Date: 31st January 2018 at 1:39am
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Following yesterday’s epic 3-2 win at Luton, here are some views on the game from the Hatters’ manager Nathan Jones and a selection of their fans.

“It was a wonderful game for the neutral in terms of end to end chances, but it’s disappointing from our point of view.” Jones told his club’s official website.

“We didn’t give ourselves a real chance.”

“We conceded after the first minute from schoolboy defending and that put us on the back foot.”

“Then we conceded from a set-play and lost two headers in the box, which is something we massively earmarked from them. So that was disappointing.”

“Then we give ourselves a chance with a goal, and I felt on the whole we were the better side, but just when we’re in the ascendancy, they go on the counter attack.”

“Elliot Lee then scores again, but they see the game out. When you concede three at home, it’s very unlikely you win the game.”

“Credit to Wycombe, they came here, and to score three and beat us at home they must be a decent side, because not many do that,” said Jones.

The Luton fans had a variety of colourful opinions.

the following extracts are taken from Luton Outlaws.

Godders wrote:
“Oh well, we were never going to go to the end of the season unbeaten. We’re still 8 points clear. Onwards and upwards.”

Music Critic wrote:
“We’ve lost 3 out of 6, doubling our losses from the rest of the season in the space of a month. The two games that we’ve won recently have been against poor sides and have been unconvincing. I ain’t worried yet but there are a few alarm bells. The momentum is with others and not us.”

Teacher wrote:
“Great result for Wycombe but still a big gap at the top of the table. No need to panic yet!”

Jumbo wrote:
“We’re missing a centre half and leader. Tonight we were beaten by a physical team with a game plan better than ours.”

Oak Rd Old Boy wrote:
“Big game management is what’s missing. At 1-2 we were the better team and pushing for an equaliser. To lose a goal so easily on the break with 20 mins to go effectively killed us. Should not happen. Stay in the game at all costs and take a draw. To draw tonight after being two-down would have felt like a win.”

Big D wrote:
“Tonight showed that if a team presses us high up the field, we don’t know how to break through. I’m not saying that we should try hoofball but we need to be able to adapt our game to the team we’re playing. Tonight they came with a game plan, stuck to it and beat us, I thought we looked second best for most of the first half and a fair bit of the second, our passing was wayward and they seemed quicker to the ball than us. No need to panic or knee jerk but we do need to have a “plan B” when teams don’t want to let us play.”

Desperate Dan wrote:
“At times we were very unlucky. Their keeper kept them in it with some very good saves. They are nothing special, and as per usual ‘managed’ the game but that’s their prerogative the cheating ####s.”

Ron Manager wrote:
“Their keeper played a blinder and about four crosses went across the face of their goal with no one getting on the end of them, on another day we could have had 5 goals.”

Whhatter wrote:
“I thought it was a very good game, albeit scrappy, but Wycombe are time wasters and cheats of the highest order. Akinfenwa should have walked with his constant fouls but the referee bottled it – very poor control of the time wasting by the goalkeeper and a few of their players. We are missing Hylton but Elliot Lee played a blinder tonight. Wycombe knew they had a head start with Hylton out and took their chance.”

Icknield OB wrote:
“Tonight we were the better side but two defensive mistakes cost us dearly. Also playing with ten men for over an hour three days ago left a number of players very leggy for the last 20 minutes or so.”

Johnny wrote:
“No need to panic, with a bit of good fortune we could have won tonight. I hope the players are hurting after that listening to Ainsworth’s ***tard fans celebrate like they’d won the world cup.”

RGDave wrote:
“We got caught out tonight and didn’t get the rub of the green. Their annoying, time wasting keeper made three very good saves. It happens. We were well the better footballing side. Once the pitches dry out we’ll take most teams apart.”

BlackcountryHatter wrote:
“This title ain’t won yet, defence struggling and forwards struggling.”

Rick O`Shea wrote:
“I don’t get the negativity. We are by a mile the best team in this league. We have the best manager and supporters and are still the highest goalscorers in the country. We will go up as ****ing champions.”

Earls wrote:
“What an absolute tit Nathan Tyson is. After his goal to put Wycombe 2-0 up, he did the ear-cupping celebration for the length of the Kenny End, knowing it was inflammatory. If he’d had any stick, fair enough, but he hadn’t been booed, and I was unaware of any bad blood between us and Tyson. Now? I know he’s a prize plum. Scott Brown giving it the big one at the end was fair enough, btw. Him, we were calling a **** from the fifth minute for his timewasting.”

DP wrote:
“For all the time wasted, we must hand it to Ainsworth, they have no money, reserve team, academy, and one of smallest squads but always look dangerous when we play them.”

Fuctivano wrote:
“Do you really believe all of the sh**e he comes out with about their resources?”

Nder wrote:
“They’ve got lots of money. Just think of all that money Ainsworth saves by not getting his haircut.”

Next Game: Wycombe v Carlisle – Saturday 3rd February – 3.00pm