Date: 20th March 2011 at 1:26am
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Following yesterday’s 1-1 draw at Shrewsbury, here are some views on the game from the Shrews’ manager Graham Turner and a few of their fans.

Turner wasted no time in getting straight to the major talking point of the game.

“The decision for their goal was a shocking one,” he said.

“It was two inches short of the line and the goalkeeper’s body was in between the ball and the linesman.”

“It wasn’t the only decision that went against us, we’ve had the one on James Collins – he’s bottled it – it should have been a foul and their lad would then have to have gone.”

“It’s our own fault that we didn’t finish one or more of our chances, but when you get decisions go against you like we have today, at this time of the season, it’s sickening.”

The Shrews fans were naturally apoplectic with rage at the Wycombe goal, but were also reasonably fair in their assessment of the game as a whole.

The following extracts are taken from Blue and Amber, Shrews’ Chat, 606, Football Forums and The Football Forum.

ThrobsBlackHat wrote:
‘The ‘goal’ that was given is almost certainly the worst decision I have ever seen live. One of those “I was there” bizarre experiences.’

jam86 wrote:
‘The whole of blocks 18 and 19 saw it hadn’t gone anywhere near the line, Wycombe fans in the pub afterwards admitted it didn’t go over, so how can their manager justify his comments? Trying to dig himself out of the muck because we could have won 5-0 on another day? If I was Town I’d demand an apology from him, it’s bad enough the officials got it wrong, but to back them up is crazy.’

vanner1989 wrote:
‘I don’t know if this has been picked up yet, but the linesman actually gave us a penalty a good 2-3 seconds before the ref blew for full time. Not to mention the fact our goal just after half-time wasn’t offside.’

theshrews81 wrote:
‘Yep, The linesman flagged a pen last kick of the game and the ref blew full time after the flag went up. Shocking!!.’

Optimistic Shrew wrote:
‘This was a crucial game which could well have cost us promotion. How on earth can a ref give a goal if it hasn’t even touched the line!’

Wibbin wrote:
‘Wycombe should be ashamed for appealing.’

champagneprince wrote:
‘I worked out today that I’ve been watching Town for 38 years. I’ve seen s**t officiating in that time. Some really s**t officiating. No, some really, really s**t officiating. But today, even on the scale of really, really s**t officiating, this was (by some way) the worst I’ve ever seen. A once in a lifetime example of s**t officiating.’

heavenlyshrew wrote:
‘I know we were robbed by the officials today but wtf were we doing in the first 30 mins, we were shocking and didn’t look like getting out of our own half.’

abalshrew wrote:
‘First 30 mins were truly awful and we scored against the run of play – but we were saved by their (Wycombe’s) lack of prowess in front of goal.’

salopianite wrote:
‘Wycombe started brilliantly and we were never in the game until our goal. After that, for the remaining hour we were brilliant, the best I’ve seen us play in ages. Ripped Wycombe to shreds time and time again. Gareth Ainsworth had a top game for Wycombe and both teams were better offensively than defensively. A brilliant game to watch if it hadn’t been ruined by the officials. I can see why Wycombe are up there, but on the day I believe we were better than them and deserved to win.’

mrcricket wrote:
‘I’ll leave the injustices of the officials out of this as much as possible, I thought Town played well against a Wycombe side who started well but faded. I’m amazed that Matt Harrold and Dave Winfield stayed on the pitch, they were knocking lumps out of each another all game. Winfield is the kind of defender we all fear in league 2, very hard, although devoid of any pace.’

theyesman wrote:
‘Regardless of the ref’s decisions, we had the chances to bury them. Saying that, we could have been 3 or 4 down in the first 30 minutes.’

Matt wrote:
‘It doesn’t matter how many chances we may or may not have missed, Wycombe didn’t score a legitimate goal. It’s that straight forward.’

creature1 wrote:
‘We were asleep until they scored, then we played really well. Regardless of the officials we should have finished them off. We need more composure in front of goal.’

zenfootball wrote:
‘For the first half hour, Wycombe`s forwards must have thought Christmas had come early we gave them so much time and space on the ball. The major surprise for me was how on earth they failed to score. Their best chance was when their number 11 appeared in acres of space and still managed to completely fluff his shot.’

Downie wrote:
‘People keep going on about how the officials were poor, and I completely agree, but they were consistently poor and bottled all the big decisions!! Sharpes was not sent off for a push to their guy’s face just after we went 1 up, so we should have been down to 10 men. Davies should also have been sent off, so we would have been down to 9 men…. now would we have kept it at 1-1 for the 23 mins until Collins was pulled down?? I very much doubt it!! So yes, the officials were poor, but thankfully they were poor all round, and not biased against us.’

welshshrew wrote:
‘Aside from Chesterfield, the other 6 places are well and truly up for grabs. We have 9 games left and 3 or 4 wins in a row may well see us take third sport. But at the same time we are far from a shoe-in for the play-offs. Incredibly, Accy would now overtake us with two wins from their games in hand! Today was never going to be make or break. It’ll be a little while yet until that particular game is played. Going to be a fascinating last few weeks.’

Next Game: Morecambe v Wycombe – Sat 26th March – 1.00pm