Date: 26th November 2017 at 6:29pm
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Following yesterday’s 2-1 win over Yeovil Town at Adams Park, here are some views from the Glovers’ manager Darren Way and some of the travelling supporters.

Way was forthright in admitting he needs to turn things around and quickly.

‘I know our away record isn’t very good. But we will keep working and we have made some progress today compared with our last away game (a 4-0 defeat at Carlisle)’.

‘We’re disappointed with the goals that we’ve conceded and with the way we allowed Wycombe to take control of the game at the end of the first half’ he said.

‘We made individual errors leading up to both their goals and we came here to take the game to Wycombe, but unfortunately a lapse of concentration from a couple of players has cost us. We’ve got young, inexperienced players in our defence and they are having to learn from their mistakes’.

‘Although we lost, it was a better performance and we created chances that could have allowed us to get a better result.’

The Yeovil fans were nowhere near as optimistic , heavily criticising both their manager and the way their club is being run.

The following extracts are taken from the Ciderspace Facebook Forum and Twitter.

@Will_Proc said: ‘Give us more by resigning. We are all fed up of your managerial incompetence. Oh, while you’re at it, kick John Fry and Norman Hayward in the nuts on the way out’.

@CraigAMcCann said: ‘Imagine my shock that Darren Way fails to win yet another game’.

@Westicles98 said: ‘Fans don’t care anymore, everyone has lost interest in the club because it’s so poorly run and it’s miles away from us fans’.

@Yeovil070707 said: ‘At 53 years old, I watched my first game aged 6, and spent nearly a lifetime following my team. Now, I don’t think I’ve ever felt less interested’.

@simonquer said: ‘Fry is powerful because he’s Chairman with the backing of the owner but in effect he`s weak because he has no idea how to improve the situation even if he fired Way! Everything is in freefall’.

@Mike_Cairncross said: ‘The big MC’s weekly view of the shambolic guidance of Darren Way = away form diabolical, home performances not that much better, just boring. Relegation battle here we come once again but with Darren in charge I really doubt we will survive’.

Phil Harris said: ‘Watching the game it was the most ridiculous penalty.. Absolutely stupid… I thought we played better yesterday.. I only hope we can win next week..’

Peter Sparks said: ‘He’s ‘always fearful’ of some of his players? You signed them Darren, basically you are saying you did a bad job finding players’.

Pete Higgins said: ‘His pre match v post match comments are now embarrassing him. He has zero credibility left and no firm plan on how to improve. He’s now putting the players’ career prospects at risk and he must be losing the club thousands in ticket sales and revenue. He really does have to go. Him and Skivo’.

Russell Middleton said: ‘I compare us with last season’s strugglers, Newport. Both clubs narrowly avoided relegation but Newport have moved their game on. We are facing a relegation battle. Poor decisions have been made by the coaching team and it feels like the club is in decline. Only a change in management looks like it could re-energize the team and fans’.

Dave Keirle said: ‘I have totally stopped reading anything Darren Way says. I think the comments by fans sum it all up. We need to up the ante on the terrace and start protesting more. Way has to go, and Skivo has to go now. Hopefully the club will find a buyer and Fry and co will go too’.

Phil Park said: ‘I’m always fearful every week when I look at one or two players. I think we had six today that have not played Wycombe at Adams Park, and there’s a big responsibility on them to make sure they give a performance. I’m not using it as an excuse’.

One thing I will say Darren, is that despite coming out with absolute tripe every week, you never fail to say something even more ridiculous than what’s gone before. Which is actually quite an achievement.

3 points off the bottom. Could see this coming a mile off. Just have to hope there are two worse than us from that bottom 6 or 7. Sadly that’s what it has come to under the current regime’.

Next Match: Wycombe Wanderers v Leatherhead, FA Cup 2nd Round, Sunday 3rd December 2pm