Date: 25th September 2011 at 1:48am
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Following yesterday’s epic 1-0 win over fallen giants Sheffield United, here are some thoughts on the game from the Blades’ manager Danny Wilson and a few of their fans.

Wilson was apparently able to extract plenty of positives from the jaws of defeat.

“It was a fantastic performance,” he said. “It was complete, complete dominance of a football game, chance after chance and not taking it.”

“Unfortunately we’ve been done by one ball that’s come over the top, the boy’s finished it very well, but shouldn’t have been in that position, and that’s the crux of the game really.”

“We had the chances but we haven’t put it away. I think they were quite lucky, they’ll say themselves they defended well but I think they had a bit of luck on their side as well.”

“We’ve had situations developing where perhaps one mistake’s been punished, they’ve had quite a few and they’ve not been punished.”

“From our point of view, we can’t do much more in a game than we’ve done today,” said Wilson ruefully.

The Sheffield United fans were horrified at losing to a minnow they’d never had to play in the league before.

The following extracts are taken from S24SU, Blades Mad and Unitedite.

grafikhaus wrote:
“What a disgrace, losing to bloody Wycombe.’

Curtis wrote:
“I’m really pleased with how Wilson has the team playing football out the back and not relying on the long ball. We dominated the first 30 mins but lacked a killer instinct up front. I was annoyed at how their goal totally knocked the stuffing out of us. It came from nothing, Their first shot and a goal. Second-half we had more than enough chances to at least get a draw. It just wouldn’t go in for us but Wycombe are very poor and we should be beating teams like this’

Mendi wrote:
“It’s shocking we lost to a club like Wycombe.’

DazBlade88 wrote:
“It was just one of those days when you knew we weren’t going to score. Until they scored they were never in it. One mistake by Maguire and we let a goal in when we could have already been 3 up.’

fred emney wrote:
“Perhaps our lads spent too long at the White Horse pre match, the exotic dancing mesmerising our poor innocent young`uns, It`s the only excuse I can give Harry for his ‘mind was elsewhere’ moment in helping Wy-bloody-combe to score.’

NW5 wrote:
“A fair result would have been 1-1. They had chances to extend their lead but we had a couple of efforts cleared off the line and Evans’ thunderbolt off the bar.’

Red Bladder wrote:
“This match proved my fears are founded. Plenty of chances to put away a shite team but we come away with a loss because we couldn’t take them. We need a real sharp-shooter.’

Fiery Blade wrote:
“We cannot go to places like Wycombe and get beat – Wycombe are only going one way this year – Down. Wake up a smell the coffee Wilson.’

LoughboroBlade wrote:
“Adams Park has to be one of the nicer grounds I’ve visited. Stewards surprisingly friendly.’

BaldeRunner wrote:
“I thought the stewards were excellent – good humoured and obviously keen to show that they could deal with much bigger crowds than they usually get in a pleasant & courteous way. They should be a model for other grounds. As for the game – talk about sleepwalking to defeat. It felt like our players thought they were slumming it a bit at Wycombe.’

YorkBlade wrote:
“Our crowd was lively to begin with but when we went 1-0 down and they all realised that Ainsworth wasn’t involved we were quite quiet.’

Next Game: Wycombe v Preston – Tues 27th Sept – 7.45pm