Date: 9th February 2013 at 10:59pm
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Following the Chairboys’ comprehensive 4-0 victory over York City at Adams Park this afternoon, here are some thoughts on the game from City boss Gary Mills and a few of their fans.

Mills lamented afterwards: “We were very disappointing from start to finish. It was a terrible start, we gave away two penalties. We’re committing suicide at the moment.”

“We’re giving away goals and we don’t look like scoring and, at the end of the day, that’s a recipe for disaster. We’ll sort it out, that’s our job. We’ll get ready for the next one and move on.”

“Football’s all about this. It’s not all success, when things aren’t going right you have to stand up and be counted. The players at this football club have got to stand up and start winning matches, start doing their jobs better. We know that, and we will.”

“There’s no hiding it. There are no excuses. We’re giving goals away and not scoring goals. Jamal (Fyfield) has told me he hasn’t pulled their man, I’ve got the DVD so I’ll see if he’s telling the truth.”

“It’s a very disappointing weekend again for us. Two weekends running and conceding four goals in both games. That’s not good enough, we have to be better.”

The Minstermen, and women, weren`t impressed with what they saw from their own side and that was understandably their main focus afterwards.

The following extracts are taken from the Red & Blue net forum.

Maltkiln wrote:
“Sitting in this freezing cold stand is awful …. The York fans are quiet as the only things worthy of a crowd reaction are negative!

Jamal Fyfield attempts a cross like he is in the playground and he doesn’t care when it uselessly goes for a goal kick fully thirty yards away from where he intended!

It`s now 4-0 and I`m walking out!”

One Darren Tilley wrote:
“Not good enough. Something needs to change soon or we are goners. At least the players will enjoy all the banter on the ‘YCFC fun bus’ on the way home.”

CityTilIDie wrote:
“My main confidence about staying up has been that when it mattered most, a City side under Mills has performed. We had a rough patch towards the end of last season but when it came to it we won semi-finals and obviously the rest is history.

My concern would be if that mentality still exists. Hearing opposition commentators talk of York players clearly giving up with 20 minutes still to go worries me, because that’s not the team we were last season, and added to that we’re in a tougher league with a poorer quality side.”

Wilsden Minsterman wrote:
“That was an appalling performance. All four goals were down to mistakes. Very worried now, not one player could hold his head up after that. They wanted it more. 302 city fans very pissed off at the final whistle.”

YC301995 wrote:
“We didn’t ‘match’ them at any point. We had a shot on target around the 91st minute. By then, there was only a few of us there to see it. Going down I’m afraid.”

Derrick Downing wrote:
“We were a complete shambles, lightweight, ineffective tippy-tappy but without the quality to keep possession. All Wycombe had to do was hustle us and the inevitable mistake would happen and they had the ball. Kerr had an absolute mare, Walker utterly ineffective, the rest were just mediocre. No leader out there, just bickering and finger pointing.”

South Coast Red wrote:
“Well that was truly, truly awful. It’s been a while since I’ve seen us play that badly. Today we were a team without any direction, without a clue of what they were supposed to be doing. Disjointed, like a bunch of strangers having a kick around together for the first time.

Inept in defence, clueless in how to turn defence into attack, possession too easily lost or given away, and the ball coming straight back at us if we did manage to move it up field temporarily.

The two penalties were given away softly from glaring defensive errors totally of our own creating; a third from a, what appeared to be, unchallenged run from one of their players; and the fourth was an unmarked header. In all honesty they could, and probably should, have scored more.

Today was not good enough on all fronts and the buck must stop with the manager. It’s often been a criticism of Mills that he has no plan B, well today we didn’t even have a bloody plan A!”

Willincity wrote:
“Last time I left an away ground before the final whistle was Bristol Rovers 2004, we were dreadful that day. This afternoon I left with 15 minutes still to play, we were very, very poor, it`s a sad day when second half substitute Alex Rodman was probably our best lad out there and I only saw him for half an hour.”

The Usual Suspect wrote:
“It’s getting a bit worrying now. Wycombe knackered us in the opening game and they’ve knackered us again with exactly the same approach. This is a team who are predictable long ball hoofers. It’s not exactly difficult to see how they’re going to play. What does Gary Mills see that most of us miss?”

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Saturday 12th February 2013 Kick-off 7.45pm