Date: 14th February 2018 at 1:16am
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Following last night’s 3-2 win over Swindon Town, here are some thoughts on the game from the Robins’ manager David Flitcroft and a selection of their fans.

“We should have got something from the game,” said Flitcroft, speaking to the Swindon Advertiser.

“To score goals here and not get anything is incredibly disappointing.”

“It’s horrible. Football is about momentum and when you’re 2-1 down and Matty Taylor steps up and scores an absolutely outstanding goal that you don’t really see at this level, that’s the energy that you should thrive off.”

“You don’t get a better opportunity to come back into a game than with a goal like that.”

“It should give us energy and an adrenaline pump. Matty Taylor didn’t deserve to be on the losing team tonight.”

“Our fans were just unbelievable. With the noise they made behind the goal to draw us in, I’ve said to the players that under no circumstances at that point, with the energy pattern, do you concede.”

“Respect the point. It’s a hard-earned point,” he said.

“But we didn’t. We gave them opportunities to throw the ball into the box, we’ve conceded a late goal, and we’ve got no points from tonight’s work.”

The Swindon fans were impressed by the Beast.

The following extracts are taken from the Town End and Swindon Advertiser.

JoeMezz wrote:
“Could see that coming a mile off, they battered us last 15, game was crying out for us to make a sub. Really couldn`t deal with Akinfenwa, but thought he fouled a number of times (jumping into players, climbing on players to head it). Maybe just me having a biased view but ref gave us nothing from him.”

Batch wrote:
“Except he disallowed their goal, which looked ok to me!”

joteddyred wrote:
“We said the same. Loads of fouls the ref never gave against Akinfenwa and then he disallows a goal that looked fine. Wycombe certainly liked to go over easily though. It was a game of fine margins that we deserved a point from but got nothing. These are the games that will cost us at the end of the season.”

chalkies_shorts wrote:
“Just got back. Thought we deserved a point but our defence was s**t. Akinfenwa was a deserved man of the match. When you think that he can’t jump, yet he still won every header.”

Peter Venkman wrote:
“Why the hell with three players on him does Akinfenwa get to the header first?”

graham8181 wrote:
“The third goal conceded is the deal breaker for me. Cant see us getting automatic promotion now. Jokes.”

RobertT wrote:
“I’d say we brought it on ourselves. We handed the initiative back to them by putting three up top all playing the same role. Akinfenwa was all over us and could have bagged two more.”

TheDukeOfBanbury wrote:
“Sloppy at the end and once again points dropped. If you are going to come for crosses you have to make it.”

doomster wrote:
“Defence struggled all game with Akinfenwa, but ultimately it came down to Flitcroft`s tactics.”

The don69 wrote:
“Same old mistakes! Flitcroft’s mugs let the fans down badly! 13 defeats in the basement league now. Unlucky or incompetent? I know what I think!”

Processed Beats wrote:
“When is Flitcroft going to **** the **** off? 13 defeats by February is just not acceptable for a side aiming for promotion, particularly one of our size and with our budget.”

Exiled Bob wrote:
“I thought we were the better team. They look dodgy in defence as well – the difference being that they capitalised on our defensive f**k ups and we didn’t capitalise on theirs.”

woolster wrote:
“We never took our chances. Front line were poor.”

Abrahammer wrote:
“I`m still drooling too much over that free kick to be annoyed at the result. Best free kick we`ve ever scored? Must be a contender.”

Next Game: Cheltenham v Wycombe – Saturday 17th February – 3.00pm