Date: 1st April 2012 at 11:47am
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Following yesterday’s 1-1 draw at Stevenage, here are some thoughts on the game from Boro manager Gary Smith and a few of their fans.

“I’m very disappointed that we’ve not taken all three points out of that, probably the most disappointed that I’ve been since I’ve been here,” said Smith.

“I thought our general play was very good and we had two or three fabulous opportunities that we may well have converted before the goal, and to be perfectly honest I cannot believe how their goal has come about, I’m absolutely flabbergasted.”

“We give a stupid penalty away and lose two points. We completely implode in the last two minutes.”

“When you score that late in a game after knocking on the door so many times, you feel as though all of your efforts are rewarded, and to concede that late, it really is a body blow.”

“It feels like we’ve lost.”

The Boro fans come across as an unhappy bunch despite their lofty position. It seems they haven’t taken to Smith and are having trouble laying Westley’s ghost to rest. Meanwhile they think we’re a bunch of southern softies for complaining when they kick us.

The following extracts are taken from Borochat.

keith_razor_sfc wrote:
“Probably the best first half I’ve seen under Smith. Worst start to the second half I’ve seen so far. Against a good team we could have conceded. I hope Wycombe go down, moaning and complaining after every foul. Bunch of soft tossers.’

SFC George wrote:
“Deserved the win. Didn’t get it. Onwards we go. Still rather our position compared to Wycombe’s. Look how excited they are about getting a point from us. It does make me laugh the way people treat just the idea of staying up as something to celebrate.’

SFCfox wrote:
“Nice to see a draw at our place is their cup final. We’ve stamped our authority on the league and long may it continue!’

nick(wgc) wrote:
“Worst fans I’ve seen at the lamex for a while. Utter winkers chanting ‘cheerio’ when a player goes off injured.’

HarryG wrote:
“To be fair most of them clapped him.’

gateSeven wrote:
“Every decision or non-decision they were screaming and flailing their arms about. Always a sign of a bunch of bellends. Their players followed suit. Constantly in the ref’s ear, going down way too easily.’

robbie got the 100th wrote:
“Their fans & players seemed to think that they had a right to a free kick every time we touched them. Eastmond was probably the worst for it, thinking that no physical contact is allowed… Wycombe really need to man up if they want to play football. Never have I seen a team who are so weak and throw their toys out of the pram every time a player tackles them.’

G-man24 wrote:
“At least we won’t be playing them next season.’

Rotterdamboro wrote:
“The light has gone out on our season. Aimless drudgery. Players out of position, no cutting edge and seemingly no master plan to break sides down. Let’s try and enjoy next season because it will be our last in League One with Smith at the helm.’

sbfc96champions wrote:
“We will be lucky if Robbo, Laird, Wilson and Bostwick are here next season. They’re all good enough to give the Championship a go. People won’t like this but if we don’t get in the play-offs and they do go, I fear we could be fighting for survival next season. I see massive changes come summer, and for a club of our size I think the unity we have built up over a few years will be totally gone’

borofrog wrote:
“The attitude on here is atrocious… I was upset to see Westley go, but Gary Smith would have been my choice and to be honest, I think it’s absolutely unforgivable to be criticising him after 13 games. We are 7th in league one FFS. If anyone had offered me 15th this year I’d have ripped his arm off.

FC Zulu wrote:
“Most of it is frustration at seeing our team look good and compete so hard this season and then seeing all the great work the squad achieved going down the drain after being so close to the play offs. You’re going to get a backlash from those who fork out hard earned cash week in week out.

Mr Happy SFC wrote:
“What about the Wycombe fans who fork out their hard earned cash every week? They could be forgiven for expecting to be above us since they were so much better last season. They went home happy because they drew. We’re suicidal because we drew. Why, because the team has massively over-performed so far this season and now, just because they can’t sustain it, everyone is critical.’

Boromad wrote:
“Westley will be back at Stevenage within 6 months is my prediction.’

gateseven wrote:
“It’d never happen. And it’d never work. Do you think the players would want to play for someone they know will leave at the first better offer.’

SFC Jonny wrote:
“Unfortunately Westley has ruined everything, for us and him. We must accept this.”

Next Game: Wycombe v Carlisle – Sat 7th April – 3.00pm