Date: 30th March 2014 at 2:59pm
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Following yesterday’s hard-fought stalemate with Scunthorpe United, here are some views from their manager Russ Wilcox and some of their supporters.

Iron manager Wilcox was in a reflective mood after making it a record 24 unbeaten games since taking charge and didn`t dwell on the game.

‘The fans should be really proud. Forget about the football side, let’s speak about these players as people’.

‘I’ve got an amazing group in there and we’re six games away from achieving what we set out to achieve. And I really do hope we do it, for the players mainly. This group is the best group I have ever worked with’ he said.

‘They’ve come and parked the bus, and I’m not criticising that because they`ve got a right to do what they want to do. 4-1-4-1, not really looking to get forward, allowing us the ball and defending from the half way line to the 18 yard box.

‘Very difficult first half, scrappy, very difficult to penetrate…no space in behind for our front two to break into. It’s difficult to play against’ Wilcox concluded.

The Scunthorpe fans weren’t particularly impressed with the result or the game.

The following extracts are taken from the Irn-Bru forum and the Scunthorpe Telegraph.

Alcazar said: ‘Not good enough really, we could have been three down at half time. Russ has NO idea how to break down a team who come here to shut up shop?and nor have the players, sadly. Face it? we’ve been sussed at home’.

Anoldiron said: ‘Fairly typical of when a team comes and parks the bus, can’t break teams down- not good enough’.

IronBoot said: ‘If they could`ve been 3 up at half time then so could we, they were no better than us in front of goal and never looked liked scoring throughout the match. We had more possession, more chances, and looked like the side most likely to score even whilst 1 man down.
Personally I think this was one of our better 0-0′s, a real battling performance that invoked one of the most fiery atmospheres I’ve heard at GP all season’.

whattheheck said: ‘Pretty poor really. Teams will defend at GP. It`s up to us to be able to break their lines with guile and pace. We seem to be struggling to do this, relying on spot kicks to create our scoring chances’.

Crozzer said: ‘Yes today wasn`t great on the eye but this is league 2. 85% of the game they had 11 men behind the ball. When you consider the injuries picked up today I’d say that actually a point was a pretty good return today’.

Pater said: ‘Didn`t expect to see us down to 10 men and the opposition running the clock down by putting the ball in the corner and trying to hold on to it and that was before 6 minutes extra time’.

RoamingBull said: ‘Glanford Park’s pitch size has been our downfall for getting the ball down and spraying it around, today was like watching 20 kids chasing the ball at once’.

IRON1899 said: ‘We didn’t help our chances of breaking them down by just lumping it up the pitch to two, later three forwards who can’t win a high ball. Also we need to pass the ball, not lump it, quicker. Teams have plenty of time to get set and we can’t break them down when they do.
I hope that Wycombe Wanderers total lack of wanting to win the game, even when we had 10 men for the last 25 mins, costs them!’

BrockIron said: ‘Wycombe came fighting for their survival on balance a draw was a fair result’.

OldIronFan said: ‘It was pretty shocking today. The first half was devoid of any quality, pace or movement. Ok Wycombe did what all of our visitors now seem to be doing, packing their own half and inviting us to break them down but we have faced this dilemma several times now and are no better at finding a solution’.

Bartonscorp said: ‘This was a terrible match, and neither team would have scored if the game had gone another 90 mins… Our front men had no service, and his was against possibly the worst team to visit GP this season’.

Muffed said: ‘It was abysmal, ruddy abysmal…how anyone can call themselves fans or supporters happy clapping to yesterday’s performance is beyond me. Blinded by the records whilst we performed like a Sunday league pub team you lot really do need to take a long hard look at yourselves’.

BigDave2011 said: ‘There was no urgency, no ideas & Canavan /Mirfin had no outlet so it was just hoofed upfield. I understand that that Wycombe made it very frustrating for us but come on, they are a bottom of the table side which we should have beaten. Yet again it wasn’t until Hayes was brought on that the quality & the pace of the game improved……………I say it every week, why isn’t he played from the start?’

xcahoot said: ‘We should have won it in the first half , there is no argument ,,,,sometimes it just doesn`t happen…single errors, players being greedy. I honestly thought we were going to nick it in the last ten minutes. But for some great Goalkeeping we would have’.

ironedout said: ‘We have not got the quality squad in reserve. It’s a poor league . Man United with a poor side won the poor premiership last year. However let’s learn from their predicament now’.

ironexile said: ‘The team trying to score have a massive disadvantage when the opposition put 10 behind the ball. I’m just happy we got a point in the end because it was one of those games with 0-1 written all over it! Somebody says Dave Syers played too deep! Of course he did because of the way Wycombe set up!’

Next Game: Wycombe Wanderers vs. Dagenham and Redbridge, Saturday 5th April 3pm