Date: 18th October 2017 at 12:48am
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Following last night’s 3-3 draw at Carlisle United, here are some views on the game from the Cumbrians’ manager Keith Curle and a selection of their fans.

“There are lots of positives to take out of the game,” said Curle.

“Wycombe are a buoyant and confident side but we tested them and moved them around. Our players caused them big problems.”

“Generally we defended quite well but I’m disappointed we conceded three goals at home.’

“At 2-0 up, I thought we were comfortable, but goals change games at all levels.”

“It’s a platform for us. There was a flow and tempo and we have goals in our team,” said Curle.

The Carlisle fans were disappointed to have a rare home win snatched away at the death.

The following extracts are taken from and Twitter.

pie wrote:
“What could have been a much needed comfortable night at home disappears!”

@salderson91 wrote:
“Gutting as that was, what a relief to watch a cracking game of football at BP. Credit to Wycombe, you know what you’re getting, but what a threat Akinfenwa is.”

@ChrisCoopsSport wrote:
“A superb advert for League Two football. Could have been 8-8; attacking play throughout from both sides with great goals.”

franksidebottom wrote:
“Even though we let in three, I thought our back four looked pretty solid and played well. The three attacking midfielders weren’t bad but once again our forward line and attacking options are crap. Five forwards at the club and they’re all rubbish.”

RagingBlue wrote:
“2-0 up at home. Really should be seeing that out.”

@ccoulthard wrote:
“Think the blues will get some unfair stick tonight. Much better performance, Wycombe have quality throughout their team.”

ThatAmazingJohnHalpinGoal wrote:
“Typical Carlisle but a good performance it seems nonetheless. Crazy that we cant win at home.”

Deano19 wrote:
“Value for money!!!! And a lot more positives than negatives to take from that. On to Saturday and hopefully more of the same with a couple extra points.”

seesaw50 wrote:
“You could see how down Lambe was at kick off after their 3rd. Probably thinking that’s two good goals all for nowt. Bloody typical. Had to laugh at Hill and Liddle’s attempts to tame the beast… a sort of Akinfenwa double decker sarnie.”

franksidebottom wrote:
“As blatant a dive as you’ll see to win a penalty for the second goal, no wonder Wycombe, Saunders in particular, felt aggrieved. Where does everyone stand on this? Because it was a Carlisle player and it earned us a goal is it okay? Personally I hate it, whether it’s a Carlisle player or the opposition, it’s absolutely ruined the game over the years. Not a big fan of Miller anyway but got little respect for him now.”

Dentonholmersimpson wrote:
“You have got to give your team an edge.”

Waltero wrote:
“Definitely a pen then the referee lost control of the game. Am I right in thinking that to mob the referee is a bookable offence? If so why didn’t he book at least 3/4 Wycombe players.”

Arragorn wrote:
“Ref defo lost it, He should have sent Saunders off. He couldn’t get him out of his face. Should have been more than 1 yellow card as well.”

crunchblue wrote:
“Positives are we scored 3 goals at home, but f*** me, we have to be able to see that out. So disappointing.”

@dubhead77 wrote:
“Bloody football, I’ll be back on Saturday though.”

Next Game: Swindon v Wycombe – Saturday 21st October – 3.00pm