Date: 21st November 2012 at 11:31am
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Following Wycombe’s uplifting 3-2 win at Rotherham United last night, here are some views on the game from the Millers’ manager Steve Evans and a few of their fans.

“The performance was disjointed and it wasn’t good enough,” said Evans in his post-match interview.

“After the perfect start we gave away a sloppy goal. Then we get ourselves back in front and we’re controlling the game and they’re only having breakaways, then they’ve had two hopeless punts into our half that allow their guy to get on the end of them. It’s shocking defending from our two central defenders.”

“Then we go down to ten men and they slow it down at every opportunity which I’ve got no complaints about. Gareth’s team are trying to fight and scrap and I’ve just congratulated him.”

“But we never had a chance to win the second half, we never made their goalkeeper work – we were down to ten men with an absolute horror challenge.”

“What can I say about the referee not making it an automatic red. I think the lad who does the challenge shouldn’t be playing for a while.”

“I’m not going to blame the defeat on a challenge or the fact we were down to ten men, but you’ve got a better chance of getting an equaliser or maybe a winner if you’ve got eleven v eleven.” said the Millers’ boss.

Sadly, the Rotherham fans were too preoccupied complaining about their manager, their injuries and their own underperforming team to give Wycombe the credit they deserved.

The following extracts are taken from Millers Mad and Football Forums.

chibo777 wrote:
‘After 16 seconds I thought maybe we were in for a treat, but we didn’t capitalise on anything. We were second to every ball and hardly pressured Wycombe’s players on any part of the pitch. The second half was poor from start to finish. Two shocking goals to concede, I think they were Sunday league standard. Not a excuse but the officials were abysmal and Wycombe were fantastic at time wasting.’

Mandy_Turnerhead wrote:
‘I’m surprised by how poor we were and how lacklustre we looked in front of goal all night (the goals were from a bad goalkeeping error and a world class strike…we created very little on the whole). I’m disappointed that we’ve lost because they were the poorest team we’ve seen at NYS by some margin and we’ve gifted them three points.’

TurbochargedJJ wrote:
‘I beg to differ, Wycombe were pretty well organised and quick (easily outpaced our defence) they spotted that fact and played on it for 10 minutes and got the two goals in the second half.’

UrgentCraig wrote:
‘Wycombe just ran straight through our balsa wood defence!’

C_Millers wrote:
‘Tonight I saw us put in one of the worst defensive displays I’ve ever watched. It was shambolic, long punts upfield not dealt with, simple balls over the top catching us out time and again. I don’t mind if the opposition score decent goals but teams don’t have to work hard to score against us.’

Mark Thomas wrote:
‘Bottom of the league they might have been, but they were clever. Their two second half goals were not created from hopeful balls launched forwards. For both goals they isolated Jason Taylor with clever lofted passes which Jason did not defend like a centre half – because he isn’t one. Wycombe were not only clever, they were dirty too. On a different day, before a different official, they would have finished the game with 9 men. Not only were they clever and dirty, they were allowed to waste time with impunity. Not only were they clever, dirty, time wasters but they were dead lucky with our injuries. But credit to Wycombe – from an attacking perspective all 3 goals were excellent finishes.’

ilikecarling wrote:
‘I don’t think Evans has a clue about tactics. We are shocking at the back, have no creativity in the centre of the park and no goalscorer as such up top. Yet these problems are never addressed and we just seem to get worse.’

RandyMiller1984 wrote:
‘Steve Evans threw three points away. it’s all well and good criticising the players but this defeat was Steve Evans’ fault. A 2-1 lead was turned into a 3-2 deficit with his poor tactics and team selection.’

milesoffmiller wrote:
‘Mr Motivator my a**e. The guy’s a joke.’

Zilzal wrote;
‘I’ve said from day one that Big Stevie is a loud mouthed dope. Recent evidence of the above: 1) We’ve conceded 10 goals in our last 3 games, 2 of which were at home. 2) Odejayi, Revell and Agard (laughingly known as strikers) have scored 6 goals between them so far this season.’

rolymiller wrote:
‘Bad Karma and bad injuries. Are the footballing gods now taking the p**s out of Steve Evans for his past misdemeanours?’

jolly_roger wrote:
‘Just how long will it be before we wake up and see Steve Evans for the con man he really is. Yes, he talks the talk and sounds convincing but that’s what con men do. They pull the wool over your eyes, they make the promises but when it comes to delivery of the goods, well something goes wrong. The excuses trip out, ‘lots of injuries’ ‘players agents won’t let players sign’ ‘the ban isn’t helping’ ‘players have personal issues’ etc etc, always somebody else’s fault.’

gramiller1959 wrote:
‘ Why all the injuries. Is it getting rid of the fitness/conditioning coach or is it just down to bad luck? Or is it the fibresand pitch? these are notorious for getting compact and rock solid.’

jebu wrote;
‘Evans gambled tonight and he lost big time. He thought we could load midfield with attacking players and blitz Wycombe, get a few goals up, expect their heads to drop and then run out easy winners. The tactics WOULD have worked had we got a second goal inside the first 10 minutes but as soon as they realised they could get at our incredibly slow backline I could see this result happening from a mile off.’

ghost_of_dusty_m wrote:
‘Playing four attacking midfielders with a weakened defence is like sticking your wedding tackle in a lion’s mouth and flicking its love spuds with a wet towel.’

bradthemiller wrote:
‘If points were gained for gamesmanship & time wasting, Wycombe would be clear at the top by now. One player (Dunne) was on the floor feigning a head injury FOUR TIMES, but even after SEVEN minutes added time & having to play the last 15 minutes with ten men after young Josh Morris was victim of a disgraceful two footed challenge by Foster, we were still well beaten by a hard working but average Wycombe side.’

maurie86 wrote:
‘Wycombe just played their own game and who could fault them for time wasting when they are bottom of the division looking for every advantage (even though the ref let them get away with it). And when I say time wasting I really mean it!! It was horrific!!! 3 minutes to take a corner because none of their players wanted to take it!!!!!!! no ref urging them on or owt!!!! unbelievable!!!!’

Derbymiller wrote:
‘Wycombe wanted it more tonight and were the better team for at least 60 mins. Yes, they did all the tricks but Rotherham have done that in the past. It’s a team game and a team won it and group of footballers in red shirts were poor as a unit and lost’

gm_gm wrote:
‘We were well and truly beaten last night, a 5-2 defeat wouldn’t have flattered Wycombe, they were a very poor side who played with great heart and spirit.’

Next Game: Wycombe v Burton – Sat 24th Nov – 3.00pm