Date: 28th April 2013 at 2:00am
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Following yesterday’s 1-1 draw with Port Vale in the final game of the season, here are some post-match comments from the Valiants’ boss Micky Adams and a few of their fans.

“We had fantastic support here, very boisterous, but you can’t blame them for that, that’s 19 years of hurt,” said Adams.

“We’ve had some tough times but the vast majority of supporters are true supporters. At half-time I said to the players: ‘I don’t think they’ve travelled all this way to see you lose, they want a performance.'”

“I can’t pay the players high enough praise they’ve been absolutely terrific. I don’t think that there’s many football clubs that have been through the traumas that we’ve had. I don’t recommend administration to anybody.”

“I’m pleased it’s over and I’m delighted for everyone connected with the football club. There`s a P by our name and we will enjoy it.”

The main topic of conversation among Vale fans was the behaviour of a section of their support.

The following extracts are taken from One Vale Fan, Port Vale Online, Football Forums and The Football Forum.

valefan16 wrote:
‘Fair play to Wycombe. Put on a great party and I hope they waltz to promotion next season, one of my favourite away grounds. Great send off to Gaz Ainsworth from us. Very experimental Vale side giving some fringe players a run out and deservedly so! Happy days.’

vale in the blood wrote:
‘Bit peeved at team selection as I’m sure all Vale fans wanted 2nd place. Big difference when Hughes and JMW came on. Shame a few spoiled it today, two lads scuffling, then trouble with stewards. Heard some scum bag spat at a steward and I saw one get hurt. Thought their stewards were friendly and good natured, as were the Wycombe fans.’

Elderbezza wrote:
‘A mediocre performance by players who may have played their last game for Vale.’

Burslem Diaspora wrote:
‘Judging by our performance today and in the last couple of months… we might be back down in League Two without some serious strengthening.’

Vale till I Die wrote:
‘Really disappointed with our team selection for the first half, we were really average and never looked like scoring. Second half we went back to a better team selection and could have won it in the end.’

Dan Phillips wrote:
‘We totally dominated the latter stages after bringing on JMW and Hughesy. Should’ve won it, in all fairness.’

ToyahW wrote:
‘What was that all about then? The panto season started early? Mighty Mick obviously didn’t take the game seriously, and the Vale support were mostly yobbish. Chuffed we are promoted, but heading back home, I really think today was not a good sign for the future.’

Mr Football wrote:
‘Some of our fans need to have a long hard look at their behaviour. Pathetic, boorish, drunken idiots will get the club a bad name. Flares, attacking stewards, refusing to stay off the pitch, refusing to go into the stands. Pathetic.’

Tenement Funster wrote:
‘Really angry with those fans who ruined the end of the match for everyone else. Was meant to be a great moment and in the end the players and Micky had to go back in. Morons. Everyone had their moment last week on our pitch, why go and ruin the big moment?

superwhites06 wrote:
‘I don’t know who I feel more sorry for.. the Vale fans who turned up to try and enjoy their day or everyone connected with Wycombe Wanderers who I felt bent over backwards to accommodate us and ensure we enjoyed our day. Both were dealt a huge kick in the teeth by the moronic element who sadly follow our club on rare occasions. Some of the things I witnessed today were right up there with the very worst.’

Hulkster wrote:
‘I took my 8 year old son to his 1st ever away match today as I thought it was going to be a day to remember, I was right. Fighting, smoke bombs, injured stewards…do I need to go on? I’m so glad we were in the other stand out of the way, I’m almost glad we didn’t score a 2nd goal as that steward was lay stricken for some time & could easily have been crushed. Grow up you clowns.’

Little_Al wrote:
‘Wycombe welcomed us today and went out their way to accommodate a bumper Vale following, yet a minority of Vale fans abused their hospitality.’

Robbie’s torquay runner wrote:
‘Wycombe provided us with a beer tent and all the tickets we wanted. Their old bill were not heavy handed and were decent with us. How did we repay them. Ill-educated cretins fighting amongst themselves. They set a couple of smoke bombs off and began bullying the stewards before invading the pitch and injuring one steward, I then saw a lad start spitting in stewards’ faces, I was ashamed to be a Vale fan today.’

Barcroft wrote:
‘I genuinely felt sorry for the stewards and fans at Wycombe at what seemed like a really well-run family-club that clearly isn’t used to this sort of thing because they don’t normally have it!’

saintvaliant wrote:
‘Thanks to Wycombe, awesome hospitality for the travelling support. Top club.’

markpvfc wrote:
‘Great hospitality put on by Wycombe helped make a great day out. Spoiled slightly by the team’s largely lacklustre display and our usual minority of fans behaving like complete idiots. Great way to repay the hospitality Wycombe showed us.’

Alan Baker wrote:
‘A great day out and the Wycombe fans were superb.’

Next Game: Wycombe Legends v South Bucks Select X1

Adams Park – Saturday 4th May 2013 – 3.00pm