Date: 18th February 2018 at 12:16am
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Following yesterday’s 2-0 win at Cheltenham Town, here are some views on the game from the Robins’ manager Gary Johnson and a selection of their fans

“The first goal was always going to be important,” said Johnson, speaking to Gloucestershire Live.

“Because up until then we were coping with their strike force.”

“Then they got a couple in, and it’s very difficult against good teams to get the game back, because they game manage.”

“But we didn’t do enough today. We didn’t give ourselves a chance really, because we didn’t create enough opportunities, and we got beat by a good side.”

“We played a good team today, a very experienced team. They stopped us creating opportunities and they took their chances like they’ve been doing all season.”

“They didn’t have loads of chances, but they took their two when they came along.”

“If you make a mistake against these top teams they punish you… and they punished us.”

They’re strong at the back, they’re strong in midfield and they’re strong up-front, and that’s why they’re in an automatic promotion place,” he said.

The Cheltenham fans weren’t happy with Bayo, the ref, their manager, or their performance.

The following extracts are taken from The Robins Nest & Twitter.

@disco_shippers wrote:
“Well that was poor. Wycombe didn’t have to get out of second gear. Bayo with his usual goal (thanks for that by the way, like printing money) GJ looks like he’s lost the players, looking very uninterested which is dangerous as we are nowhere near safe.”

Ben2 wrote:
“Akinfenwa scored one and made one – but then I’d be quite effective at this level if I was immune to the laws of the game as he is. Unbelievably bad refereeing.”

art vandalay wrote:
“Two embarrassing goals conceded. We had possession in or around our own penalty area, gave it up and they scored straight away.”

Alf wrote:
“So many other teams just look better organized than us. Another lacklustre performance.”

@jodieeeLeigh wrote:
“I’m actually glad I have to have surgery and total rest for at least 6 weeks with the way #ctfc are playing lately. Hopefully by the time I get back things will have improved dramatically.”

@GeorgeDidcote wrote:
“The easiest of wins for Wycombe. Good game management from Ainsworth but no pressure at all from anyone in red and white. Boring second half with nothing to excite anyone.”

Oldun wrote:
“We started well and for 35 minutes or so were as good if not better than a play-off team. Then a push by the Beast is not given by the (appalling) ref and we’re one down There follows an awful mistake by Winnie and Joe and it’s game over.”

Robin wrote:
“We were the better team first half, Wycombe scored with their first effort then we just gave up. I like GJ, his record speaks for itself but his subs today had no impact. Did we even register a shot in the entire second half? First half Scott Brown was the busier keeper and looked his jittery self, so criminal not to even test him in the second half.”

Ralph wrote:
“Were we actually at home? Really quiet from the CTFC fans. All I heard was the Wycombe fans today.”

Pidgeee wrote:
“The fans singing ‘we want Johnson out’… Never been so embarrassed to be a CTFC fan. Some of our lot seem to think we have some kind of right to success. Yes, this season hasn’t been great, but we’re 16th, 12 points clear of relegation. Grow up.”

Shade wrote:
“About 20-30 chavs behind the goal. That’s all. Unfortunately they’re among the few CTFC fans on facebook it seems.”

Ben2 wrote:
“A poor Wycombe side beating a worse Cheltenham side aided and abetted by an even worse referee. If Wycombe are promotion quality then what’s happened to the game?”

longmover wrote:
“Wycombe were playing in 3rd gear, if they needed to score more they would have.”

Artemis wrote:
“We were beaten by a very well drilled and strong team today. They will go up. There’s no shame in losing to them. And their support was fantastic.”

Next Game: Wycombe v Morecambe – Saturday 24th February – 3.00pm