Date: 10th December 2017 at 12:11am
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Following yesterday’s 0-0 draw at Stevenage, here are some views on the game from Boro’s manager Darren Sarll and a selection of their fans.

“The boys fought magnificently,” Sarll told his club’s official website

“If anything today, we showed a lot of human endeavour and a lot of good qualities in terms of the way we defended our box.”

“When you play against Wycombe you know that Akinfenwa is going to control the ball well and handle the ball well if it drops on his chest.”

“You know what they are going to do but it is still very hard to stop.”

“Second half they had lots of set plays and the pressure built, but the boys stuck together.”

“It was nice to know we are resilient, the boys fought for each other, fought magnificently and tried very hard for their football club this afternoon.”

The Stevenage manager felt his side deserved to be ahead at the break.

“We had numerous chances by half time and we needed to take them.”

“We had three very good chances in the first half. Second half we probably only had the two, Whelpdale’s header at the back post and Godden going through.”

In hindsight we needed to have got that first goal in the first half, when I thought we played very well,” he said.

The Boro fans felt their manager’s substitution of Alex Samuel was a costly mistake.

The following extracts are taken from Borochat and Twitter.

Wasp wrote:
“We were lucky. Okay first half, but Wycombe completely dominated us in the second. Lost count of the number of corners they had. Did we trouble their goal? The ref was terrible as usual, gave them almost everything they claimed for. Was Samuels injured? Can’t think why Sarllz would take him off otherwise. A lucky point.”

Sev wrote:
“Not lucky. Wycombe might have been on top all second half but they were so one-dimensional. They were never going to score but for a calamity. The game was ruined by them and all we could do was clear their hoofing. We needed an extra man in midfield to pick up the clearances.”

BaldockBoro wrote:
“Not much quality from either side today. Amazed that Ainsworth allows his team to hoof, he talks (a lot) post match about how much quality he has and how they play ‘the right way’. Thought overall we did OK, a 0-0 draw was a fair result.”

Junction7 wrote:
“Getting sucked down the plug hole. A couple of losses on the bounce and we are in trouble. Hope Sarll is looking for a new keeper in January cos Fryer nearly cost us again today.”

Owen wrote:
“He kept a clean sheet, what more do you lot want in a goalkeeper? A hat-trick?”

Lock13 wrote:
“Fryer is a bloody liability. Brilliant move by Darren for the substitution – take the bloke off who is playing the best. Now why don’t other Managers do that. it’s genius. Then let’s just not bother shooting in the second-half maybe they’ll score an own goal.”

worrier wrote:
“Major talking point of the game shouldn`t be the officials who tried their best to ruin it, but Sarll who took off the player who was causing them the most problems. Our attacking threat stopped and we spent the rest of time defending.”

@PhilTutton89 wrote:
“Lost all attacking threat after Samuel went off. Wycombe didn’t have an answer for what he does, Godden and Newton were easier for their style of defending to handle.”

Peanut wrote:
“Instantly removed all our attacking threat. Samuel is useful because you can hit the ball anywhere near him and he’ll put the defender under pressure. Without him we resorted it to hitting it long without any real purpose. Saying that I enjoyed the game and a draw was probably fair.”

Puds wrote:
“Sarll taking Samuel off and Ainsworth bringing Saunders on at pretty much the same point in the match totally turned it. Saunders ran things from then on whilst we had no outlet to get out of our own half.”

@toffeegunner wrote:
“Awful game, devoid of any real quality. Only Wycombe looked like winning in second half.”

On me ‘ead wrote:
“One win in ten games. That`s one win in a quarter of a season almost. The slide continues.”

Mercury88 wrote:
“If this had been at any other club in the football league the board would have stepped up by now and sacked the manager.”

Next Game: Wycombe v Chesterfield – Saturday 16th December – 3.00pm