Date: 28th February 2018 at 12:49am
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In the wake of yesterday’s 1-0 defeat at home to Coventry City, here are some views on the game from the Sky Blues’ manager Mark Robins and a selection of their fans.

“We are back on track,” said Robins, speaking to his club’s official website.

“There’s still a long way to go but if we can win the remainder of those then we will be up there.’

“I’m pleased with the performance and pleased with their effort, but really pleased with some of the play. We want to try and play football.”

“We made sure we stayed in the game and we passed the ball well in difficult conditions.”

“The whole back-four were really good, the deep midfield two shielded them really well and the two strikers worked as hard as they could.”

“The lads have got the bit between their teeth now,” he said.

The Coventry fans were delighted to be back in the promotion race.

The following extracts are taken from Sky Blues talk.

Liquid Gold wrote:
“We were a bit static up front and had problems in the middle but great defensive work tonight. We knew the threat Wycombe posed and dealt with it perfectly”

JWC wrote:
“The whole defence were excellent. Dealt with their style of play very well.”

Nick wrote:
“It was a good result. We created absolutely nothing though and relied on a pen to get a goal.”

Speng wrote:
“Awful game.”

rob9872 wrote:
“Not much in terms of quality from either side, but for effort and guile away from home and never giving up, I felt if any team was going to nick it, it would be us and Robins got the tactics bang on.”

sw88 wrote:
“Based on the pace of the game and trying to get the ball back in play, both teams seemed happy for a point. At no point was I worried. We defended brilliantly.”

fernandopartridge wrote:
“Robins got it spot on, focused on getting players picking up the second ball off all the diagonal crosses they put in.”

Nick wrote:
“The build up to the pen was lucky, their defender didn’t block the pass to Bayliss properly and it ran through to him to then be tripped. I’ll take it though!”

Singers_pore wrote:
“The ref was almost as fat as Akinfemwa.”

oucho wrote:
“It was the ref’s first game of the season apparently. Maybe there’s a winter shortage and the FL/FA are drafting in retired has-beens. He needs a bit of match fitness.”

thekidfromstrettoncamp wrote:
“This is the value of winning games against teams around you. A loss tonight would have left us 5 wins away from Wycombe and with no chance of the autos.”

Mucca Mad Boys wrote:
“This is such a crazy league. Now we’re only 8pts off Wycombe in 3rd, and with a game in hand.”

Next Game: Crawley v Wycombe – Saturday 3rd March – 3.00pm