Date: 3rd April 2016 at 12:29am
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In the wake of yesterday’s 2-1 defeat at home to AFC Wimbledon, here are some views on the game from the Dons’ manager Neal Ardley and a selection of their fans.

“I thought we were so much better than them today,” said Ardley.

“They’ve had one shot through legs and a couple of goalmouth scrambles through constantly putting balls into the box, but that was about it.”

“We opened them up time and time again and probably should have been 3-0 up at half-time.”

“I was worried about the chances we missed because you think it should be three or four, and when it isn’t, you’re only one mistake away from not getting what you deserve.”

“But credit to the boys. The whole team has to get it right to come somewhere like Wycombe and win a game, and that’s what they’ve done today.”

The Wimbledon fans had a good gloat.

The following extracts are taken from the Womble Underground Press & One Football Forum.

Raynes Parker wrote:
“Well, that was massively satisfying. In the first half we embarrassed them into trying to play some actual football, which is why we went in ahead, as we are better at that than they are. Ainsworth obviously told his team to up the cynical cheating ante in the second half, which drew them level. Justice was done with the penalty. Great to wipe the smile off ‘Kirsty’ Allsop`s face.”

Triggerfish wrote:
“I don’t usually like seeing Taylor square up to keepers after he’s scored but today I wanted him to smash Allsop in the face. I’d have paid his fine.”

SuperDonRiz wrote:
“Gareth Ainsworth – your team always cheat.”

Brighton Don wrote:
“To play well is also a massive boost after a bad run. We didn’t just get a lucky goal and sneak a 1-0, we played well and fully deserved it.”

afcw4ever wrote:
“We should have had 2 penalties and they should have had 2 red cards – I’m not complaining, because the outcome was good, but if it had turned out differently score-wise I think there’d be a great deal of upset directed at the ref on here, and rightly so.”

Secret Agent wrote:
“Wycombe were rarely in the game so well were we set up, and their goal came against the run of play. We carried on playing and got a deserved winner. Great away support and a valuable three points.”

Singapore Don wrote:
“Fantastic day. Probably the best performance I’ve seen this season, always looked in control and threatening. Their goal completely out of the blue and against the run of play – their only real chance. Every player gave his all and we dominated. Hit the bar twice, missed sitters and bungled glorious opportunities to put the game to bed.”

Windlesham Don wrote:
“Football 2 Anti-Football 1 – Up yours Ainsworth!”

Silk wrote:
“Gareth Ainsworth is reportedly puzzled by our criticism of his team’s playing methods.”

Triggerfish wrote:
“He’s just doing what he thinks is necessary to get his team out of this shitty division. I wonder whether that’s just ‘in him’ though and he’d do that no matter what level he managed at. Either way, as it is, he can’t complain about being called out on it.”

Wombletom wrote:
“Cheats never prosper.”

Har Don wrote:
“Unlike Wycombe, you’d never get WFC players diving and cheating. We preferred to assault the opposition back in the day.”

Next Game: York City v Wycombe – Sat 9th April – 3.00pm