Date: 4th May 2014 at 10:16am
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Following yesterday’s nerve-shredding escape from the clutches of the Conference, here’s what the Torquay contingent made of it all.

Gulls’ manager Chris Hargreaves concentrated on his own problems.

“How a team can play so poorly with only one player missing from the team that could have realistically beaten Mansfield 8-1 defies belief,” he said.

“I apologise on the players’ behalf to the fans. That’s not good enough and doesn’t represent me as a person or a manager.”

“You get a little glimmer that there are some lads performing and doing well and then it smacks you back in the face and you realise how big a job it is, how many cracks there are and how many people need to not be at this football club.”

“That’s my job now. To deliver a squad that can do it out there, over the white line.”

“I think that if I said most weeks that I am happy with three players on the pitch that gives you an indication of where I am.”

“It’s a big rebuilding job and that’s been the same for the past 18 months.”

“Ultimately they haven’t been good enough. I am responsible. I will hold my hands up, I will speak to the board and I will take the flak from the fans.”

“I accept it all because the players are my responsibility but those who I inherited are not good enough.”

The Torquay fans were still digesting their own relegation, but despite their disappointment they found time to congratulate the Chairboys.

The following extracts are taken from Torquay Fans.Com, The TFF and Football Forums.

Neal wrote:
‘Officially the worst team in the football league and totally deserved.’

twoleftfeet wrote:
‘I would like to thank the players for their final performance, or not, of the season. Sending us all home with a smile on our faces and hope in our hearts. Not. Thanks also to the board for their outstanding decision making that helped to cement our place in the fifth tier of our beautiful game.’

petet wrote:
‘An utterly disgraceful performance today. Time for some honesty and reality checks, no more of this sickly unfounded optimism. It’s wearing thin. An apology to the long suffering fans would be far more appropriate.’

loyalgull wrote:
‘Another shocking no show from our squad of little darlings. That was without doubt, the icing on the bloody cake for me. Good luck to Wycombe, who when really needed, showed fight and spirit. Hope our lot leave Plainmmor with their heads down with the shame of it all.’

Oil Beef Hooked wrote:
‘I thought we’d show a bit of fight today. But this was shameful. What a way to go out of the Football League.’

forevertufc wrote:
‘Today we wore the all white 125 year kit, what an apt colour, the colour of surrender and boy did we do that. Wycombe could have won by anything today, and fair play to their fans, we’ve had a full house of away fans from Rovers, Exeter, Plymouth and Portsmouth at Plainmoor this season and none came even close to making the noise they did today, superb, that’s how to support your team. Congratulations to Wycombe on avoiding the drop.’

AlexGulls wrote:
‘Well done Wycombe fully deserved. We were shocking. But take nothing away from you guys, you were excellent.’

hector wrote:
I want to mention the Wycombe fans. Before the game, I felt that I didn’t want to see a team celebrating at our last rites of league football. But their fans were excellent. As far as I could tell, there was no mocking of our relegation, just good solid support of their team. Wycombe looked good today – why on earth have they struggled? And their supporters created a great atmosphere in the ground. Also, pretty decent of the Pop to applaud when the Rovers result was confirmed. Good luck to Wycombe next year.’

gullintwoplaces wrote:
MOM: Cameron, the fans, the Wycombe supporters.’

robbotufc wrote:
‘The Wycombe fans get my vote as the loudest away fans all through the match this season.’

Oil Beef Hooked wrote:
‘Wycombe fans – they were loud and done their team proud today. They didn’t taunt us at the end of the match either.’

ToffeeGull wrote:
‘Credit to Wycombe, they brought their A game and survived as a result. I found myself happy for them at the end (I even had goosebumps at the sight of them celebrating survival when the rovers result was confirmed).’

hector wrote:
‘I find it quite surreal that Bristol Rovers are coming down with us, but it somehow softens the blow.’

brentwoodgull wrote:
‘Not out with a bang but a whimper. Probably the most appropriate finale to this god-awful season. Fair play to Wycombe. At least someone is celebrating in Torquay today. Glad I’m not on duty at Bristol nick this evening.’

Next Game… is in the Football League

PS: Good luck Torquay. A great little club, come back soon.