Date: 19th August 2012 at 12:58am
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Following Wycombe’s excellent 3-1 win at York City in yesterday’s opening game of the season, here are a bumper crop of views from the Minstermen’s manager Gary Mills and a selection of their fans.

“I don’t think we played our game from the word go today,” said Mills.

“I don’t think we were brave enough to play from the back. I thought we put too many balls down their throats early on in the game and that continued up until half time.”

“Having said that, I don’t think they were any better than us first-half. They scored a deflection and a cracking goal for the second but it’s how they got those opportunities in the first place. For both goals we’ve got to do better before they actually score.”

“There’s a big lesson learned that you can’t afford to give the ball away cos it’s going to end up where it has today and we’re 2-0 down at half time and chasing the game.”

“The next goal’s massive, and again I thought we switched off. So we’re 3-0 down, but what I will say is that we kept going and we get the goal back.”

“We were a little bit desperate in the second-half trying to pump the ball forward, but we had to. We had the odd chance coming from that, but the first-half was the one for me, I just don’t think we’ve started the game how I want us to play.”

It was a bit of an anticlimax for the York fans who were out in force to mark their first game back in the Football League, but they were generous in defeat.

The following extracts are taken from Red &, The York Press and The Football Forum.

Yorkiephil wrote:
‘Back to earth with a massive bump.’

We-Are-York wrote:
‘Good twenty minute period in the second half but apart from that nothing to suggest we’re play-off material. Wycombe looked good and had a perfect ‘away game’, they restricted our chances and converted the few they had.’

LA Metros Hockey Player wrote:
‘They will be challenging for top-three and it’s probably a lesson we were going to learn at some point anyway. Don’t think there was too much difference between the sides, Wycombe probably edged it in all areas but the main difference was down to the finishing. They didn’t get many chances, but they made them count and the quality was there for all to see. Their defending around the box was a lot more organised too and they usually managed to get that foot or block in without committing the foul.’

catkin wrote:
‘We didn’t look too bad to be fair but had zero going forward. Defence went to sleep a couple of times just like they tended to do last year. Forest Green and the like never punished us for it, Wycombe did.’

Al-YCFC wrote:
‘If we’d been as clinical as them then who knows. They had a strong defence. But hey, at least we can see what went wrong on the FOOTBALL LEAGUE show!! Still early days yet!’

Cockney Red wrote:
‘They were quite physical and seemed to win everything at the back. We didn’t get the ball down on the ground enough and were never going to win aerial battles against players like that. Having said that, a very lucky first goal and a thirty yarder from pretty much nothing heavily flattered them.’

Pooley87 wrote:
‘Poor performance overall, lacked ideas, bullied off the ball, lost every challenge. It’s a massive reality check.’

Crezzie wrote:
‘Wycombe played like a very good conference side – big, organised, and clinical when the chances came around. (That second goal must be one of the best I’ve seen at BC). I suspect they may be one of the stronger teams in the division this year although it takes at least half a dozen games for a true picture to form.’

MarkW wrote:
‘We didn’t look too bad – but we did look like a team playing one from a higher division. We showed moments of skill, but were simply picked off by a more polished and accomplished team. They defended almost without fault and more importantly, took their chances.’

AcombDave wrote:
‘Beaten by the better team (the idiots chanting who the ****** hell are Wycombe soon found out!) We had no idea, never looked like scoring and need a striker badly. Poor performance by the crowd – waving a few flags and singing about the opposition is NOT supporting the team.’

TOTP wrote:
‘They’ve just been relegated from league one and it showed. They were far more composed, more professional and better organised than we were… but they won’t be troubling the top of the league.’

Old-Head wrote:
“A good crowd, brilliant pitch, and lovely weather, it was just the result that was disappointing. Wycombe won comfortably in the end. Despite our second half pressure their keeper only had one save to make.’

Theapplesarecoming wrote:
‘Wycombe outplayed us, they were constantly running at our players. As soon as we got the ball we hardly had chance to move or pass before they were on us.’

ycfc84 wrote:
‘For me Wycombe were a little bit better in key areas. We had as much possession, if not more, than them but they broke much faster and were far better organised than we were.’

Clausewitz wrote:
‘The thing that stood out massively for me was that they closed us down from inside our own half. That didn’t happen in the Conference.’

arsene.about.york wrote:
‘Well, that was a real wake up call. We were given a lesson in finishing by a team who were bigger, stronger and quicker than we were. ‘

swh1963 wrote:
‘Two long range shots from them went in, both of the type that usually don’t – one was a deflection, the other was a punt and you have to say it was an exceptional strike but not something he’ll do again anytime soon. It’s not often you can say a 3-1 defeat could easily have been a draw.’

DMN wrote:
‘Credit to Wycombe, a sorted and ‘ready from the off’ outfit. Our players need to learn to go down at the slightest touch. Their second goal was very good, sadly their third shouldn’t have been allowed – but by that time the game was already dead.’

alimount wrote:
‘Long punts up to a lone, short striker who was up against an excellent, experienced defender in Gary Doherty – We were outmuscled too often and didn’t settle into the game at all. Wycombe’s game plan worked perfectly.’


Next Game: Wycombe v Gillingham – Tues 21st Aug – 7.45pm