Date: 4th March 2009 at 4:39pm
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Following Wycombe’s 2-0 win over Chester City last night, here are some views from Seals’ manager Mark Wright and a few of their fans.

Speaking to the Chester Evening Leader, Wright reflected on his team’s missed chances and emphasized the club’s need to sign a goalscorer: ‘Wycombe manager Peter Taylor told me after the match that we should have been 2-0 or 3-0 up before Wycombe had even started. said Wright.

‘But our problem is so obvious for all to see, it hits you right in the face. If we’d had strikers things could have been so different.’

Wright revealed that a deal had been practically done and dusted with Stuart Beavon before he eventually signed for Wycombe. ‘He was going to come to us way before Wycombe came anywhere near him.’ said the Chester boss.

Wright felt the result was ‘hard to take’ because his players had ‘worked their socks off’ yesterday evening. He felt his team’s formation had limited the home side to ‘nothing.’

‘All they did was pump high balls up for Chris Zebroski who was always going to out-jump Anthony Barry’ said Wright, adding that winning the second ball was key.

He felt his side dealt with most of the things that Wycombe threw at them, but added that ‘the reality is that they took their half chances and we missed three or four really good chances.’

“It was unjust to me” said Wright. “We should have been at least 2-0 up, maybe 3-0 up before they got anywhere near us.”

‘But you make your own luck in football’ said Wright, revealing that his team were “feeling sorry for themselves because they’ve worked hard and are wondering what they have to do.’

Wright finished by saying: ‘We had the better scoring chances by a mile, but like I’ve been saying for a while now, we just can’t do anything about it.’

The Chester fans knew things could have been different if they had taken their early chances.

The following extracts are taken from ‘Deva Chat.’

BillyD wrote:
‘We matched them most of the game and more importantly perhaps, if Ellison’s great strike in first half had gone in things could have been different. After a great move in the second half, Lowe had the goal at his mercy 10 yards out but drove it wide. Again in the second half, Ellison had a brilliant shot superbly saved. A good performance and somewhat unlucky against an average Wycombe side.’

lincoln exile wrote:
‘We wouldn’t have scored if we’d have played until midnight.’

catbert wrote:
‘First half was quite even – we had at least 2 good chances and failed to score. They managed to score their first goal from OUR corner, intercepting a short one and bombing down the other end faster than we could retreat! The goal was well taken, but poor coverage and tackling let us down. We were unlucky to go in at half time one down. Unfortunately we created very little in the second half and never really looked like pulling the goal back. Their second goal was another example of poor marking. We didn’t play badly – just didn’t look like getting anything from the game.’

martyn blue wrote:
‘You would never believe it was a top versus bottom of the league match. The only difference in the two teams was Wycombe took their chances.’

On Kevin Ellison’s strange behaviour….

Stan Gandy wrote:
‘By far the funniest thing I have seen at a Chester match for years (and I am not condoning what was almost certainly technically ungentlemanly conduct!) was when the ball was running through to their keeper (right in front of us in the away end) and Kevin Ellison was chasing it down, without a real prospect of getting to it, but close enough to put a bit of pressure on the keeper. Just as the keeper bent down to pick the ball up, Kev did an All Black Haka style scream to try to put him off. It didn’t work but at least it shows he is trying everything to turn our form round. Having said that his behaviour in the last 10 minutes got increasingly bizarre and I was genuinely worried that he was going to get himself sent off – sheer frustration I think.’

On something…..

paddy seal wrote:
‘We’re in the doo do after that, couldn’t see us scoring. We had some shots but they were tame efforts. They toyed with us, like a child playing with a rattle, or better still a cat playing with a mouse. We looked like a wounded fighter, at times expecting the inevitable. But the fighter fought, and threw some punches and didn’t go down. That gives me hope, hope Joanna give me hope Joanna. ding ding end of another round, who’s the next opponent, in the red corner its Barnet fc. buzzing like a bee. bzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Buzz off buzzy Barnets, we will swat you, with our gloves off, it’s gloves off time boys and girls. prize fighters, cage fighters, bare knuckle fighters. My aunt has got the cider in.’

Which brand… I want some!