Date: 4th January 2009 at 3:25pm
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Following Wycombe’s 2-1 win over Bury at Adams Park yesterday, here are some views from Shakers manager Alan Knill and a few of their fans.

The Bury boss was disappointed: ‘That was a pretty poor day that. What could go wrong, did go wrong.’ said Knill after the game. ‘The first half wasn’t the greatest performance, but I have to say that the game wasn’t the greatest spectacle. It looked like it had 1-0 written all over it.’

Knill went on to say: ‘Wycombe had two shots on target and scored from both. We conceded two poor goals and really didn’t look a threat in front of goal, but in saying that, we are shuffling the team around here. We are short of bodies.’

Feeling that his side could have been awarded a penalty, Knill said: ‘There were some decisions that really didn’t go for us, they were pretty poor. Mr. Kettle had a poor game, I think that’s all I can say. I never moan about referees, but I thought he had a poor game today. But to be fair to him, it wasn’t his fault that we conceded two poor goals, we have to accept the blame.’

Praising his opponents’ defensive capabilities, Knill said: ‘Wycombe have one of the best defensive records in the league. At one goal behind you might have a chance, at two goals it becomes pretty difficult.’

The majority of Bury fans were complimentary in defeat despite their disappointment.

The following extracts are taken from ‘the mighty shakers’, BBC 606, ‘The Football Forum’ and ‘Football Forums’.

prestolee wrote:
‘I wish we’d played the first half with the determination and ambition of the second. In the second we pushed up and ran around a lot more. Sadly our desire to pass the ball at speed in a wide arc about 30yds from goal seemed greater than the desire to have a shot at the goal.’

The Cockney Shaker wrote:
‘It would be ludicrous to blame the ref for that defeat today. Do we have to rely on penalties for our goalscoring opportunities these days? Don’t forget the goal we did score was a handball deflection by their defender from a cross! We did lack the guile for the most part to break down a stubborn defence so perhaps we aren’t quite good enough.’

unsworth- white wrote:
‘I thought Wycombe were one of the best attacking teams we have played against this season. They were sharp and well organised and penetrated our defence on numerous occasions. We huffed and puffed but failed to create any clear cut chances until the last 10 minutes. They showed a level of skill and determination we should be aiming for and to be honest are probably two or three players from achieving. Wycombe are top. They are there on merit.’

Shakers4eva wrote:
‘It was an appalling match really, Wycombe had 2 shots on goal and 2 goals, Bury 0 shots on goal and 1 goal! That was one of the most blatant penalties I’ve ever seen, Crooks almost caught the flaming ball when it was sailing over to Morrell at the back stick! Wycombe were solid at the back as expected and had some decent movement upfront with Harrold.’

Hampshire white wrote:
‘Ref missed two clear penalties, but he could have sent off Bennett and booked Jones for a blatant dive. Can’t blame the ref though for our being second to the ball most of the game and only pushing forward properly when 2-0 down. Methinks Knill was after a 0-0 but Wycombe were too good for that.’

Ed Aches wrote:
‘We should have had 2 pens. Absolute stonewall certainties. Shocking decisions by the ref. But we can’t blame the ref for us losing. I’m not sure if we came into it in the 2nd half because we came out of our defensive mode, or was it because Wycombe allowed us to attack so they could get us on the break?’

japs3 wrote:
‘Wycombe were well organised at the back with good midfield cover and broke like mad when they had the opportunity. Beaten by a well organised side today. We had little firepower up front and our final ball was poor to say the least. Got what we deserved.’

Bradley Bucket wrote:
‘Well done to Wycombe, once again they showed why they are top of the division. They are extremely well organised and physically strong throughout the whole team. They are certainties to go up on that showing. Sometimes you have to give credit where it is due. Wycombe are a quality, strong outfit and not top of the league for nothing. They were first to every 50/50 and their defence looked extremely organised. I don’t think we ever looked like scoring until the last 15 mins. As for their fans I have to say they must be the politest bunch I have ever come across. The stewards were wishing everyone happy new year, their fans greeted us as we walked around and asked if we needed help getting our tickets. They are truly a family club and I for one would be delighted if they went up rather than Bradford for example.’

Not everyone was a fan though.

Vicious wrote:
‘Why the home team must defend corners with all 11 men behind the ball beats me. Even we, as the away team leave 2 players up (1 on half way and 1 in midfield). Mind you, look where Wycombe are in the league. You can’t argue that it aint working, it’s just boring to watch.’

MartynRaf wrote:
‘I thought we were the better team, despite the lack of chances. Wycombe were boring, the whole place was boring. 4,500 home fans and more atmosphere coming from the 400 shakers.’

Gigg Deano09 wrote:
‘First of all, the lads were unlucky against Wycombe. Even our fans were singing Top of the league your boring as ****. Every time we touched them they went down and we got booked, every time they touched us they got away with it. With regards the fighting between our own fans, the stewards who threw punches to one or two fans when confronting the referee are a disgrace, they were too heavy handed, we pay to voice our opinions and be allowed too.’


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