Date: 22nd October 2017 at 12:16am
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In the wake of yesterday’s 1-0 defeat at Swindon Town, here are some views on the game from the Robins’ manager David Flitcroft and a selection of their fans.

“I was a little bit concerned at half-time that we hadn’t gone in three or four goals up,” Flitcroft told the Swindon Advertiser

“I think we deserved that,” he said. “The conditions were tough. It was one hell of a wind and we played it really well.”

“You are just concerned that if Wycombe utilise the wind in the second half, we probably didn’t get enough goals.”

“Especially with their record of being unbeaten away from home all season. They keep coming at you, they don’t lie down and they score late goals.”

“There was always that threat second-half but it was a really brave performance out of possession – the blocks, the courage, it was great.”

“Big Akinfenwa causes you problems but we managed him really well.”

“I am delighted for the players,” concluded Flitcroft.

The Swindon fans felt they deserved to win.

The following extracts are taken from the Town End and Swindon Advertiser.

RobertT wrote:
“Not one for the purists! Good defensive effort in the wind, restricted them to far less than we managed.”

Bennett wrote:
“WW never really looked like scoring. Gape was a diving little sh*tbag with a penchant for foul throws, El Abd was physical and the ref was a mentalist. I particularly enjoyed WW’s outrage at some time-wasting, given that was their game plan for the first half.”

Bob`s Orange wrote:
“I’ve never seen a team time waste so much in the first half as Wycombe but the wind was playing such a part that you can understand why they did it. Second half we were pushed back but defended really well. Wycombe had one shot on target that I remember.”

Scribblemilk wrote:
“Overall a difficult game considering the wind but really Wycombe were terrible. In the first half they played like a team who hadn`t scouted us, their high line gave us chance after chance on the counter. Another awful match, but at least we won. We may yet bore our way to promotion.”

The J0ckster wrote:
“A deserved win in the wind and the defence looked firm – caveat being that they (Wycombe) had no real pace up front.”

The DukeofBanbury wrote:
“You and me 3 legged running backwards could have run faster than Akinfenwa. Honestly that is an embarrassment to professional football and sadly sums up the level of football we find our club in. At a time when our National team are years behind our European neighbours, our ‘get it forward to the big lad` style is well past its sell by date.”

jib jib wrote:
“I`m just amazed Wycombe had such a long unbeaten run away from home. Probably the smallest side we`ve played against, and Akinfenwa was running in treacle although he won most of his headers. A funny lad and good for team spirit but the legs have well and truly gone.”

pauld wrote:
“We were good value for the win, and on another day could have scored a couple. Best (only?) bit of skill from either side was Akinfenwa doing his juggling seal act and getting a decent shot off. Good job the keeper was alert to save it as it would have been a good goal.”

Gloucester Red wrote:
“Thought Smith was excellent today, could easily have had a hat-trick. Not overly pretty but a gutsy display that merited the three points.”

ronnie21 wrote:
“Thought we really battled and fought for those three points, something that has been missing at home recently. Smith and Anderson gave their defence a torrid time, should have been 3 up at half time, rode our luck a little in the second half but overall were deserved winners.”

Posh Red wrote:
“Poor game, good goal. That`ll do nicely.”

Bogus Dave wrote:
“In the context of the season, this will end up being a good 3 points, but miserable me still feels it was a rubbish performance.”

loadsamoney wrote:
“Today’s howling gale blew away any chance of seeing any actual football on display by either side. Correction; from the away side, as the home side is incapable of playing any actual football no matter what the weather. Get the grunting DF out, so we can have a manager who inspires a team to play entertaining football.”

jib jib wrote:
“We are not the finished article by any means but from what I`ve seen in recent games we are going to start pushing for the top three. We`re not going to go on a long winning run but I can see us starting to win 2 out of 3 games rather than 1 out of 2 which should see us creep upwards.”

Next Game: Wycombe v Cheltenham – Sat 28th Oct – 3.00pm