there to get a result for his team who were playing a team bang in form. Sometimes you`ve gotta do what you gotta do, I am sure if Wycombe had gone back with a point, he would have been chuffed.”

Fairpoint Nick wrote
“I haven`t seen anything like that since Stevenage. Did someone speak to the ref at half time? The second half was better once [Louis] Dodds moved into midfield. I also thought their centre back [Gary] Doherty had a good game, it would have been eight without him.”

Pensioner wrote
“Ainsworth went down in my opinion big time. After Jo Kuffour had been sent off, he put a consoling arm around his shoulder. He should have just let him walk down the tunnel without acknowledgement. He should then have torn into him at half-time as he cost Ainsworth any chance of a point.”

Fuzzy Vale Fan wrote
“There’s a report on the Wycombe site saying we were a ‘niggly’ team. Maybe they should look a bit closer to home. Horrible, grotty side that deserved what they got from this game – absolutely sod all.”

Man in the Pub wrote
“I walked into Lorne Street and coming in with a press pass was Bill [Turnbull] from BBC breakfast TV. I had heard him say on TV he was a Wycombe fan. He was a nice guy, he spoke to me and said they had turned the corner and were a much better side than three weeks ago.

I told him we had turned the corner too. I also told him to watch the reception we gave their manager as Gareth Ainsworth was a Vale legend. I said hoped he enjoyed the match but not too much. It is good to see TV people support, and go and watch lower league teams.”

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